The Tomorrow People: 2013 New York Comic Con Sizzle Reel

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The Tomorrow People: 2013 New York  Comic Con Sizzle Reel

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Comments to the video: The Tomorrow People: 2013 New York Comic Con Sizzle Reel

Jade G 5 years ago
At 1:14 it's Cara and Stephen kissing??😯
MellieV 5 years ago
It would be a epic plot twist if Jedikiah was one of the tomorrow people
Ulster Nguyen 5 years ago
haha i like what you think :v :))
Maryam 5 years ago
I love Stephen and Cara.
Spice Meg 5 years ago
I actually like Stephen and Cara together!
Gerry Fogarty 7 months ago
Spice Meg So do I
K 5 years ago
There's been two episodes. Calm down.
TheCoolblade 5 years ago
Its CW people, what else could anyone expect other than a stupid love triangle.
patdlinkinparkqrl 5 years ago
I guess there are no Stephan and John shippers out there, huh?
tvshowobsessed 5 years ago
I'm sorry but there was no chemistry between Stephen and cara in the pilot it was more her taking care of him like he was family
bravoinsano 5 years ago
John And Cara Always!! -_- Get a fucking new love interest for Stephen. But not Stephen And Cara at all. !!! It becomes pretty lame then -_- No love triangles man!!
Jereimi Lambert 5 years ago
seriously this show is my new obsession and I haven't been this excited about a show since Greek
RegyXD 5 years ago
Astrid and stephen
MellieV 5 years ago
one word. Awesome
Awesome 45 5 years ago
You're kidding me it's been one episode, and already shippers are freaking out.
Sambo Corteos 5 years ago
Sarah Sharpe 5 years ago
Holy shit. :O
bklyngirlNY1 5 years ago
CARA AND STEPHEN!!! Cara and John do nothing for me, and that would be another damn insta-pair like Zade! SICK OF THOSE!!
anzahou 5 years ago
Tee23 5 years ago
Should be John and Cara, Stephen and Astrid!
balasoori 5 years ago
yes but will you remember them in few weeks?
aQuaDuDe1212 5 years ago
tammy8722 5 years ago
Oh no. I enjoyed the pilot but please no triangles for the love of everything. No triangles let John and Cara have their thing and Stephen have his own love interest. I am tired of love triangles on shows just no. Stick to the action.
just.tommy 5 years ago
Holy shit this show is amazing!!! but im really sad because that trailer just ruined most of the good plots.
Maryam 5 years ago
Cara and Stephen!
Jen Francis 5 years ago
John and Cara all the way. John and Cara!!!!!!!!!! Ugh do not want her with Stephen
h20luli 5 years ago
Cara and Stephen!!!! OMG the feelss!!!!! This show looks so action packed and intense! I can't wait to see what's in store for us!
Featherpelt Greene 5 years ago
NOOOOOOOO why Stephen and Cara??? SERIOUSLY?! JOHN AND CARA BELONG TOGETHER. The love triangle trick is GETTING OLD. John and Cara all the way!!