High School Trivia Challenge!! | ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva

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High School Trivia Challenge!!  | ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva

Welcome back to SEASON 2 of BRENT VS. EVA! In this episode of VS , Brent and Eva go head to head answering high school trivia questions. The catch is whoever gets the most questions wrong at the end receives a messy punishment. Is Brent smarter than Eva? Is Eva smarter than Brent? Are either of them smarter than an average high schooler? You don't want to miss this episode and other new episodes airing EVERY WEEK on AwesomenessTV! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe letting us know if you're team BrentRivera OR team MylifeasEva? The show where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other! → Credits ← Brent Rivera @BrentRivera Eva Gutowski @MyLifeasEva EP/Director: Christopher Babers DP: Marshall Douglis PD: Victoria Slate Editor: Jacob Gehnert →SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS DAILY!← → follow AwesomenessTV! ← instagram - facebook - snapchat - twitter -

Comments to the video: High School Trivia Challenge!! | ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva

PK Pewds 1 hour ago
Brent the best
Jasmine Rosie Vill 1 hour ago
Guess I’m going back to work I really think I was not playing it
Pawel Zagaja 2 hours ago
Awwwww brava
Sorry its eva
Joseph Mendez 4 hours ago
I live in Texas 😠
Chris Perratt 4 hours ago
the terrra fly 4 hours ago
brent rivea
Daniel Kenyon 5 hours ago
You have to shake it Brent before you spay it
Delirme oyuncu 6 hours ago
to be the president or the queen you have to be the kid of the President or queen
Rajashree Sengupta 6 hours ago
Eva is dumb.
Gamer girl Girl 6 hours ago
On the Roman numerals one I was yelling 444444444444444my parents where concerned
Alicia Tulloch 7 hours ago
in austraia you can run for primeminster at 18 i dont think it hashappend
Lego Man 19026 9 hours ago
Im in middle school and i got most right wtf.
FOCUS ON DIS GAL 9 hours ago
IV 12
Eizel Soncio 10 hours ago
On the Roman numeral question I was like ITS 4 and when I saw the answers I was like Wut the hell
James Draper 10 hours ago
Same ava pls make a video of you and Brent actually getting married plsssssssssss!
Lester Ragucos-Clemente 10 hours ago
hello lefties
xd Dumper 11 hours ago
Im in 4 th grade and i still know what iv means
Andrea Cota 12 hours ago
Bruh 50 on the flag
joy enjoy 13 hours ago
U guys dont even know iv wow
Paulina Saldivar 14 hours ago
Are you guys stupid there is 50 stars in the flag
FaZe powerstorm 15 hours ago
Dirty joke by the way 5:35
Jamie R 16 hours ago
It’s 16
Pastel_MoonLight 86 16 hours ago
Ranaaj Thurston 16 hours ago
Novemmber 22nd is my birthday
Michael Home 16 hours ago
brent should of won he got alaska before eva
DepressionIsMyName Don’t expect me to be nice 17 hours ago
Y'all wrong Gorge Washington was not the first president unless you're using when they actually started counting
Tuongvi Nguyen 17 hours ago
Dude there is 50 stars on the our flag
Hockey Player8 17 hours ago
November 22 1963: jfk death
*wait isn’t there 50 stars an the American flag?*
Boom! Sophie's Here 18 hours ago
Why is Brent so smart?????!!!!
Keira Alessandra 18 hours ago
What's the largest planet in the solar system? Eva: Venus
Megatonnial 18 hours ago
the presidents in rushmore is GW Jefferson Lincoln and Roosevelt
Trina Burry 19 hours ago
I don't know what is on the ten dollar bill because I live in Canada
MT Kaeka 19 hours ago
did ava say elementry
Molly Mitchell 20 hours ago
Person on the $10 bill is Alexander Hamilton 💵💸💵
Racquel Scott 20 hours ago
50stars 13strips
Mr Bear 20 hours ago
Jeong Sook Chung 20 hours ago
Eva 18 years old is to vote and remember roygbiv.😜😜
Sarah Lopez 21 hours ago
I know Eva and Brent
Elizah_GracePonchoGamer 21 hours ago
It’s 18 easy-peasy lemon skusi
Bipasha Thapa 21 hours ago
Nerd Brent
Rachel Granger 22 hours ago
16 stars
Juliana Koles 23 hours ago
the alamo, was what happened november, 22 1963
Journey Strobeck 1 day ago
50 stars
Carl Thompson 1 day ago
There is 50 stars on the flag
Kai Cranford 1 day ago
There’s really 50 stars on the flag
Isabella Solano 1 day ago
Jennifer Beckett 1 day ago
Thanking with my grandpa
zheng yi 1 day ago
I was so triggered when they didn’t know what IV meant I literally learned Roman numerals in 2nd grade elementary!
Khloe Morales 1 day ago
Who shot abraham Lincoln? Brent: Gw Hahahahahahahaha🤣
Genevieve Rajah 1 day ago
Who thinks Brent and Eva will/are a cute couple
No No 1 day ago
Ok I saw the thumbnail and there is 50 stars on the flag and that’s for the 50 states
Jay Playz 1 day ago
Krystal Lovin 1 day ago
I dare you to say will you be my girlfriend.
michael williams 1 day ago
PurPle Potato pandaʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ 1 day ago
There are 50 or 58 stars
Cheryl Cinco 1 day ago
IV is4
Anthony Fountain 1 day ago
How did you not get IV
Kaia is funny 1 day ago
IV is four
Thepro_shark Banana 1 day ago
In America you have to be 18 to drink but In ireland you have to be 16 to drink
Shadow Chanz 1 day ago
Question answers: 50 40 Canada Jupiter 33 John 4 35 GW 32。 4 Red orange yellow green blue indigo purple GW AL FR 24 Abraham 19 Alaska I only did some =~=
Marly's etsy and vlogs 1 day ago
Wow! Eva's a leftie! I am too!
ben walsh 1 day ago
How mental people are on the world
yogio PG3D 1 day ago
Theres 50 stars on the U.S.A flag
Daniel Bobadilla 1 day ago
Iv is 4
Gamer Girl36 1 day ago
I am like Eva I am a leftie I get silver surfer syndrome all the time 😭😭
Aarzoo Maryum 1 day ago
Why does nobody ever say Alaska jueno
Anthony F 1 day ago
Does Brent like Eva? I thin that they have a crush on each other. Does anyone agree?
Tanner Conley 1 day ago
It’s funny the one in 1963 was the Galveston hurricane I think
Esperance Mukunde 1 day ago
I legit had to study Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Max Dunlap 1 day ago
I`am in 3rd 10÷1=1
Dragon Gamer303 1 day ago
l 1 ll 2 lll 3 iv4 v5 X10
Tonio Weed 1 day ago
Brent won eva just tried to win so she didn't have to do it by herself
Julian Mathews 1 day ago
50 dummy
Blade 1 day ago
Get your math right kid
Corey Sullivan 1 day ago
November 22 9163 I have know Leda
Blade 1 day ago
50 stars
Hope Resunsky 1 day ago
Im 11 and even I know the Roman numerals
Josh The Pro 1 day ago
Eva i know what you mean im the same about being a leftie
Joyce Garcia 1 day ago
There is 50 stars on the flag
Roblox Vlogging and more 1 day ago
I knew the one of Jhon F K
tulyana kazume 1 day ago
tulyana kazume 1 day ago
I know how many 50
Kim Bevan 1 day ago
Thomas Edison did NOT invent the lightbulb actually Joseph Swan did.!
Tryston Bridgeway 1 day ago
Does eva realize the texas chainsaw massacre actually happened?
Jack Toton 1 day ago
Jessica Capozzo 1 day ago
How did I get all of them, and I just started middle school?
Phoebe Ray 1 day ago
I’m in 4th grade and even I KNOW the thumbnail question
luis gabriel 1 day ago
The way he awkwardly laughs
Sweet Bee 1 day ago
Lefty turn yeet me to
Belinda Ivory 1 day ago
what do you mean Texas was trying to separate from the U.S.? I live in Texas
Danrem Balino 1 day ago
50 stars on flag
Iron Fire 1 day ago
I live in Texas you are a discrase
Shaffie Ali 1 day ago
Kris Ratliff 1 day ago
There is 50on the flag.
Mason Ross-Bryar 1 day ago
How 35 when your present my mum was only 23
Becky Weisnicht 1 day ago
look up kid presudit
Amazing Aaliyah 1 day ago
I win
Amazing Aaliyah 1 day ago
I am replying to myself I k