Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

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Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

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Comments to the video: Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

Foxy loxy 7 часов назад
Casual Sunday night,drinking coke out of champagne glass and watching Ladylike only for Jen.
ShallowShadows&LightHopes 8 часов назад
I luv when Jen talks tho xD
Lucky's Life 10 часов назад
why do they have crowns on?
Madison Castillo 11 часов назад
They turned out like pretty pretty princesses.
Lovinlife300 12 часов назад
I love Jen!!!
Halle Garcia 15 часов назад
If your cooler than all your friends combine does that. Make them hotter than you
Ruthie Galat 18 часов назад
Ladylike needs to make more make up videos like this
Latisha Bendter 18 часов назад
4:10 got me dead
JenniferTheSorcerer 1 день назад
jen was bomb
Rani Onl 2 дня назад
I'm literally Jen😂
Sarah Bear 3 дня назад
Elli Incha 4 дня назад
Catherine Simon 4 дня назад
Saf can literally pull off any kind of makeup
Claire Aboudarham 5 дней назад
Make a video on how hard it can be to shop and dress with eco-friendly clothes!
President Unicorn Of the United States of No 5 дней назад
Little had a little lamb
Avery Stephens 5 дней назад
Jessica's Beauty World! 5 дней назад
i have the brush in the thumbnail lmfao!!!!
Mermaids Are Bomb 5 дней назад
you look like a delightful little angel
Maddison Wright 5 дней назад
Claire's isn't just the kids door to keep Animonster de-icing products there one time I saw a MAC eyeshadow palette
Lost Girl Looking 6 дней назад
Jen is literally my friend Scott.
can u stop 6 дней назад
They're doing it like they're actually good at makeup
emaozi 6 дней назад
I still have that Claire's pallet. 😂 I don't use it anymore but I have had it since I was 13.
Morganatic 33 6 дней назад
I would play pretty pretty princess when I was little and since I didn't have a sister me and my brother would play it and we would put on dresses
Alex Namjoon 6 дней назад
Jen at the end 😂😂😂
Faye and Olivia Mayeshiba 6 дней назад
Okay Kristin who's the Italian here 😂😂😂
💜Monica Knisley💜 7 дней назад
Jen is my favorite on Ladylike 😂💜
Bhamini Lakshminarayan 7 дней назад
Uhh. Why do kids even have makeup palettes?
K Baby 7 дней назад
I love Jen 😂😂
phanic! at the emø trinity's pity party 7 дней назад
jiya pokar 8 дней назад
Saf slayed it
spoooky jim 8 дней назад
somebody needs to make a montage of the voice jen does
Cdancer 123 8 дней назад
Don't fight the fun. Don't fight the fun!
Fluffy Potato 8 дней назад
If you look around the head, there is blue. Weird.
FatTabby Cat 9 дней назад
Jen is so funny! especially when she talks at the end!
Unknown Artist 10 дней назад
Oh my god Jen at the end 👌🏼
Bayli and Kailee show 11 дней назад
I was laughing so hard when jen was talking like that at the end of the video
Rikki Ticky Tavi 11 дней назад
I love Jen so much. Its insane <3
Stacy Melo 11 дней назад
hahahahahahah this, you , omg, just YAS!!!!!! LADIES!!!! YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!!!!
Ima Unicorn 12 дней назад
As usual, Freddie and Saf smashed it and. Jen and Kristen found they're childhood 😂
Maria Halk-Paul 12 дней назад
i love jen so muchhhhh
Original E 13 дней назад
1:36 💙💙😍😍Its so pretty! I wouldn't even use it just to have it and look at it
Sabrina B 13 дней назад
ladylike should wear vests for a week
exo_bts_top_blink_carats _vip_k pop trash 13 дней назад
jen at the end OMFG IM DEAD
Martina Garcia 13 дней назад
Am I the only 13 year old who knows how to contour.
Setiva Parks 14 дней назад
Leah Eich 14 дней назад
CAN WE PLEASE DISCUSS HOW RACIST THE CONCEALER WAS? There was one shade and it was pale white girl
Alexia Lawrence 15 дней назад
Little had a little lamb woah that's not even a word! Haha lol Jen 😍😍😂😂😂
Amanda Wright 15 дней назад
JUSTICE PRODUCTS 😍😍😍😍😂😍😍❤️️❤️️
LEE :D 16 дней назад
Freddy looks good. I'm not kidding. it's like she used normal make up. especially the lip color
Addy peters 16 дней назад
NEVER ENOUGH PURPLE💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
simplyxojulia 16 дней назад
Jen is the most adorable human I have ever seen. Can we just take a minute to adore her.
Lpspinkpaws Offical 16 дней назад
I am 10 and most of my make up stuff are from claire 's and justice
Phil's Eyelash 16 дней назад
Why isn't Candace in their recent videos?
iF YoUr NoT tAlKiNg MoNeY I dOn't WaNnA tAlK 17 дней назад
*^Kimi_Da_Kitty^* 14 дней назад
iF YoUr NoT tAlKiNg MoNeY I dOn't WaNnA tAlK Claire's I think
Kyana Chan 17 дней назад
I actually use the 100 color pallet from Justice :p
CharmSparks Morano 17 дней назад
Even if the BBCreme didn't match, I think other than that her makeup turned out the best.
FoodIsBae 17 дней назад
Clairs is racist
phanic! fall out romance 18 дней назад
This smells like alfredo pasta
Lily Kate 18 дней назад
Mansi Rohilla 18 дней назад
Damn my mom never let me do make-up. I'm 16 and now she atleast she let me wear liner Rip😩
Cool Weirdo 19 дней назад
Jen rocks
President Unicorn Of the United States of No 19 дней назад
Saf like no I can't even the EYELINER
Sofie Lesisko 19 дней назад
Pause a 3:49 and look at Kristen's face. Prepare to die😂🤣😂😂
Sofie Lesisko 19 дней назад
Ambytata83 19 дней назад
I'm the Italian here 🤣🤣🤣
Shiazon Vue 20 дней назад
Jen at the very end: My Delightful Little Angel 😂😇
Shiazon Vue 20 дней назад
Ohhh Safiya And Freddie i had a boyfriend in kindergarten and he was light!😂😂 By The Way Love All You Girls!!💖😘😇
Angelica Hernandez 20 дней назад
where can I buy myself a Jen?
Calisse Bloodsworth 20 дней назад
How tf dose hen talk like that 😂😂😂(at the end)
thong tran 20 дней назад
Ladyrock Dethhart 20 дней назад
This is the childhood sleepover I've never had and I look like holiday 80's Barbie were my fav
Annie Levesque 21 день назад
Kristin and Jen are so freaking funny together!😂😂😂
Amira Chahrour 22 дня назад
Jayla LeRoy 22 дня назад
i always like the vid b4 i see it cause ik it will be awesome
Anushay Rasul 22 дня назад
I hate jen
Kelsey Tan 22 дня назад
You look like a little box of fishes. I was laughing so hard 😆😂
bear bear xo14 23 дня назад
Kristine looked like tinkerbell
JAIME BM 23 дня назад
i love how nerdy saf is
JAIME BM 23 дня назад
little had a little lambbbbwhat thats not a word
Thi Mong Trinh Huynh 23 дня назад
Saf was really good
anna banana 24 дня назад
Jen at the end thou😉😂😂😂
Pusheen_the_cat14 12 25 дней назад
Nothin wrong with kids makeup only bc I use it😂😂😂🤣🤣
Sarim Zafar 25 дней назад
when they had a boyfriend in kindergarten but you didn't date anyone until high school
Kat Koushi 25 дней назад
How is Claire's for kids?
Sequoia Grace 26 дней назад
I love Saf!!!!
Lottie Mackiewicz 27 дней назад
Jen looks like hedwig from hedwig and the angry inch at 3:37 😂😂
emma morales 27 дней назад
Jen is my favorite😂
Charlotte 27 дней назад
Jen is literally me with make up
Courtney Vaught 27 дней назад
Freddie LOVES Purple
lol _01 27 дней назад
Gemma Catrin 28 дней назад
Deep down, we are all Jen struggling with makeup
Mycynicalsunshine 28 дней назад
Jen at the end tho
Mycynicalsunshine 28 дней назад
Jen: This smells like Alfredo pasta Freddie: this smells like superglue
Thee Summer Brown 28 дней назад
I am in love with jen
Backstage Badger 28 дней назад
Poor Freddie, that bb cream is so grey.
Clawdeen Wolf 28 дней назад
I like how saff just looks pretty normal
Ever Broken💔 28 дней назад
This is not kids makeup it's preteen makeup My kids makeup was a flip phone that had lip gloss and pink and purple eyeshadow in it
Mikayla Howieson-Pearce 28 дней назад
Jen is my spirit animal ❤️