Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

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Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

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Comments to the video: Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

wednessdays withpeanutshell 2 часа назад
my mom died today and my dad punched me if any one cares say hi
Nikki Theuansavas 5 часов назад
Urgh the way Kristen applied the foundation with the beauty blender. The cringe
Ainsley Gorman 9 часов назад
Like death herself 😂
Alice Dole 14 часов назад
Other than the bb cream Freddie still looks pretty good
Alice Dole 4 часа назад
Freddie always looks good though
Stephanie Nicole 20 часов назад
jen is the best lmbo
Debbie Leech 1 день назад
Have u ever played pretty princess? Yes YASSS
angela drago 1 день назад
like and comment if you love Jen 😂
Jennifer Fernandez 1 день назад
Jen at the end I'm screaming xD
HeyitsSoph 1 день назад
Jen: little had a little lamb, oh that's not a word. 😂😂😂
Kristine Etternavn 1 день назад
Kristen looked soooo Good in the green eyeshadow 💕😍
AmazingDan and Philisnotonfire 1 день назад
Did anybody else notice that the reason why there was only one tone for the foundation was because it wasn't really a colour? Once you start blending it there is no tint, it just covered up a few blemishes and made your skin look smoother, there wasn't really a colour to it.
mackenzie olvera 2 дня назад
I will forever love jen😂😂
Noodle Matt 2 дня назад
conceals imperfections WHAT IMPERFECTIONS DO 8 YR OLDS HAVE???
RoyaLeAdriana MV 2 дня назад
Jen is Fabulous 💖💖
Bridgett Valentine 2 дня назад
Jen at the end tho 😂😂
The Legendary Brendon Urie Face 2 дня назад
NEVER HAVE YOUR EARS PIERCED AT CLAIRES! Mine were done there twice and both times I had bad reactions! And recently me and my mum used needles to poke new holes and they've been fine! They've lasted over two months and with Claire's it was a week or a few days!
Heck, I Don't Know 2 дня назад
Jen's white soccer mom voice is my everything
it's myrissa starr 2 дня назад
you don't put blush on in a circle
Angelena Burns 2 дня назад
I love how sarcastic Jen is
Rebelcraft Bunny 2 дня назад
theres jist purple outline round them!
Lavaran Williams 3 дня назад
When I was 5-8 we would have pink barbie lipgloss and like a whole barbie eyeshadow kit. And I would get mine from Claire's. Then When I turned 9 my sister let me get the real deal.
MattyB Vlogs 3 дня назад
Freddie: I already feel like a unicorn Saf: You are a unicorn I died😂😂
Amanda Cheng 3 дня назад
I need more purple I need more intense purple I NEED PURPLE
murndable 3 дня назад
Was ist Pretty Pretty Princess?
will farquarson is my dad 3 дня назад
i swear jen is high in this video lol
A Swag Rag 3 дня назад
patha orion 3 дня назад
Who is this aimed at? Cute little white girls! 
Camaren Suon 3 дня назад
can you guys ride hoverboards plzzz
Hannah-Ruth Civita 4 дня назад
I love you Jen just don't ever change. Unless you change your location. To being next to me as my best friend.
Anime Skillz 4 дня назад
Lol It's Keira 4 дня назад
Fuzzybunny22095 The Owl (Vgcallah) 4 дня назад
Nicole Maloney 5 дней назад
The shade Jen threw at Claire's! She's not Asian. We know the difference. Jen is love. Jen is life
Jojo siwa fan 5 дней назад
Jessica Perez 5 дней назад
I love Jen!!!! Her talking at the end made my whole day
Pro Nerd 6 дней назад
Jen is so freaking cute omg.
KPOPLOVER 4LIFEU 6 дней назад
I am Random 6 дней назад
Freddie- I already feel like a unicorn Sofia- you are a unicorn
KayKay 55 7 дней назад
Does anyone else notice that on some parts the outline of their hair its blue😮
pink Pom poms 7 дней назад
jen: lil had a lil lamb woah thats not a word
Marissa McHugh 8 дней назад
I don't think I played a game correctly my whole childhood, literally me.
meowingly magnificent 8 дней назад
I have the palette Jen used for her eyes
Jessie Brown 8 дней назад
lol Jen I have never had or been to a sleep over and I don't plan to unless it's my cousins jayla's house cause her and me is tomboys literally I'm sitting here with a monster energy shirt and jeans black socks and teal under armor lol! Most meh clothes is from the boy section of Walmart like 4 shirts 2 minecraft shirts 1 wolf shirt (my favorite) Tdm shirt!
Jennicopter's Music 8 дней назад
Freddie looks great, the others.. well, not so much.
Pulapapela Cray-cray 9 дней назад
When I was three I put lipgloss on my eyelids
Sydni McClanahan 9 дней назад
Kyoko Sakura (Velvethuntress26) 9 дней назад
What is pretty pretty princess?
Angelina Klenke (Firefly) 10 дней назад
Oh my god she mentioned Pretty, Pretty Princess one of my favourite childhood games. *(If you wondering what my favourite game is(Probably not), it's The game of LIFE)*
Ana Lucía Torres Rios 10 дней назад
I had a boyfriend in kindergarten.he was white!😂
Hanzie 10 дней назад
When Jen say 'where's the blush' they have a connection
RenesmeVios VL 10 дней назад
Am I the only one who would like to ask the kids make up they're using because it has more colors than the normal make up pallete adults have
Grace GummyWormz 11 дней назад
Bruh I remember pretty pretty princes! :D Best game ever!!
Dhani Dyke 11 дней назад
What the heck is pretty pretty princess?!?!?!
michelle ravenhill 11 дней назад
I think company's made a primer because then the children can follow YouTube videos xx
Lilly Nice 11 дней назад
Freddie looks good without makeup to!! FREDDIE SLAYS!!!
Graaaceee 17 12 дней назад
;) Jen reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres
Glasswolf 1234 12 дней назад
when I see jen in the thumbnail I click right away
Savanna McKinley 12 дней назад
Pretty pretty princess was like my favorite game 😎
The Spare Channel 7 дней назад
Savanna McKinley can you please explain what it is?
Sally Smith 12 дней назад
What's the black ring????
Claudia Masclans 12 дней назад
You should do your high school makeup
Helen Reinkober 13 дней назад
Kristin looks so pretty <3
Princess Consuela Bananahammock 13 дней назад
I just love Jen!
Silverakat 14 дней назад
when I was younger all I had were markers, lip balm, and little eyeshadows
Monica Torres 14 дней назад
she i was little all u do is a lil lipgloss and it's clear and ur good to go
Lily diMonda 14 дней назад
freddie ended up looking like princess Tiana
KimchiTaco 14 дней назад
i actually like Claire's makeup brushes LOL
KimchiTaco 14 дней назад
ikr, the quality is not bad for the price, plus the pretty colors
music madness 14 дней назад
KimchiTaco same
Emily Grace 14 дней назад
Who else loves saf
Ren Bond 14 дней назад
i am IN LOVE with jen
Denise's story times and Volgs _ 14 дней назад
Do a sleep over at the Office!!!!!!!
Alli Pier 14 дней назад
was that voice that jen did from a movie?
Briana Smith 14 дней назад
jen is so funny
Amryn Cross 14 дней назад
My brother used to love Pretty Pretty Princess
Khaki Marshmallow 14 дней назад
Saf and Freddie slay everything
Sarah Amin 14 дней назад
LADYLIKE is the best thing
Beebo Beebo 14 дней назад
What's pretty pretty princess??
pinkypunypie 15 дней назад
My eyeshadow sponge tip kept on breaking off so I just decided to not use the stick and just wing it.. but it didn't really work out
Your Fairly Local Trash Can 15 дней назад
Jen at the end I'm DYING
Nellie Collier 15 дней назад
This Darth Maul spongey thing 😂😂😂👌
Ainsley Murrow 15 дней назад
What is pretty pretty princess
Phan 15 дней назад
''this is the most fun i've ever had'' omgomgomgomgomgogmgogmg
exmjichexk 15 дней назад
jen why
FlaffyGirl _Gaming10 15 дней назад
your lucky kids makeup now a days is what adult makeup was 30 years ago
Caitlyn Court 16 дней назад
Jen looked really nice up until 2:39 😂
Marites Quimno 16 дней назад
jen look so adorable ♥
Veroughsurface 16 дней назад
I have the same sweater as Jen lol
Madeleine Walsh 16 дней назад
There are a bunch of colors and they belong here 😁👈
Sarah Seymour 16 дней назад
Icing is an adult store. They carry alcohol flasks and wedding gifts.
Debbie K 16 дней назад
Don't even have foundation for little black girls
Regina Vo 16 дней назад
3:38 -4:10 why dose their hair look blue
charleigh hawk 16 дней назад
I got my ears pierced at Claires when I was 8 and now I'm almost 12
BeanutPutter 13 дней назад
I got mine pierced when I was 3 XD but I never wear earrings
Cuntt Muffin 15 дней назад
whoah crazy
Zoe Chase 16 дней назад
My friends and I were talking the other day about Buzzfeed, and one of my friends told me that I reminded them of Jen, and I just felt so honored. I love Jen.
Malaika Rehman 16 дней назад
Freddie: I feel like a unicorn Saf: U r a unicorn Best Friend Goals 💖
Crossy Girl Gamer 16 дней назад
I had a boyfriend in kindergarten and I kissed him on the cheek each morning
Sarah Dranoff 16 дней назад
Box of fishes my Delightful angle on the box of a cereal box.
FunDani Msp 15 дней назад
Omg I died at that point
Sarah Dranoff 16 дней назад
Slay history- saf with that gold. And Claire's to me is phone cases and earrings like bye Felicia with the makeup I love my tarte and too faced. Omg the sponge thing is like so old ugh the sponge would fall of the stick lol and don't fight the fun! I need the purple. Saf, death down, sunshine up haha. Don't ruin the tropical. OMG so delightful. Jen likes to make a funny statement at the end like the IDK period. Video
LPSElk 16 дней назад
I've watched this fifty times. I need help.
LPSElk 14 дней назад
Sarah Dranoff thank you.
little miss ssg 14 дней назад
LPs warrior cats lover hi
Sarah Dranoff 16 дней назад
LPs warrior cats lover you don't need help lol this is too funny to resists
Gravity Universe 17 дней назад
3:39 this was the most fun I've ever had
Gravity Universe 11 дней назад
well do you like harry potter?
glitter prince 14 дней назад
gravity falls, steven universe, yuuri on ice, and dan and phil? can you please marry me?????
Symara Garcia 17 дней назад
The end tho😂