The Flash 1x15 Barry and Iris Kiss, Iris Finds Out Barry's Secret and Barry Time Travels

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The Flash 1x15  Barry and Iris Kiss, Iris Finds Out Barry's Secret and Barry Time Travels

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Comments to the video: The Flash 1x15 Barry and Iris Kiss, Iris Finds Out Barry's Secret and Barry Time Travels

Yeeto Dorito Daily 4 days ago
That’s your step sister my dude
joab nyabuto 5 days ago
Arguably the best scene in the flash season 1
joab nyabuto 5 days ago
How does Barry manage to erase every time he kisses iris
Clarissa Ranford 10 days ago
I was so depressed after watching episode 16 becauze iris doesn't remember any of this
Manie Isaacs 11 days ago
I wish xs as a time traveling. SCene. Like flash. Her father
Manie Isaacs 11 days ago
This scene is a badass. Scene i want this to happen. In season 6
Victoriactoria Orsburn 14 days ago
What episode is this again?
Dony Pisd 15 days ago
They fucked up by him calling her father dad lol
Bishal Saha 16 days ago
i hate iris i love barry and katlin
No name 16 days ago
Felt bad for Joe
BOIyager 17 days ago
One of the many great moments this season.
Attila Cserpán 17 days ago
Ha itt nem megy vissza az időben akkor Cisco meghal+LEHET a várost se tudta volna meg menteni😉
Brandon Crenshaw 19 days ago
Season 5 anyone?
SUPERGIRL The Second Last Kryptonian 19 days ago
Im From The Future! Barry abd Iris are Married and have a Daughter Named Nora who is also called XS!
WarTech Gaming 20 days ago
back when the show was good.
The Real, and BIGGEST, Lucariofangirl 21 days ago
You know, there are times when I wonder whatever happened to this Flashpoint after he left. Did they just announced him dead?
Alex Rivera 21 days ago
Anyone realize Iris died in that tsunami timeline?
Bray Bray 23 days ago
I just realized that this is like smallville, when Clark was about it find out who doomsday is
Toasty Doge 23 days ago
So he kissed her step sister? and then married her? then they fucked to make nora? ok
rovenel premont 24 days ago
Im in the same position girl im in love with is dating someone else and your kicked too the curb hurts like hell
Marc Marquez 26 days ago
2018 anyone ???
Jason Starkx 30 days ago
Why does every Barry & Iris kissing moment seem so epic?
Greg Young 1 month ago
Is that Spartacus controlling the weather?
Dragon y2k 1 month ago
I would think the flash would change a lot faster than that
Natasha Dunlap 2 months ago
I'm from the future 2018_2016
Roger Patrick 2 months ago
That's bad ass🤣
Aurelio Amatista 2 months ago
SSJ GAMINGS 2 months ago
What a weird relationship dating and marrying your own sister Not flesh and blood but raised as her brother
Pamela Johnson 1 month ago
SSJ GAMINGS No he wasn't🤣
Secret Gaming 2 months ago
In the back to the future the doctor said we have to run 140kph and wth lighting to go to the past but in Flsh all you need is a electric charge and running up to 2 mach
Secret Gaming 2 months ago
Barry just wait 1 year more and you'd make out with Iris West
Mamta Ranjan 2 months ago
Best sene ever
Third World Rider 2 months ago
epic music, best episode of flash ever. sucks now tho. has since season 3.
jayr villanueva 2 months ago
Spooderman Can do anything a meme can 2 months ago
Weather wizard isn’t the villain here it’s Barry going back to the friend zone so time travel
Star Fusion 7 2 months ago
Name episode and season plz
CivilCaine 2 months ago
As great as the scene was, it would have meant that Cisco was dead, and that wouldn't do at all.
jkhan23 2 months ago
Sooo wouldn't it be easier to just run really fast to weather man and knock him out before the tsunami got too big and too close to the city?
Harry Potter 2 months ago
Flash is very fast
Imran 3 months ago
O boy!! I love this show 🤩
GABRIEL MUSHI 3 months ago
New movies
Sean Cowles 3 months ago
I like the flash from the movie the justice league he was funniest lol
ComicDude Baby-Miku 3 months ago
Ah, back when iris was a great character
KageNoTenshi 3 months ago
Season 1 is still the best season
Michelium 3 months ago
But how in the hell did he get the suit? And where did he leave his clothes??
SHAURYA181 3 months ago
Sister & brother huh?????
Balint Petro 3 months ago
God I love Season 1
cecille nahimana 3 months ago
Berry Allan is so Funny he finally gets out of the friend zone to run back in to it like how 😫🤣
Mendes Army 3 months ago
*No offense to all the snowbarry fans ⚠* But I seriously think they need to get over this. I mean yes they are a really cute couple with lots in common, sharing similiar depressing experiences but its just not gonna work. Barry and Iris are already married and there is no way i would want them to get divorced just so Caitlin and Barry are together. Yes all the Snobarry fans, i know that some of you don't care if they get divorced but think about it, Iris and Barry are not gonna be friends anymore and that would also effect team flash and Joe in a way, who would like to be working with someone that their daughter just divorced with. And just think about Nora what would she do if her parent get divorced? I love Caitlin but it's not gonna work out! *Go on put a hate comment! Just remember I won't change my view on this until someone disagrees with me and gives a reasonable argument of why Snowbarry should be a thing.* What kind of flash fans are you if you don't like the plot of the story? And yeah I also used be in the snowbarry side so I know how it feels so it's not like I hate Caitlin. Don't Judge me!
David Bloyd 3 months ago
That was a great scene.
Biancamaria Valenti 3 months ago
Wow. He went so fast he Time Travelled. That IS SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!
Dwight Howard 3 months ago
False creek seawell in Vancouver. I just notice that and I live near it
Cornelia Lala 3 months ago
I started watching that series now and I am obsessed!!<3 I just watched that episode! I love that couple, they have incredible chemistry! I am shocked!! What will happen now? When will they be together? Will it take too long for them? It was the perfect time to be together. But I don't want Cisco to die :/ Can someone tell me if they will both forget that incredible kissing moment??????????? <3
3 months ago
Is moments film
Lim Kang Ling 3 months ago
Barry ur not the fastest man alive. speedzoned
Alayna Amaya Ceja 3 months ago
Do you know in the future Barry and Iris get married. 😍💍💒💐..its true. One day I would definitely want to be on flash be a speedster
Darlene Sanders 3 months ago
I am jealous if anything i deverse to be with him
emii 3 months ago
this gave me chills even though i’ve seen it 20 times
Misty Bloomer 4 months ago
Jada Patterson 4 months ago
Does Iris realize that she just Cheated on Eddie
Maheen Shakoor 4 months ago
He ran himself back into friendzone but the good thing is cisco is alive yay
IMAGINARY PRIME 4 months ago
Back when the flash was a great show
Fahmy Magdy 4 months ago
Caitlin : I Don’t Think You Can Run That Fast Barry : * Time Travels *
Mando medo 4 months ago
Its One Thing I Dont Understand Why Barry Didnt Go To The Future To Stop Cliford Devoe From Kiling The Bus Meta Powers
Mendes Army 4 months ago
I really like the music in the backround
Giovanni Burgos 4 months ago
what episode is this??
Noah Douglass Douglass 4 months ago
This is the best scene in the series don’t argue
The brother S 4 months ago
I just watched this episode
XxJumbo xX 4 months ago
Plot twist
Kalibak, Son of Darkseid 4 months ago
Hassan Misto 4 months ago
Best scene ever
Micah Strawberry 4 months ago
Oh my gosh, that moment. Hearing the music when they kiss
Micah Strawberry 4 months ago
The actor who plays iris dad went to college with my mom.
Hazardf5 4 months ago
Fidget Man FTW 5 months ago
The Hobgoblin 5 months ago
I wanna throw a pumpkin bomb at chocolate Iris!!
Illidan Stormrage 5 months ago
I'd rather go with Felicity
Amit Barabi 5 months ago
so no one is going to talk about that they both just cheated on their relationships?
Blank Avatar 4 months ago
Galatea 5 months ago
The comics and the cartoon versions are very good, but these live action series and most live action movies are sooo lame.
Galatea 5 months ago
I hate race mixing, its disgusting!
Galatea 4 months ago
Race mixing heretic!!
Ships Queen. 4 months ago
The only disgusting things are you two.
Kalibak, Son of Darkseid 4 months ago
youre right my friend
Galaxy Star 5 months ago
I love this kiss, and it would've been so much better if Iris found out like that
Galaxy Star 5 months ago
Mr. Bullseye Everyone with their opinions
Galaxy Star 5 months ago
Galatea I love Iris.
Galatea 5 months ago
Barry kissed a monkey. Why are you liking this?
no one928 5 months ago
The only reason she likes him is bc he stage flash and she thinks she's the flash if she's going out with him
Pamela Johnson 1 month ago
She didn't even know he was the flash until after she confessed her feelings. So you're wrong😂
Galatea 5 months ago
This series, arrow, legends of tomorrow & supergirl are crimes against humanity, because they promote gayness, race mixing, anti-white & anti-hetero propaganda.
M. Ultra Instinct Vegito 5 months ago
He ran so fast he passed beyond the friendzone into the ADOPTED BROTHER ZONE!!!
Isaac Pettigrew 5 months ago
This was such a good revealing of his Identity why did they get rid of this version
TJH15 5 months ago
It's Spartacus!!! Liam McIntyre
george11693 5 months ago
Only reason she started to like him was cuz he was with the Asian girl that worked with iris. Once he broke up with her after he went back in time by accident she didn’t care. That’s why I really don’t like iris tbh
idontrage123 5 months ago
why is the cgi in this episode so good??
Audible Beat 5 months ago
How come there aren’t two Barry’s when he went back in time
wadafefe 5 months ago
And here was the beginning of incest West
jaden yu 5 months ago
The background music?
Oreotink 5 months ago
So many comments about friend zone
Ainsley King 5 months ago
Iris is like “”OH SHIT!”
Jess Tapley 5 months ago
I hated the episode that followed this. Everything went back to square one. There was such progression.
MEDiAgamer 5 months ago
This moment was way better then how she actually found out.
Sam Anderson 5 months ago
This is one of my favourite scenes from the flash
Ironical Wayfarer... 5 months ago
2018. still one of the top moments of the whole show. ThatScream
Dead Channel 5 months ago
The two words I said during this video That's.dope.
David Stephens 5 months ago
Iris was tolerable in season 1. Why did she become an annoying bitch
Amanda 5 months ago
This is amazing acting/writing. I believed Barry and Iris in that moment. By that same token, I am really disappointed with this show recently. I thought the thinker's season was so boring. At least Savitar's season last year was surprising and kept you in suspense, even if it left you confused. I really hope the writer's of this show can get back to basics, and that the actors will produce star quality performances again. Just in the thinker's season alone with these two characters, I felt like I was watching two actors trying to push their characters on screen. It just didn't work. Whither it's bad writing or the actor's just becoming so complicit to the norm of acting that they perhaps no longer try to improve their performances.I can't be sure. All I know is that I wish we can have writing and acting like we had in season 1 and 2 of the flash.
Abigail Skittles 5 months ago
Isn’t it a little messed up that in the timeline he just left, Cisco is still dead and the flash disappeared just in time for a giant tsunami to destroy the city. R.I.P.