Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

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Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

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“Women put poop on their hair for the first time. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! Try henna hair dye yourself- buy it here through LUSH! Disclaimer: We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedYellow More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! MUSIC Hard Up Licensed via Audio Network Funkin Bhangra Licensed via Audio Network Cool Detection Licensed via Audio Network Elevator Licensed via Audio Network Badlands Licensed via Audio Network Raga Lotus Licensed via Audio Network Raga Saga Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided by AudioBlocks () Made by BFMP .

Comments to the video: Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

CJ I. 5 часов назад
Or hermione
CJ I. 5 часов назад
Devin reminds me of Emma Watson because of her eyebrows
cursed herondale 11 часов назад
Caca means poop.
Nesha Cruz 12 часов назад
Their hair looks so healthy after the henna dye
Mackenzie Buchter 20 часов назад
WAIT! Is YB like Why born ? FROM CORALINE????????
Naiara Navas 22 часа назад
Caca marrón means Brown Poop 😂😂
Lucy Dracelias 1 день назад
Henna is really good for the hair, if you use it once a week it can get rid of split ends and makes your hair really soft😊
LastTram 90 1 день назад
Devin looks like Lilly Rabe
Chio-Chan 3 дня назад
lmfao Caca means poop in spanish 😂😂
mystic msp 3 дня назад
In Spanish caca marrón mean Brown poop
Ika teon 3 дня назад
LOL CACA means poop in Romania😂😂😂😂
Aspynbaby 4 дня назад
I think that Saf and Freddie accidentally switched the caca.
Angeles Escobedo 4 дня назад
Is it really poop
Adiba Khan 4 дня назад
My parents uses henna all the time for there hair
Ravenclaw Rose 4 дня назад
As a bilingual person, this video is VERY humorous.
Unicorn Sparkles 5 дней назад
My mum dose this to me every summer it made my hair like a tea colour it's beautiful
princessemoji 5 дней назад
Did You Know: Caca means Poop in Spanish
Ruby Howes 6 дней назад
devon looks like lily rabe
Bubblegum Witch 6 дней назад
I tried henna hair die and it literally did nothing but make a huge mess lol
EastPool 6 дней назад
that feels very luxurious even when you're putting caca on my hair lmao xDDDD
Fluter Dimond 6 дней назад
my boobs are the same size as Saf's and I'm 11 lmao
Audrianna Johnson 6 дней назад
Oooooh.my hair long 😂 YES Freddie. Us naturals know the struggle of shrinkage!
vahstania 7 дней назад
i tried henna hair dye once and it turned by hair poop green
Katy Elser 7 дней назад
Lady tested, lady appr-boob-ed.
Natia Kopadze 7 дней назад
Did she said lily potter? I love herrr
Schney 9 дней назад
kacke = caca also means poop in german
Pragnya Vempati 9 дней назад
Henna is not really a dye, it is used for strengthen our hair here in India, at least that is why we do it in my family. Getting red-tinted hair is just a bonus. My mother wears(puts, idk) Henna around once a month and her hair has a really cool red-tint.
Emmy Heinz 9 дней назад
Freddie's hair is so long!
Anjali Donn 9 дней назад
My mom uses Henna and it works amazing!!! She gets headaches, for some reason, when she uses the chemical dyes but when she uses henna for her hair it dyes sooo well. Her hair now has a bit of golden streaks and its darker and soo pretty! I recommend it for anyone. The mess is a bit much but it is worth the results!
Deja Hardy 9 дней назад
I legit could smell the henna from here😊
BLRyan23 9 дней назад
If anyone actually wants to use natural henna I recommend Light Mountain Natural Henna. While it seems gross I do it every 6 months for added strength. I have naturally red hair so it doesn't really change my color much but it is an additive hair color only meaning it won't really change dark hair. What it will do however is strengthen your roots and thicken weak hair. It can't be used on bleached hair and can cause adverse reactions if used on hair that's been chemically treated. I find that I have less fall out or breakage in the 3 months after treatment and when mixed with cayenne pepper and ginger it doesn't let off a foul smell (something that can happen after washing without these additions.
BLRyan23 9 дней назад
Lush's henna is not 100% natural.
BLRyan23 9 дней назад
The reason it looks different the day of and the day after actually is typically the result of the residue that Henna leaves on your hair. It can take me up for 5 days to remove all of the residue because it clings.
BLRyan23 9 дней назад
The extra conditioning the next day will also make it feel amazing. Again I don't recommend letting henna fully dry like that just because it really doesn't have a big difference.
Kate Campbell 9 дней назад
is it permanent
SSG lovite Am a lovelive living doll 9 дней назад
Hi it is حنا
Imy blue 9 дней назад
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh caca marron
Ellie Blackhurst 10 дней назад
Devyn. Lilly potter. starkid. anyone?
a.mus2107 10 дней назад
Chris Mitzen 11 дней назад
Caca means poop in Spanish French and Portuguese
Meadow The Unicorn 11 дней назад
Caca marron is brown poop in French and Spanish WTF😂
Sophie Adelia 11 дней назад
*No Devins were hurt in the making of this video*
Alianny Brazil 11 дней назад
where I come from caca marron means brown poop
Vaishnavi Jayakumar 12 дней назад
My mom dose that
Pineapple 3 13 дней назад
It looks like devins hair got a lot more shiny
TheBooglinator 13 дней назад
6 hours?! Mine takes two. O_O
DuhItzHoly 13 дней назад
Caca = Poop in my language 😂😂
z1cke92 13 дней назад
Makes sense to call it caca, it looks like cow poo and smells like it too.my mum used to dye her hair with henna
Abby Sitar 13 дней назад
Caca means poop in Spanish. Caca Marron means Brown Poop in French. What is dingleberries?
Milda Lileikiene 14 дней назад
am i the only one who wanted to stir the henna in the pot cause it would feel like clay XD
hanan7omar 14 дней назад
kac kac is also poop in my language and also is a snack that my mom makes but NOT literally poop loooool we call it that cause it looks like it, small and brown. but it's good so idc ! :D
Amira osman 14 дней назад
who tried henna before
Savanna Moody 14 дней назад
How can you remove henna/go back to your natural color? Do you just have to wait for it to grow out?
Maggie Alanis 14 дней назад
CupidusCompanionCube 14 дней назад
yeah everyone knows that it means poop they literally said that in the video ugh but rather notice that u can't get that color out at all. I'll just have to let it grow out lol
I Surrender 14 дней назад
Lmao in Greek caca is poop
Lucia Taylor De Leon 15 дней назад
Anything that brings me closer to being Lily Potter, im okay with. Where my Harry Potter fans at?
Sidney Whitted 15 дней назад
guys devin was in a very potter musical which is super cool
Stacey Thuemmler 15 дней назад
Poop brown hair dye😂 well, at least in my language
sydney johnson 15 дней назад
her college hippie self as in team starkid
Abi Resz 15 дней назад
caca is poo
Mary May 15 дней назад
My mom uses Henna hair dye ( In Somalia it is so normal ) I only uses Henna
Mel 15 дней назад
Caca in Spanish means poop💩💩💩💩
Aleah Velasquez 15 дней назад
albana gurabardhi 15 дней назад
caca in my languane is poop
Raina_1031 16 дней назад
Oh nooooo. Saf doesn't know how to say mehindi
vocall sama 16 дней назад
oh my god people who know french or spanish surely are laughing
Chanyeol 614 16 дней назад
It's not the way for using henna it's making me cringe a lot bc I'm Arabic and I know what the natural henna is and what is looks like and it's not like that 💔
Minecraft Games 16 дней назад
My pet fish died/drowned yesterday can I get likes? 1 like = 1 prayer for fishy
Diuuke 16 дней назад
It's literally written brown poo on it
alexis kaylee 16 дней назад
devin is so cute i'm crying
so soo 18 дней назад
i henna'd my hair 3 times its good
Mayrita Rodriguez 18 дней назад
Caca marron means brown poop in Spanish.
erin pelky 18 дней назад
Coming from a licensed cosmetologist, henna does not come out of your hair! Not recommended!
Fruits&Nuts 18 дней назад
I don't think your supposed to touch henna with metal, in order for it to work properly.
xXHannahXx 18 дней назад
It was funny when saf was in her pig tails and she was like mam one of my favorite parts of the vid
Grace Engleman 18 дней назад
one time my mom bought henna dye but most of the box was in German so she didn't understand most of the label (even though this was in France). Of course, being 3, I wanted to do what mommy was doing and she was like ok, it's natural, whatever. Turns out henna was the name of the color and we both ended up with flaming reddish orange hair (I only had it in for like a minute but she was stuck with it soaking in for 45 minutes because as soon as it was in my brother decided he was hungry and she had to breastfeed him). All the French preschool moms just judged the heck out of us.
April Bostwick 19 дней назад
Anything that bring me closer to being lily potter YES I LOVE THIS GIRL
Huda Hamed 19 дней назад
when it was young I was a dirty blond and now I have brunette hair because my grandmother has dyed my hair when it was 5 it was fun because I had did it with my fave cousin
katie mae braham 19 дней назад
I have auburn hair and people call me ginger I AM NOT ORANGE!!!! It gets annoying
ちゃんともい 19 дней назад
Six hours ! that's too much 😳
Siva Nova 19 дней назад
chai tea literally translates to tea tea
Aya's Life 19 дней назад
Cacao meaning poop in Arabic!!
zahra .de gek 20 дней назад
it doesn't really dye your hair, you just get a orangy/red glow in the light
zahra .de gek 20 дней назад
It's funny actually, 'cause I always use fresh henna to dye my hair. and to see them use that kind of stuff is just funny
Dj Yaxley 20 дней назад
Why didn't they use a normal henna hair dye and did they make their own henna hair dye?
Alex Seger 21 день назад
Just bought some (: Hope this works so I can safely dye my hair now haha
Msp Darling 21 день назад
Eww it looks like poop in there hair no offence
Olivia LUCHETTI 21 день назад
Caca marrón means brown poop
Cheesey's Fun Life 21 день назад
they like my bathroom
Anna Berger 21 день назад
am I the only one noticing that Devin is from AVHPM?
Skyler Griffith 21 день назад
Henna is awful for your hair.
• Samiii • 19 дней назад
Skyler Griffith Henna is amazing for your hair, it makes it stronger
LottieKitkat 22 дня назад
what's henna??
LucyLula04 22 дня назад
I love Devon cause she loves hp 😍😍😍
haidee is awesome 22 дня назад
dosent CACA MARRON mean brown poop
2cute 4you 22 дня назад
Why is freddie just so precious?
Bella Desai 23 дня назад
Actually henna generally tens your hair more red like some people in India due there hair with Jenna when they are old and there hair is white and when they do that there hair turns red soooo
Dumbtuber 24 дня назад
watch me
Sara Higgins 24 дня назад
Tell Chantelle that my boobs names are the morshias too lol
pepe 24 дня назад
my mom uses normal henna founded in indian stores and she uses it to color her grey hairs and i tried it two times or three and it lightened my hair to a red-ish tint and it looks lighter and i have dark hair i don't think they kept it on long enough because when mine gets dry it gets really crusty lmfao