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song: Dethklok - Face Fisted GET YOUR BATMETAL T-SHIRTS AT SHARKROBOT NOW! ArhyBES official site - ArhyBES vkontakte - ArhyBES facebook - ArhyBES twitter -

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Hunter Boury 6 часов назад
1 like equals 1 Batman teabag
Cs. Noni Cicus 2 дня назад
Go Batman! Go! XD :3
Cosmin Dash 2 дня назад
Long live the Arkham Series!
Jesus Christ 2 дня назад
wtf is this
John Willett 8 часов назад
Jesus Christ it's what you saved
WelcomeTo Skyz1s 2 дня назад
Eнот забавно хех тип you're not ток Енот
HARVIN MANE 2 дня назад
hello i'm french and i don't get all but when i watch the video and read the subtitles i can understand and is awesome!! very good job!!
Hyperlink 12 2 дня назад
this is the most funniest song ever make another😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍
Hyperlink 12 1 день назад
TBM Avenger I know but the 3 one that's what I meant to sayy
TBM Avenger 1 день назад
Batmetal returns
sdfgh Dfgh 2 дня назад
ай маладца!
batpod400 team 2 дня назад
i cum at 2:00
Karim Giroud 3 дня назад
dude , dude , dude this is too great like this is on a higher level than everything I feel like I'm having an orgasm from 5 minutes ago to now
reyn_ the_buzzybee 3 дня назад
The first time I watched this I thought it was really funny, now I'm sad cause I realised that I listsen to this type of music
theDorknamicDuo 3 дня назад
Dis League 3 дня назад
2:04 Achievement Unlocked! Bash one person 8 times with you ass and bang 8 girls in a row! Name of Achievement: God of Prickness
smokebomb.exe 3 дня назад
Whenever I need a pick-me-up I know exactly where to go
Axeman #Iron head order 00001 3 дня назад
Robert Miles 3 дня назад
Lastman9086 3 дня назад
My favorite part is 0:37, the way he's rocking out is hardcore as fuck!
Andres Martinez 3 дня назад
1:36 How did Deadpool take a bite out of that sandwich?
Surya gunturu 3 дня назад
I can't stop laughing while watching
welp 4 дня назад
Who's the gal with the top hat at 2:10?
michealproc Proc 4 дня назад
Make lego batman
Drslam Studios 4 дня назад
it said children of batman man i love children of bodom jokes there 2015 album was awesome am i rite or am i rite.
GrotZ 4 дня назад
that Riff is so fucking Brutal !!!! Bangs my Head !!!
The Shmexy Dorito 4 дня назад
Lol 😆 😂 👍🏻
Carnage Covers 4 дня назад
Vocal cover of this coming in the week of February 27th. Subscribe to my channel, if you wanna be updated when it comes out. As of now I am doing weekly metal vocal covers.
pop mon 4 дня назад
donald trump
shop 09 5 дней назад
shop 09 5 дней назад
just discovered this 5 min. ago !
Terry Palmer 5 дней назад
is this a parody or original music?
Tammy Bong 5 дней назад
what song is this by dethklok
Hamarbi Ljungskile 5 дней назад
Dem lips, tho.
Orin Eckhardt 5 дней назад
this is terrible
Dexter Ferguson 5 дней назад
How will Batman make Aquaman drown without because he's Batman ?
Wyatt Underwood 6 дней назад
Apparently batman has balls in his chin
god of war 6 дней назад
Faruk Ziya Kaya 6 дней назад
wow awesome
Harley Quinn 6 дней назад
he kissed me XD *GIGGLES*
fernando 619 6 дней назад
leafy supporter 7 дней назад
at 1:20 it has a awesome solo
leafy supporter 7 дней назад
at 1:20 it has a awesome solo
chloe edwards 7 дней назад
how did i get here?
isaiah213 8 дней назад
My favorite battlefield emblem
Adam Mendoza 8 дней назад
Sorry feel my fist on your face
Adam Mendoza 8 дней назад
Feel my fist on you face
Picaso Black 8 дней назад
man. dat chin tho
Hayslayer A777X 8 дней назад
The batman theme that DC didn't want us to see! Batman and his partners in crime fighting dominated the metal world!
Fernando Gomez 8 дней назад
I love the garter
Inigo Alba 9 дней назад
thanks deathlock (is this the spelling) for this song thank you aryhbes for the animation
dan lo 9 дней назад
earth is flat
Kiddiecraft 9 дней назад
thats some nice stuff ;)
Rafa Valdes 9 дней назад
Wtf is this music
Kitkatkitty Idk 9 дней назад
Those sick burns though get some ice 😂
demypeace 9 дней назад
AAAAAARGHHH my goood i can't get over all the epic details in the animation!!!! it's just flawless!!!
Faezan Mahmud 9 дней назад
Who came here from the react channel
Tomas Salcedo 9 дней назад
this is amazing. oh my god. why. why do I love this so much?
Fernando Gomez 9 дней назад
I love the animation
connor popplewell 9 дней назад
batmetal ROCKS
Caleb Gonzalez 10 дней назад
que viva el METAL
ROMAN PLAY 10 дней назад
русич хватит прятотся за англиский канал все в рашке знают что ты русский
ROMAN PLAY 10 дней назад
J Mercifier OFFICIAL 11 дней назад
Am I the only one that actually knows DethKlok
Dark Knihgt 11 дней назад
2:08 a hidden green thing in the window.
Golden Dislike Button/GDB 11 дней назад
This made me enjoy death metal
jjk dds 11 дней назад
Share this with a friend and don't say anything
Te Veo 11 дней назад
Esper XP 12 дней назад
like this 80 times more just cuz they added tf2
DAYcMEtrolling deiHATIN 12 дней назад
my life has changed.. forever. how am I only discovering this now
army assassin 12 дней назад
2:11 pause and look down. your wlecome you dirty minded pervs
Mr E 12 дней назад
what kind of metal is this
Epi1epsy 14 дней назад
Sooo Wheres Part 3!? I need more
Nena Higuera 14 дней назад
Mmmmmm de de de de de la la la la la la la la la la la de casa de casa de casa casa casa casa casa tarea casa casa casa de mis sueños y no
Эйнур Аскеров 14 дней назад
заябись, четко, можете, магете.
george viskin 14 дней назад
and its russian
stlbluesaddict 15 дней назад
Awesome song and great animations.wish u didn't say shit about deadpool though
Sevdrake Gavial 16 дней назад
Motherfucking motherfuckers, die and burn in hell without your heads for mocking Batman AND metal
Sevdrake Gavial 14 дней назад
Peter Liedmann ;(
Peter Liedmann 14 дней назад
Sevdrake Gavial stop crying :D
MaD BrAd vdw 16 дней назад
again wit he dethklok.face fisted
M. Martinez 16 дней назад
Who plays batmetals voice
killerhoss5 16 дней назад
More batmetal please
Alexis Jones 16 дней назад
I've watched this about 5 the last I don't find this to be problematic.
Ra Igneo 16 дней назад
yea dethklock writes some badass music
nigga wha
M.G.G brody 17 дней назад
Konrad Van der merwe 17 дней назад
so funny and so addicting
BrunixX 18 дней назад
Joey Robin Jordinson XD
BrunixX 18 дней назад
Team Fortress 2 <3
Socram omota 18 дней назад
jajaja bat darks
Richard Sida 18 дней назад
Why does his lips look like an anus
EEBG bunnygirl 18 дней назад
I fricking love how Alfred is done with all of them
Mlg yoda Master 18 дней назад
Redmask robin and nightwing were in here
Shadow Terrier 18 дней назад
ha wtf
LeeTheUnicorn 18 дней назад
Haha you read it and and I wasted your time :^)
NO! YouListen to me 19 дней назад
I feel like jason would actually listen to this on a regular basis
Oscar Jørgensen 19 дней назад
make one with bloodlines
Pepper 19 дней назад
Tristan Ferracane 20 дней назад
The band is called dethklok, listen to them, they are brutal just like this video
isaac eaves 20 дней назад
who would win batman or stepping on lego