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Comments to the video: BATMETAL

Scott B 3 часа назад
hahaha so silly
Канал Animeshicha 13 часов назад
Рашка тащет
Oliver XD 13 часов назад
Juan Alberto Fafutis Hernandez 13 часов назад
metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😝
Harlan Rupp 18 часов назад
I wonder what Dethklok actually thinks of batmetal
InGo 20 часов назад
русские есть?
No this is Patrick 59 минут назад
i really like that red haired girls bouncing tits XD im just soo atracted to her
Muslim Rat Firas 1 день назад
still waiting batmetal 3
Brad CalwellProd 1 день назад
Children of batman. Children of bodom.
PMM 4445 1 день назад
hey dude make batmetal action figures ir something like dat
Eduard A.u.K. 1 день назад
and anyway is better batman than nolan's gayknight
Alexander Chippel 2 дня назад
I had to go to the emergency room because I got cut really badly on all this edge.
Cory Odom 2 дня назад
man this is moronic. and wat crappy animation
Alex Benavidez 2 дня назад
Don't know why he bothered teabagging with his actual nuts when the testicles on his chins probably would have worked better
Muslim Rat Firas 2 дня назад
this is so funny
Emperor Galvatronus 2 дня назад
The power of lips always wins
Isaiah Shelton 3 дня назад
21 million views keep up the good work also amazing animation 😁
Heidanpro :P 3 дня назад
pan >:v
The Gaming Owl 4 дня назад
Don't fuck with batman
Ben Shapiro 4 дня назад
id like to Tbag like batman.just sayin
Pegasisters Unite!! 5 дней назад
didn't even mention stepping on Legos.
Immanuel du Plessis 5 дней назад
what music is this is it heavy metal or what but it is awesome
Southsidemcslish 6 дней назад
The COB bass drum lmao
Xxtoxicwolfie Xx 6 дней назад
He is playing team fortress 2
Asura Saldivar 7 дней назад
se dieron cuenta de que su boca parece un trasero
Asura Saldivar 7 дней назад
Silverwolf Pirates 7 дней назад
Pearl Redman 7 дней назад
the smoothness of this animation gives me life
Евгений Колбасенко 7 дней назад
Ххахаахха 0:46 канал Сыендука
Mikael clarkson 8 дней назад
spider metal pleeeeeaaaaaassseeeee
William Peng 9 дней назад
do u even grammar
Shocked Patrick here! 9 дней назад
lip sync:10/10
Aidan Pentecost 9 дней назад
Do batmetal forever and batmetal and rob metal.
Mad Girl 9 дней назад
1.49 Noooooo Harleyyyy!!!Don't kiss batsyyyy!!! :')
Taylor Mahan 10 дней назад
this is fuckin metal
Death The Kid 10 дней назад
You dislike,break fingers…
THE_MASTER _GAMER_2.0 10 дней назад
Lol batmans face
Иван Сталоне 10 дней назад
Dethklok-Face fisted
lakpa tamang 10 дней назад
I think this bands name is Children of Batman !!
Anime Popcorn 10 дней назад
Batmetal 3 please
Valy Predescu 11 дней назад
this is fuckin cool
Brandon Binder 11 дней назад
American dad ninja
Aaron Joshua 12 дней назад
bet this is going to be my wedding or graduation song
Aleksandar Katic 12 дней назад
Riddler trophy 0:59 behind the Brother eye. 1:14 in the first boarded up window on the right. 2:08 in the window after the combo meter disapears.
Les masqués 12 дней назад
Is it a fantastic video for the fans of Batman arkham serie
TonoUzi :V 12 дней назад
im the only one that his favorite Batman character is red hood
John Willett 7 дней назад
TonoUzi :V grammar?
IdioticUlt1mara 12 дней назад
Man I neeeeeds MOAR Batmetal in my life. Fucking love Dethklok and BATMETAL does it so well <3
justin heller 13 дней назад
one of batman's batarangs is a real bat and also he has a snickers bar
jinxx Iwasawa 14 дней назад
OK so I know iam really late to this but where did they find this version of this song cus the one I just listened to said iam so fucking tuff. you're so fucking weak that's right so what the fuck
Dream cream 14 дней назад
so apparently batman keeps a snickers bar as a weapon? new updates._.
Elias Klemola 14 дней назад
Children Of Bodom -> Children Of Batman. Always gives me good laugh. :P
Jasmine hussain 14 дней назад
this is the best thing I've seen all day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Juan Quete 14 дней назад
potato person 15 дней назад
2 yrs later still know all lyrics
Elvy Ecat 15 дней назад
The first time I watched this was also the first time I ate ramen noodles and now I asosciate this with the flavour of chicken ramen and vice versa.
Elvy Ecat 15 дней назад
Oh, okay. Thank you.
Papy Jizass 15 дней назад
This is Si, a cognitive function as described by Carl Jung; look it up, it might be interesting. To confirm whether or not you possess such a function, you may take the MBTI test.
Lolkin Play 15 дней назад
Русские тоже любят это
Жораёлка 0_0 13 дней назад
Nathan Sutton 15 дней назад
Is that Red Hood?
SuomenPuolustaja 15 дней назад
I Fucking hate 2000 centuary.
Marinel Nicolaescu 16 дней назад
only I think about Ozzy when I see batman?:))
Classical Eye 16 дней назад
Dice Strike 16 дней назад
Twenty f**king million!!
no use for a name 16 дней назад
I'm so fuckin tough.THAT'S RIGHT
John Willett 7 дней назад
no use for a name but you're dumb as sand
Tibás C.G. 17 дней назад
Ya decía que Galio de lol me recordaba a algo.
kayla dorsey 17 дней назад
someone told me to watch this wtf
John Willett 7 дней назад
kayla dorsey welcome to the internet
cesar elCRACK 17 дней назад
Barbara Gully 17 дней назад
This was a great video, Batman has always been a badass and a ladies man.
Ryan Is raging 17 дней назад
I'm so fucking tough I'm so fucking tough That's right
Noah The daber 17 дней назад
DemiFling 17 дней назад
But wait Robin and Night Wing are the same person DAFAQ
DemiFling 16 дней назад
Tropical Beat I guess theres no other option
Tropical Beat 16 дней назад
Tropical Beat 16 дней назад
DemiFling don't question it just accept ot
Colonel Reb 17 дней назад
How are there 4,000 people who dislike this? I have lost all faith in humanity.
Maxx Lawrence 17 дней назад
is that a. Batman eats a hotdog reference
Андрей Желтяк 18 дней назад
ит'с соу факин интенс ай нид ту ривотч зэ видео он х0.25 спид!
Fiorela Myler 18 дней назад
Where is Tim Drake ?
Kaul Watson 18 дней назад
If i was a WWE wrestler this would be my entry theme song.
IdkTeen Gaming and Videos 18 дней назад
wait invisible woman is not a dc character
Corentin Brg 18 дней назад
R3ar3ntry 18 дней назад
i need a gif of 1:51 the feel my fist, on your face part
Motive 20 дней назад
that ending tho
Carlos Ortiz 20 дней назад
dude this is awesome!
M.Grey 20 дней назад
they should make a comic about this just destroying every criminal on the street and them just escaping for their dear life as he makes them feel his quote on quote fist on their faces
Alexandre 20 дней назад
I find 6 trophies
Kuba Sułek 20 дней назад
Link for hentai pls :D
Josh Bish 20 дней назад
so much joy
YukiYukiko Okami 20 дней назад
zbyt spokojne
tarrker 22 дня назад
That is just a thing of beauty. :)
Jordon Avant 22 дня назад
xxSpike1989xx 22 дня назад
batman scoring with wonder woman,zatanna, powergirl, batgirl,harley quinn,catwoman,ivy, and his new addition sue storm lmao!
Victor Garcia 23 дня назад
waiting!!!!for the third vid
bigpapadragon 41 23 дня назад
Yo i know this is a stupid question but what is the name of this type of genre?
Chad 24 дня назад
i'm not an avid comic book reader but is it a bloody battle of the different universes of DC-Marvel and Disney?
Jawsh 24 дня назад
so, is there a language barrier or, are the people who wrote this retarded?
Elite Apollo2000 24 дня назад
They should make one with castrastikron by Dethklok
Andrew Villarreal 24 дня назад
Awesome shit
Carnage Covers 24 дня назад
Daniel Lockaby 25 дней назад
WTF did I just watch
Просто . Гоша ! 25 дней назад
Spider-men in black metal v/s corey taylor: 🤘👅💥😉
Lelle Metal 25 дней назад
Children of Batman ? Children of Bodom
Hunter Boury 26 дней назад
1 like equals 1 Batman teabag
Cs. Noni Cicus 1 месяц назад
Go Batman! Go! XD :3