Juliet Bravo - The League of Gentlemen - BBC comedy

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Juliet Bravo - The League of Gentlemen  - BBC comedy

The Sexplorationists have allowed daddy to control their breathing to take them to new sensory heights. Dark, twisted BBC comedy tv series The League of Gentlemen.

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999narmo 2 months ago
Garry Summer 1 year ago
explanation please?
Hannah Witt 8 months ago
They are being starved of oxygen as a sexual fetish. When they've had enough they can say Juliet Bravo to be released, but Daddy has had a heart attack, so they will surely all perish. Very dark.
tubian323 9 months ago
They are supposed to be taking part in a fetish called breath control. Some people enjoy being restrained and having a partner or dominatrix( in this case a dominator) control when they can breath.
MissEmzyy Cleversleyy 1 year ago
they lost their oxsidgen
Rick Smith 1 year ago
This was proper dark comedy. Brilliant.
tigy time hughes 2 years ago
Adam Warren 5 years ago
I was at work today when somebody said Anybody remember that old cop show? Juliet bravo. Ive spent ALL f**king day saying JULLLLIET BRAVVVVOOOOOOO. I just had to come on and watch it lol
Gideonpenguin 5 years ago
I honest thought that Daddy was going to murder them all when I first saw him. But then I remembered: This is The League of Gentlemen! Murder is to obvious for these guys!
Johnno9989 5 years ago
What was all the 'Juliet Bravo' about?
billydeeuk 1 year ago
Johnno9989 It was the “safety word” to turn the oxygen back on
tubian323 6 years ago
Do not be afwaid my childwen.
lnfreeman 7 years ago
This clip horrified me when I firt saw it (out o context I might add) but after finding out the all the screams of Juliet Bravo are the league'svoices, this makes me cry with laughter imagining them all in a studio somewhere.
coyran 7 years ago
Now, Daddy controls your breathing.
X X 9 years ago
the show started in 1999 not the 80s.and the costumes and acting are fine you have no clue chevy.
lnfreeman 5 months ago
The costumes and acting are in fact award winning
davidhra 9 years ago
i think you may have missed the point of this video.
lnfreeman 5 months ago
@Tim Dickson it's based on one
Tim Dickson 11 months ago
I thought it was a documentary
tenminutesgone 9 years ago
Brilliant series. Episode after episode of total originality. Love it to bits. Funland & Nighty Night are touched by the same genius. All you have to do is look at the credits when something smacks of the League and you'll invariably see Mark Gatiss there. The League is so chock-full of individual bits of brilliance it's overflowing, from the Mortuary Monologue to Tubbs and Edward ( she breast-feeding the piglet, etc etc.) Superb in cast and content and in my opinion underrated
Damoskinos 9 years ago
How do they think this stuff up. it's too weird for me
RichTea18 11 years ago
ahhahaahahahahahaha love it.
adamjmf 12 years ago
Superb. The Medusa. So funny.
Greekmustard666 12 years ago
hehehehe, what?