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Comments to the video: BATMETAL

Space Wanderer 10 часов назад
Did you find all green question marks?
Cadet 44 17 часов назад
What the heck this video sucks
John Queen 18 часов назад
dude you need to do hatredcopter
Não me lembro mais ? Bec e Duda 19 часов назад
que massa VC poderia fazer o 3
punkrock survivalist 21 час назад
metal vocie is A+ the actual song sucks but is pretty funny B- tea bags was funny Im hitting the like button
Crazykiddgamer 1 день назад
1:37 to 1:50 DANG BATMAN IS ON FIRE!!
Echo Souls 1 день назад
BatMetal and BatMetal Returns should be on Pandora, Spotify and Sound Cloud. It would be awesome to hear them on there lol.
nathaniel lucas 1 день назад
leave it to Batman to make me love metal
kormack69 l 2 дня назад
that was fucking amazing
Ciontu Marius 2 дня назад
This is so.. AMAZING!
Vincent Nguyen 2 дня назад
2:11 Thank me later.
Cayden Montgomery 2 дня назад
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Alex Anderson 3 дня назад
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 t bag
Suvida Shetty 3 дня назад
I came here 2 see Nightwing
Luis Miguel Zoroark 3 дня назад
Children of Batman XDDDDD
ukw8 kys. 3 дня назад
JoshuaProtz 4 дня назад
I love this. I notice something different in the background every time i watch.
coockiecraftpro THE MASTER 4 дня назад
0:47, TF2?
The Unique Chic Geek 5 дней назад
Bruce = Nathan Explosion Damian = Pickles Jason Todd = Toki Dick Grayson = Skwisgaar Tim Drake =Murder face
Copil Copac de Minecraft 5 дней назад
Me: Its 1am, i should be sleeping. Inner me: Lets watch it a 100 time more.
Valgur Game 6 дней назад
Ronin Kain 6 дней назад
Arhybes should make one for Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, DC Universe, and maybe Marvel Universe
Probably Noobs 7 дней назад
Jeremyx HT 7 дней назад
pala wen bideo :V
MEFISTOFELonline 7 дней назад
Comet Astral 7 дней назад
also, the balls on those chins 0:00
Comet Astral 7 дней назад
I had to sit through 3 minutes of sweaty Tai Lopez for this video..
Brooke ringabell 8 дней назад
you guys are stupid that's not what he or she met so get it right😉
LolXdLol Lololol 8 дней назад
im questioning my life after watching this
Alexis sempai 8 дней назад
primer comentario en español putos
_ ShadowAssassin _ 9 дней назад
Vinicius Köhler 9 дней назад
Deadpool Fan! Sexy 9 дней назад
awesome! funny as hell
Ehab Sami 10 дней назад
watch me doing an all instruments cover of this song
DJEGID 10 дней назад
Почти 20 лямов )
Jenna Morris 10 дней назад
wow that was fucking awesome
Ale Mart 11 дней назад
Where's ozzy at
Adarsh Kamal Patil 12 дней назад
Sooooooooo good
Jasmyn Awesomeness 12 дней назад
is anyone here from ifunny
Angel Isstr 12 дней назад
xD. Batmetal was playing TF2
Aabhash Agrawal 13 дней назад
i am watching this in 2017 and i want a live concert of this😂
TheDrHax 13 дней назад
Some Guy 13 дней назад
Apparently Robin uses a double pedal and not two separate bass drums
Liam Raney 13 дней назад
Do his lips look like a vagina???
Joshua Widmer 13 дней назад
Anybody else notice the Children of Bodom reference on the drums??
Villain uday love-maker 14 дней назад
0:55 you throwing Rock at me 😁😆 hilarious! if ya smell what The Rock is cookin!
head hunter 14 дней назад
песдато ! :D
Vinny “Vindictive” RS 15 дней назад
I love that the drum set says Children of Batman That's hilarious
Quay Troxel 15 дней назад
My Horror FestEvil 15 дней назад
Children of batman
grumpy poo 15 дней назад
100% awesomeness but night wing and Robin come on guy
jake l0rd 15 дней назад
honestly the instrumental is sick
Smokey 420 15 дней назад
Alfred is not amused.
AleK4T Met4l 16 дней назад
Has anyone else noticed the children of bodom drum kit
AleK4T Met4l 16 дней назад
Oh never mind, it says children of batsman haha
Crausbeat 16 дней назад
2:11 the best moment
Daniel 17 дней назад
В видео есть отсылка на летучую мышцу! :D
Juan Monjaras 17 дней назад
awwww, that was fucked up and sad,but funny, when he said , Your were a mistake to Spider-Man.
David Gaming 18 дней назад
batmetal forever 2017
Ебён Сандаль 18 дней назад
что за музончик на 1:19 начинается?
Steven M Cunningham 18 дней назад
Hello, I am an innocent being that has been violated every way one can be. The actual Bat-Man comics inspired me to continue what it is to defend innocence valorously & still do as an adult. I have recently had a child no less & am quite happy it happened regardless. Those who self deceive..bring it to the gate. Sincerely, A child of nature.
Michelle Estrella 19 дней назад
vídeo 😘
Michelle Estrella 19 дней назад
es el mejor
Brandon Herrera Hernandez 19 дней назад
wtf wtf WTF !!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Herrera Hernandez 19 дней назад
piou77piou 19 дней назад
1:21 DAT ASS.
master futime freddy 102 the fnaf fan ! 20 дней назад
good man cool man!! NO SWEAR WORDS!
master futime freddy 102 the fnaf fan ! 20 дней назад
cool man just make one with no swear songs of metlebat thanks for making this bye btw Q arhyBES *fineshd * lnnnñ
Feed TheBeast 20 дней назад
love that bat in the background *.*
Smart Chrono 21 день назад
This is so hilarious.
Cubyte // DoctorTeeVee 21 день назад
1. Go to 1:04 2. Replace Rocket Raccoon with someone/something you hate 3. Enjoy
Cubyte // DoctorTeeVee 21 день назад
I can't imagine a radio edit version of this.
Руслан Рамазанов 22 дня назад
CPTN.WONDERFUL 23 дня назад
brought to me by staytubed and venomkisser.
Joseph Marinez 23 дня назад
he'll yeah
Animaniacs333 24 дня назад
Why did you insult Spider-Man twice?
Caleb Rosero 24 дня назад
the fourth one is red hood
Elly 24 дня назад
it's 4am in the morning, what am I doing? XD
Einfach Kacke 25 дней назад
wtf his mouth
Travalis Arcane 22 дня назад
Einfach Kacke I think it's a parody of a common face Metal singers make.
Einfach Kacke 25 дней назад
and eyes
Dan Cool 25 дней назад
Я 1!
bioniceye1234 25 дней назад
trying to pause at 2:10 like
Jerry Tzitzo 25 дней назад
Animaniacs333 26 дней назад
Are the animators Russian?
Animaniacs333 26 дней назад
I love when he says my nose broke but it's the only part of his body that's not bandaged. XD
ToOm ToM 26 дней назад
Тут даже было 1 русское слово.
SirFlopsy 26 дней назад
Must have seen this several dozen times. Only now got the hot dog ref.
Animaniacs333 27 дней назад
It's amazing how low the voice is. It's like if the Allstate guy did the opposite of inhale helium
Ice- Cold-Killa58 27 дней назад
Batman got all the babies
Animaniacs333 27 дней назад
I thought it was gonna be something really cool. Then batman started talking. Then it became something unny
The elite Squadron 27 дней назад
Dillon Landis 27 дней назад
This is cannon right?
Ireland Reyes 27 дней назад
soooo bad
TM & COMPAÑÍA 28 дней назад
im batman
Andrej Novikov 14 дней назад
IM my self
The Mayor 28 дней назад
Lol when he was writing history it was hilarious.
Sniper Spy272 28 дней назад
This is a year old looked interesting and it's amazing
Kyle_Battle Gaming 28 дней назад
1:51 hes dick is round.
Всегда Позитивный 29 дней назад
SkyLight Gaming 29 дней назад
T - Bag pro's be like
BananaBro64 0 29 дней назад
I would love to see a video of someone performing this live