Teens Style Adult Women For A Week • Ladylike

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Teens Style Adult Women For A Week • Ladylike

Teens Style Adult Women For A Week • Ladylike

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Comments to the video: Teens Style Adult Women For A Week • Ladylike

Lps421 Productions 1 час назад
Candy Heart 9 часов назад
Where were all the drugs?
Grace Banner 11 часов назад
No hate but I thought they weren't allowed to film kids
Cheyenne Stevenson 12 часов назад
The thing about Freddie is, she always follows the trends, and she doesn't really have her own like personal style, she kinda just does what everyone else is doing, not just in this video, in all the lady like videos, she doesn't like it unless it's on trend
Daeialla 22 часа назад
Why is it that my aesthetic is very different from those teen's fashion, I'm like the teen who wears more of American apparel clothing and brings a kanken with her
Uh oh! You Friccin moron! You just got memed! 1 день назад
All of Freddie's outfits where amazing! I loved all of them.
Brisady Bear 1 день назад
Why does Jen's teen hate her
April F 1 день назад
I know this is old, but I just found this channel (it's amazing so I'm binge watching). But I'm pretty sure I owed a pair of green overalls almost identical to the ones Freddie wore on the last day when I was in high school IN the (late) 90's! I'm old.
Mei Ji 1 день назад
Where did they get jens teen? Her taste is horrible lol.
Faryal Shams 1 день назад
What happened to Candace, she just kinda left ladylike and Devin snuck in (I still like her tho)
Yas Mean 1 день назад
soooo that see thru jacket is everything.
coco 1 день назад
Man Jen your teen despises you look at what she made you wear
Avery N 1 день назад
I want the outfit Candace was wearing on day 4
K DeVries 2 дня назад
Is Candace still on buzzfeed?
Jaylin B. 2 дня назад
Candace got the worst teen
Jaylin B. 2 дня назад
Where did they go shopping?!
Ezekiel Chong 2 дня назад
whoever dressed jen needs to GO HOME
Ava Marie 2 дня назад
freddy's teen was the best 😍😍 like that's my style as a teen ahhh
Shay Love 2 дня назад
Freddie killed every outfit!! 😍😍
Rachel Rose 2 дня назад
That teen did Jen so dirty
Ellie Hayward 2 дня назад
Freddie teen is the only trendy one.
Jd.22 AD 2 дня назад
I miss Candice ☹️
2011musicluver 3 дня назад
When Candace does something other than a messy side ponytail she looks great
Jessques 3 дня назад
In college the majority of girls wear Nike running shorts or leggings with oversized t-shirts, paired with Chacos or some kind of sneaker.
Haydeebug 06 3 дня назад
@3:50 the Asian team 😂😂
Kenzie Rae 3 дня назад
Jens teen had quite a taste in clothes 😂
Gutter Bird 4 дня назад
Jen and Saf please adopt me.
babycub1234 4 дня назад
I feel like Jen kinda got some bad outfits out of it /:
LoganArnoldKicks 4 дня назад
Really like Jen's Doors shirt at least 😂😂 (coming from an actual fan, not a fake my music taste is better than yours fan)
elizabethcorin 6 дней назад
a mix of mom meets sorority girl IS ACTUALLY ON POINT
Brianna 6 дней назад
I loved Freddie's day three outfit it was sooo cute
hollyxodance 13 6 дней назад
I'm obsessed with Freddy 😍❤
simerific 6 дней назад
I miss Candace!!!
Frédérique Cormier 6 дней назад
I need to know where i can get that seethrough jacket
Sloan Smith 7 дней назад
Freddy looked like an actual teen! I would definitely wear what she wore, I'm 13
Star {Nocturne Girl} 7 дней назад
I want to take fashion risks now
Scarlett Graceffa 8 дней назад
3:49 why did i think a fly with stuck within my computer screen?
Kat H 8 дней назад
In my opinion, Freddie's style looked the best. Maybe it's because I thought Liz's style was AMAZING. 😍
Stephanie Donatelli 8 дней назад
What stores did they get that stuff from
YaGirlJaz 8 дней назад
i love all of Freddie's outfits like omg
Emily Garner 8 дней назад
I feel like Freddie looked the best throughout👗
Acasia Bella 8 дней назад
Candace that ponytail needs to go
Emily Scharite 9 дней назад
I'm more of the mom meets sorority girl haha
thisisnotchannel 9 дней назад
Jen outfits were pretty bad
M D 10 дней назад
I love Freddie
wonder women 10 дней назад
what kind of teens are they
Purpleeunicorn freak 10 дней назад
i would never wear any of this and im 16.
Kisa Haider 10 дней назад
Teen style: crop tops chokers and ripped jeans
BridgetBird 10 дней назад
All of the outfits are cute asf but Jen's were kinda crusty
julie_ 10199 10 дней назад
idk who dressed the girl with short hair but yikes.that is not teen fashion haha
goldfish 10 дней назад
what teens are dressin like this lmao
Megan Barber 10 дней назад
Jen is so cute but her teen didn't do a very good job picking out her outfits
Emma 637 11 дней назад
bomber jacket
monstewr1 11 дней назад
Freddies clothes were the best! And i think i would do way better dressing Jen uwu she has so much style already! I feel the clothes she worr wasnt for her ;(
Sarah Abbott 12 дней назад
Candace looks so pretty in this vid! (She looks amazing all the time but super good in this video, you know what I mean) I miss her :(
Mac Jj33 12 дней назад
cool hip lesbian i love jen sm
xXKayla159xX 12 дней назад
I died when I saw what Jen was wearing.
Juliette Aarsø 12 дней назад
What store is it?
Katie Elliott 12 дней назад
Why was I wearing the exact same thing as Freddie in the start of the video
Georgie Xox 12 дней назад
Freddie was slayingggggg
Layla Oglesby 13 дней назад
Sorry I'm just not with the trend I guss
Sam 20190000 13 дней назад
I wanna see a video where they go back to high school for a week!!
Jordan Glass 13 дней назад
the captioning was really bad on this video :((
Carol ine 14 дней назад
i just wear dresses to office cuz i dont like wearing slacks and office wear
Laila'sOddAnimations 14 дней назад
Freddie slayed everything 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Her style is closest to mine
Evie Crawford 14 дней назад
Suzie Wu 14 дней назад
Lol what happened to teens* styling them. Yeh nah But it's aite.
Leslie Geronimo 14 дней назад
Wait bro what about the shoes like you have to have some fine af shoes
glitteryunicorn 4life 14 дней назад
You should do women visit a dietician because it seems interesting or toddlers dress adults
Khushi Solanki 14 дней назад
you should do a video of men choose their clothes for a week.
Mia Storm 14 дней назад
cool, hip lesbian :)
Jezza 4000 15 дней назад
I think Candace had the best outfits
Amber Holli 15 дней назад
Freddies teen was the best at dressing her
Katelyn Wiegand 15 дней назад
i didnt like any of jens outfits.
Hsbssb Sgsgs 15 дней назад
Whoever dressed Freddie needs to take me to the mall ASAP. I'm desperate.😂😂😂😂
Wednesday Party 15 дней назад
My sister has the exact same clear jacket😂
Ciel Phantomhive 15 дней назад
in which store they went to buy the clothes? ;-;
Rawaan Ibrahim 15 дней назад
I thought they were like 20
Mirjala Fanju 16 дней назад
candice's stuff was slaying my fave persons outfits were hers and she totally suited them
Off Beat Alexa 16 дней назад
kristin thorsteinsdottir 16 дней назад
I want Candes'es and Freddy's teen to dress me every day
Hey Its Chloe 16 дней назад
Who else thinks Freddie should have her own channel
Faximumgirl5 bookworm 17 дней назад
where's the punk rock teen
Rainbow Unicorn 18 дней назад
The teen that Jen got obviously did a pretty bad job like none of those outfits looked really good on her
Ally Bedford 18 дней назад
I'm a teen and hated all the outfits 😂
cam ya 19 дней назад
Freddie and her boyfriend are precious
ana star 19 дней назад
Freddie looked cute in those outfits
Olivia Portillo 19 дней назад
was that a pink Floyd shirt?
Vanessa Unangst 19 дней назад
1:42 - does anyone have that shirt and they wanna sell it to me? stone roses are my life
Alexandra Schultz 19 дней назад
I'd never dare to wear a choker. My Personal opinion is that everyone should throw them in the trash
Llama's 4 life 19 дней назад
I want to be the teen with freddy
Panda LoverJay 19 дней назад
I wear some of those not all tho , my favourite was probably Freddie and the other girl with the side ponytail
caylin tyrell 19 дней назад
What store did they go to?
Ashlynn Smith 19 дней назад
Kinda like a cool hip lesbian Lmao
Lucy Luv 20 дней назад
But like where is that hat from !?!?!?!
Abnormal 20 дней назад
Yeah, I wouldn't wear any of that. It should have been 'Teens who actually care about their clothes'.
Violet Johnson 20 дней назад
I'm too much of a tomboy to wear those clothes plus it makes me look bad 😬😭
Mira 20 дней назад
the problem with those clothes r it's v pretty to look at, but it doesn't look good on me
Twenty-Five Sailors 20 дней назад
Cool hip lesbian me in three words