BFFs Swap Boyfriends For A Day • Saf & Freddie

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BFFs Swap Boyfriends For A Day • Saf & Freddie

BFFs Swap Boyfriends For A Day • Saf & Freddie

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Saf & Freddie swapped boyfriends for a day and did EVERYTHING - except sex stuff. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Valse Du Soir Licensed via Audio Network Orchestral Transition Licensed via Audio Network The Strut Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Quirksworks Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Dance Hall Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Be Baa Hop Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Made by BFMP + [Tyler Williams] [] + [Paul Dupree] [] GET MORE BUZZFEED BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow!

Comments to the video: BFFs Swap Boyfriends For A Day • Saf & Freddie

Pug Plays 9 часов назад
. can I have a Tyler please?
WeddingxPeach97 15 часов назад
Safs boyfriend favorite line I don't care 
Cynn Exe 1 день назад
PotterHead #FezzesAreCool 1 день назад
How does the poor cat pee
Renne Shields 1 день назад
Did Freddie get a cat?
Olivia La Rue 2 дня назад
Somewhere between kpop and Caleb Yes, THANK YOU. I've been looking for a way to describe what I find attractive on guys for so long
Kristy Lok 3 дня назад
I low key want to see a video of just Tyler and Paul hanging out.
MiaMtzP 2405 3 дня назад
Josefina Riquelme 3 дня назад
Pause at 5:50 and look at Freddie😂
Bossly Jones 3 дня назад
Milan 4 дня назад
interratial relationships were illegal in the U.s until 1979. its probably the least advanced country in the world
mari121 4 дня назад
sinasty 😂😂
Heather S 6 дней назад
Anyone know where to get that bralett Saf has on at the beginning of this vid?!
shirwees 6 дней назад
she said that she like kpop
Mally 7 дней назад
I wnat to see feddies cat 😂
PhanOfHarryPotter 7 дней назад
Happy Vegan 7 дней назад
Zharia Adams 9 дней назад
Paul is honestly the best
Jayda Nell 9 дней назад
Safiya's laugh at 3:35 had me weak it was so evil😂😂😂😂
This Potato 9 дней назад
Are you kidding me my style is Caleb from pretty little liars😂😂
Gina Cuba 10 дней назад
Could there be a video where saf just gives a rundown of where to shop to be her
K&S 05 11 дней назад
I love Açai Bowls there AMAZING
Ship Overload 11 дней назад
My question is did Freddy end up getting the cat?
Ship Overload 11 дней назад
Sanu Sanu 11 дней назад
Saf is a muslim right, then why would she eat bacon?
katie s. 12 дней назад
i think that the moral of the story is. i need to get this cat. 
Kayleigh Crossan 12 дней назад
rachel buck 12 дней назад
Freddie's hair looks bomb in this video!
Lawren Gillespie 13 дней назад
just saying Caleb is bae tho and haleb is the team
Lauren Glasser 13 дней назад
lmao the cat's name is crusty 😂😊
Aderikaa Salmela 13 дней назад
Im twelwe i love pretty little Liars and teen wolf and vampire diaries like this coment if you like Some of these
Pastel Kitty 13 дней назад
Shenobi one kenobi
Kailee Webb 13 дней назад
I have a shirt that Freddie is waring an army shirt
DaughterOfGodAlways 13 дней назад
I wanna see more of the kitty
Kiernan Boys 13 дней назад
Did Freddy get the cat??????????????????????
Holo Queen 13 дней назад
Shinodick 😅😂🤣
Stephanie Rodriguez 14 дней назад
Wait, Paul took Safiya to Babylon you mean as in the one in Queer as folk (just not a gay club obvi)
Bri, Vi & Mo 14 дней назад
Saf was my favorite before and this video made her my ultimate fav cuz she likes KPOP style like yesssssss
Lucie Riley (UNICORN) 14 дней назад
kate the great (katiewhatsgood) 14 дней назад
I want shinobi updates
Isa - San 15 дней назад
Shinobi means ninja in Japanese btw.
Ange Hilario 15 дней назад
when saf said kpop I dieedd!!! anyone else ?
houston primeaux 16 дней назад
i love the description.
Myra B 16 дней назад
I love how at 1:40 Tyler is wearing the shirt Saf got him in the video where they dressed each other for a week
Ellie Camilleri 17 дней назад
Omg Tyler is so sweet! he was wearing the shirt saf bought him!
Bella Rain 17 дней назад
Am I the only on that notices that a lot of them have that France shirt
Mai Vang 18 дней назад
I love kpop I listened to it since I was a 2yeare old now I'm 8
Cooper 18 дней назад
Tyler is so hot
Lady Youtube117 18 дней назад
4:28 Literally all my skating experiences, EVER.😂😂
Anya. True Goodwin 18 дней назад
Katie pelekis 18 дней назад
It's the guy from broke paul
Kassidy Lankford 19 дней назад
saf used 'flavor' in reference to air freshener
Shelby Armentrout 19 дней назад
Is it just me, or do people get confused by Freddie and Quinta?
Medaton_Kun Games 19 дней назад
Shinodick xD
Oluwadamilola Awe 19 дней назад
love Freddie's hair😍😍
Ellie 19 дней назад
Kitty Kat 19 дней назад
make a tinder for Shinobi XD
Cindy Gonzalez 20 дней назад
Who else thinks that Tyler is cute?
Kitten Coolness 20 дней назад
lol I like shinobi
HeyItzIishi 20 дней назад
Shinodick 😂
Mariana Hidalgo 20 дней назад
Tyler kinda looks like Caleb from pretty little liars
Lizzie Cook 21 день назад
awww he's wearing the shirt that saf chose for him
ThatBlankChick Ok 21 день назад
I just have one question. How does the cat pee?
Silly LittleUnicorn 22 дня назад
Saf is so friggen awesome!!!
Hailey Marolf 22 дня назад
Fiona Roll 22 дня назад
sofies art Channel 22 дня назад
at 5:22 I noticed there's a store called lady love
Bautista Muriel 22 дня назад
Emilia Ohagan 22 дня назад
Annoying Dog 22 дня назад
Where can i buy a tyler?
Keisha Sen 23 дня назад
Anybody else having a BB? (Buzzfeed Binge)
Makayla Meese 3 дня назад
I swear I just wanted background music while i was cleaning :(
Fia-Bot 3 дня назад
Keisha Sen omg yasssss
Elizabeth Post 3 дня назад
Keisha Sen me
Panic! At the twenty one cry babies 4 дня назад
Keisha Sen Me
crusty clown 5 дней назад
Jasmine Hu 24 дня назад
Crusty, Crusty the cat!
KawaiiPotatos xx555 24 дня назад
Don't selfie stick my selfie stick IM DEAD
Karolina life 24 дня назад
me and saf haVe so many likes
Vic 25 дней назад
Tyler is so cute 😍😍😍 but saf's cuter 😏😏😏
T.M 20040514 26 дней назад
I love how Shinobi translates to Ninja. Reminds me of Naruto.
Aamna Tariq 9 часов назад
T.M 20040514 NARUTOOOOOO! Thats What I Was Thinking 'Bout Too. 😊
CrayCrayCry : 27 дней назад
Who else thought Naruto for Shinobi? ✋
Mari Campos 27 дней назад
could someone tell me if people in the USA are aware that ACAI (açaí) is a Brazilian food? just curious
Giselle Nguyen 27 дней назад
Saf's bf looks like an older version of my crush lol
Isa x 20 дней назад
Giselle Nguyen your crush is very handsome then
Nerdy Ann 27 дней назад
YAAAS! Game of Thrones!!
Eunice Beatrice Braga 28 дней назад
Paul is such a chill dude. Like I can see why he and Freddie get along well because their energies are so balanced.
Victoria Sheldon 29 дней назад
3:35 And now I know Saf's evil laugh 😂
Sophia Mila Wishes 30 дней назад
Any small YouTubers out there want to be friends? :)
Sally Wang 30 дней назад
somewhat between kpop and caleb from pretty little liars minus the beanie. lols
raging paige 30 дней назад
I wish I could bf swap with Saf. But permanently though.
Hannah Henderson 1 месяц назад
Reply if you want a video titled: Ladylike Cat Fashion featuring Paul and Tyler.
wolf poison 1 месяц назад
hey hey shinobi like Naruto
愛 Love. 1 месяц назад
Are Freddie and Paul still together?
vartika 1512 28 дней назад
yes they are they celebrated their 1 year anni. 5 weeks ago u can see on freddies ig
Grace Farbon 1 месяц назад
Did Freddie actually get a cat xx
Kaitlem Kkay 1 месяц назад
I really love Paul
Exonia Crespo 1 месяц назад
Freddie's hair looks so nice in this video.
Brianna Loooper 1 месяц назад
Freddie needs to do hair tutorials
Corrie Lahey 1 месяц назад
Why is Paul so perfect !!!
Maisy Jones 1 месяц назад
Does Saf remind anyone of TheGabbieShow?
Ellie Jelly 1 месяц назад
This is not really swapping (don't kiss, don't hug or date) does not count