Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

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Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

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“Women put poop on their hair for the first time. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! Try henna hair dye yourself- buy it here through LUSH! Disclaimer: We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedYellow More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! MUSIC Hard Up Licensed via Audio Network Funkin Bhangra Licensed via Audio Network Cool Detection Licensed via Audio Network Elevator Licensed via Audio Network Badlands Licensed via Audio Network Raga Lotus Licensed via Audio Network Raga Saga Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided by AudioBlocks () Made by BFMP .

Comments to the video: Women Try Henna Hair Dye • Ladylike

Mathew Phillips 8 часов назад
It looks more like it boosted their natural hair color
Jackson Wang is bae 1 день назад
Caca Marron= Brown Poop Caca Noir= Black Poop In French 😂😂😂
Jackson Wang is bae 1 день назад
MDRRR Pourquoi Ça s appelle Caca Marron Jpp
Mii'na Bzn' 1 день назад
CACA means Poop.
dexa101 1 день назад
My mother always makes me dye her hair with henna.
Maddie B. 2 дня назад
Caca = poo in French ! 😂💩
Evelyn Jun 2 дня назад
Caca marron means brown poop 😂😂😂
Unicorn Princess 2 дня назад
quite happily do any thing to look like Lilly potter!!!!! or any one !!
Reema Gupta 3 дня назад
My uncle put too much mendhi/henna in his hair and it was just bright orange
Skylar Van Winkle 3 дня назад
Ella The Otaku/Fujoshi 3 дня назад
Caca Marron literally means brown poop in France.
White Goddess 3 дня назад
Caca Marrom = Brown poop in portuguese. haha
Shanice Robinson 3 дня назад
and they didnt use proper henna
Shanice Robinson 3 дня назад
if you keep using it you hair will grow fast
Shanice Robinson 3 дня назад
my mum. uses henna cuz hair dye poisend her
Simone G 4 дня назад
ooo my hair long 😂
If trying is not good enough then what is? 5 дней назад
Soadorbs 99 5 дней назад
Caca noir is literally black poop🙃😝
JaydeOwen 5 дней назад
Do henna tattoos!
Binuta Cojocaru 5 дней назад
CACA in romanian mins pop
MaSood3li مسعود علي 5 дней назад
henna is used also in Somalia
ema nekaf 5 дней назад
Just noticed how much Saf looks like Emmy Rossum.
Norain Basirron 5 дней назад
i used to have a henna tree and it actually smells bad when i mashed it and the real color is only going to be like reddish color.and fyi, original henna is the only hair dye that Muslims can use to dye their hair
Nuria Geijsel 5 дней назад
I am a little afraid to try this on my blonde hair 😅 which color would be safe?
Sierra Profitt 5 дней назад
Devin, you were already Cho Chang, you can't be Lily too! lol
Arshia Ahmad 6 дней назад
Being part Pakistani (both my parents are from there) I facepalmed when she said mehndi like mayndee. but whatever
Debra Falk 6 дней назад
I'll stick to my Kenra and Artic Fox
Btrbeauty101 6 дней назад
On the henna package it said CACA MARRÓN that means brown poop in Spanish 😂😂😂😂
Euskera Rainbow 7 дней назад
The girl with dark stright hair reminds me of dan howell I DON'T KNOW WHY OK?!!
Euskera Rainbow 7 дней назад
0:09 caca marron is brown sh*t
maham meher 7 дней назад
ok when my mom does it. she never boils it. but it's still the same color as henna tattoo or mehndi. you know using the mehndi cone, u can also pour the cone on your nails and let dry and wash and voila! u have henna colored/henna nails!
Chalux ! Ak 7 дней назад
Black poop ?
Fluffiefishshsh Flufferton 7 дней назад
Devon's hair is perfect!!!
Marie Marley 8 дней назад
Caca marron. Brown poop. Ok great.
The ChosenOne 8 дней назад
I use henna hair dye like.once a year.My mom taught me.
Hammami med rayen 8 дней назад
in my country Tunisia only old people use henna
dizzysmile2505 8 дней назад
I'm thinking about dying my hair with henna but I have natural blonde hair, after the henna washes out will I have the same hair colour as before??
Rolf Krajewski 8 дней назад
What i do is i grate it with a cheese grater and then just add water, way faster.
Khadijah Tonkara 9 дней назад
Ladylike should do a give aways
Amaris Mekecha 9 дней назад
Ethiopians use henna
Mem 3225 11 дней назад
I hope they onow there is Cow poop is in there
Simona Grigonis 11 дней назад
Although the henna dye didn't look like that
Simona Grigonis 11 дней назад
I have died my hair with henna before!
The Creativity Girl 11 дней назад
OMG!! When Devin had that shower cap on she looked like Emma Watson!!
4EverAvery 11 дней назад
caca marron is brown poop in Spanish. HAHAHAHAHA
leire romero 11 дней назад
When caca marron means brown poop
Keerthi Raj 12 дней назад
Cacao means poop 💩
Keerthi Raj 12 дней назад
I mean caca
Thelegend 27 12 дней назад
They said poop in my Language all this time, everytime they said kaka it was so weird
S Cawthra 12 дней назад
I've used the Lush products before. The varieties for brown and black colours don't actually contain any henna. The plant only gives a red/orange tint to your starting hair colour, hence blonds will get brilliant orange or red, light brunettes get darker reds, etc. To dye your hair brown or black with natural plant ingredients, the henna is substituted with indigo.
Christmas_Elf _Girl 12 дней назад
Christmas_Elf _Girl 12 дней назад
lol caca marron she has no clue what she said in many different languages 😂😂😂😂😂
Lily 13 дней назад
Devin : Anything to get me closer to looking like Lily Potter 
Kittycraft 13 дней назад
LOLZ caca means poop in some languages, but in this case it means brown bur still its funny 😂
Rebecca Wintz 13 дней назад
As a hair stylist, this is painful to watch. The application is so inconsistent! There is no way the product fully saturated every strand.
Cosmic Princess1 13 дней назад
I liked for the hp reference
Parahoy Tv 13 дней назад
Lady like makes me happy and idk why.Probably because they are trying all of these products???
Doggy Facelova 13 дней назад
My mum makes her own henna every week and she dyes her hair
MultiBigbird01 13 дней назад
Henna is the paste, whereas mehndi is the design, but south asians call it just mehndi, whereas non-south asians call it just henna because apparently its not a word that they feel is easy to pronounce.
Eshita Verma 13 дней назад
okay, so dying hair with henna (mehendi) is an Indian thing but there is no such word as ''caca' in hindi, other than 'kaka' which means 'uncle'. and from other comments i can see, it means poop. so what language is it? also, henna has a prominent smell. i dont think it was henna.
aniba Chaudhry 13 дней назад
1:11 you could see the plastic😂😂😂
aniba Chaudhry 13 дней назад
Or the label
laura pietila 14 дней назад
Kakka is poop in finnish I'm done😂😂😂
RoseGlisson 14 дней назад
When you cover it, more heat is added to the dye due to the insulation. More heat=more red. Also, more time=more red. I haven't tried the henna myself, yet, but I've heard that the Noir gets darker and less red by leaving it on for about four hours uncovered. Love, A LUSH Employee
Odalys Dominguez 14 дней назад
okay we get it ! caca means poop in spanish and french.
Lucy Haseth 15 дней назад
where i am from kaka is a bad word
qt 15 дней назад
I am the princess of caca marron .bruhhh
NO IMAGE 1 день назад
qt You are the princess of brownshit?
Marinebrm 15 дней назад
Caca mean poop in french.
Alayna Lynch 16 дней назад
??? Why didn't they use rainbow hena it's so much easier and actually works
Zina Hurani 16 дней назад
Caca in Arabic literally means poop😂😂
KimchiTaco 14 дней назад
it means poop in spanish as well
Arielle Anne 16 дней назад
My mom does this when her her hair turns gray. It smells bad
Emily Walsh 16 дней назад
They chose colours that their hair already is!! I was like, well deven has light hair so it will work in her. Deven chooses auburn😂😂✌🏻️✌🏻
Isabel Flex 17 дней назад
Chantel and Saf like sisters
Berry Bueaty 17 дней назад
There part of the ittybittytittycommitee XD
Kianna Nera 17 дней назад
caca noir is black poop in french 😂😂😂
Elly Comley 17 дней назад
Why did they have to have it on for 6 hours? I mixed henna powder with black tea and had it on for half that time but it was so effective that could easily have passed for a Weasley afterwards
Safa wael Hamami 17 дней назад
how much time can I lève henna in my hair please
Jorgelina Vergara 18 дней назад
BitchesEnvy Me 18 дней назад
Freddy hair is goals !
Adolf Hitler 18 дней назад
If you're Arabic here everyone has seen a Bengali man at hajj who dyed his hair with henna haha
Diana Lis 18 дней назад
shouldn't they use blow dry every few minutes? adding heat would shorten the time and release the pigment. henna does fades away, but I'd not recommend to switch to chemical dyes in a saloon - it will mess up the color
La vie de Anne 18 дней назад
Do you now that caca it's poop on french
Enaas Ismail 19 дней назад
It feels so weird
Sra 19 дней назад
caca noir ?! really ?! black doodoo ?? 💩
Fawzia Issah 19 дней назад
Caca in Africa is poop
Sarah hernandez 20 дней назад
I got my hair dyed at 9 years old
jasmine es 20 дней назад
Buy henna from LIKE an authentic Indian store. It's better. I love the smell of henna. Reminds me of Iran 🇮🇷
My videos paju (Emma) 20 дней назад
they were saying kaka all the time and kaka means poop in estonian
Awesome Avanator 20 дней назад
I can't see any comments
Viktoria Eriksson 20 дней назад
Haha caca noir. * snickers *
Lil Potterhead 20 дней назад
Leiana Becerra 20 дней назад
lol I got caca in my hair (poop)😂😂😂😂
Manuelita Remy 20 дней назад
Henna is the worse kinda hair dye.. as a hair stylist. I'm cringing.I feel bad if they ever wanna colour their hair again.
DarthRayj 21 день назад
I can't actually use henna, I have a blood condition which could react to it and break down my blood cells. Looks like fun but not a major change for any of them, maybe it would be different for someone with natural blond hair though like me.
Katquinn 21 день назад
The instructions for lush henna clearly say if you want a redder shade, put on a shower cap. Leave the hair exposed to the air for a darker shade. So that's why that girl's hair got redder and not darker