Justice League Action: Galaxy Jest

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Justice League Action: Galaxy Jest

Justice League Action: Galaxy Jest

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Comments to the video: Justice League Action: Galaxy Jest

Mr. J 2 дня назад
Good thing I didn't wear a skirt. Hehe!
RaidenLP 5 дней назад
its like mark hamil can never stop being joker
Carloz G. 7 дней назад
Let that ass hole get killed
Marvel Hunter 10 дней назад
Cartoon Fan 12 дней назад
New Episodes of Justice League Action Saturdays at 7:30am on Cartoon Network USA starting January 21st
Shadow_Bort 15 дней назад
Joker then proceeds shoot one, Making them laugh
Ben Rhodes 16 дней назад
I can't ever see the Joker when it's Mark Hamill without hearing the Trickster
Omnitrix8 16 дней назад
''good thing I didn't wear a skirt'' lol!!!!!!!!!!!
KaijuD 16 дней назад
The fuck did they do to Mongul and Wonder Woman.
Speed Force 17 дней назад
Why did they give Flash the nerdiest voice in the existence
Joe King 20 дней назад
...so you mean to tell me the guy who has XRAY VISION can't find the bomb?! These kid shows uses no logic anymore. I miss JLU
Josh Paul Hawkins 21 день назад
Hmm, I hope this show isn't as absurd as Teen Titans Go! I was out when they fought a French Toast Monster. Can we please have a show with stakes and maturity again please?
Aston Wrath 21 день назад
so this IS on CN. or its coming to CN? please someone explain
Rgoid 22 дня назад
2:33 Tough crowd.
Peter Parker • Spιder-Man 22 дня назад
Thankfully this show doesn't the treat the audience as idiots
Lowell Lucas Jr. 22 дня назад
Wow.Are we returning back to the Golden days of Animation?!
Avery Merrick 23 дня назад
Charlie Schlatter as the Flash. Cool.
CorvusColluder 24 дня назад
I like how Clark is just . when Diana talked about the Joker being an alien science experiment. So sensitive!
YzzleMate 24 дня назад
That wasn't looking good for Mr. J, was it?
Liz B 24 дня назад
Based on this one clip,Joker is my favorite character in Justice League Action,he's the one where his jokes work and is actually funny.:D
optimizer prime オプティマイザプライム 24 дня назад
Is that Mark Hamill I hear!
Deadlyaztec27 24 дня назад
TheSmashMaster9000 Thank you lord!
TheSmashMaster9000 24 дня назад
IntheInternet Wetrust 24 дня назад
This show looks alright but i can't wait for Young Justice to be back
IntheInternet Wetrust 18 дней назад
+WolfHowl_ACBA Nice! I didn't even know or remember if i saw the news saying Netflix or cable TV
WolfHowl_ACBA 18 дней назад
Netflix will be airing season 3
IntheInternet Wetrust 19 дней назад
+RJaiMan it's confirmed lol that's what i meant ;P
RJaiMan 19 дней назад
Its been 3 years. I wouldn't get my hopes up
Joetuss 25 дней назад
Mongul Isn't supposed to be a simpleton
Paul Singam 15 дней назад
+KaijuD How am I spamming anyone? What are you inventing now?
KaijuD 15 дней назад
+Paul Singam >says I'm 12 years old >constantly spams several comments and edits them because he can't think of a proper response
Paul Singam 15 дней назад
But I think you're on to something Darkseid covets the Anti-Life equation which will give him control over all life while Thanos just want to make sacrifices to his mistress, Death! ;)
Paul Singam 15 дней назад
+KaijuD Why do you have to bring personal insults into the discussion? Are you 12 years old?
KaijuD 15 дней назад
+Paul Singam Irrelevant as this isn't Thanos. Thanos' design was actually based on several different other characters. In terms of personality he's very much the opposite of Darkseid. If you honestly think that they woudl have to change him at all because he would be too similar to Darkseid you are eitehr too retarded to make this argument or don't know anything about either of the characters to even be discussing
King_Of_Flash 14 25 дней назад
This looks awesome! It gives me Spectacular Spider-Man vibes
Rawen1982 25 дней назад
Ok, this, this I like, there's a bit of goofy humour in there without it being brain damageingly stupid. Teen Titans Go can go suck rotten egg.
chris daugherty 26 дней назад
Mongul seems a little.slow.
Jay Kelly 26 дней назад
I swear, the DC animated features are so MUCH better than the.well.you know.
Vietnam Bleach 27 дней назад
When this show was announced it got sooo much hate, and i knew it would be goood
Artisan1979 27 дней назад
Cool design for Flash brining back the wings on the boots.
strykerx24 28 дней назад
ok to be fair joker was a failing comedian before he became the joker so of course he tells bad jokes
mattwo7 8 дней назад
That's called slapstick comedy
Deadlyaztec27 24 дня назад
strykerx24 His funniest moments are actually his violent interrogations and when he abuses Harley. He is more of a prop guy.
Josh Abraham 28 дней назад
strykerx24 lol
Johnny Sokko 29 дней назад
Has Joker EVER been to space before this?
Johnny Sokko 24 дня назад
Cool. I was just wondering because it seemed super weird seeing him on a spaceship.
Vincent Rather 24 дня назад
Johnny Sokko yes several times. Don't know about whether he has or not in the context of this show though.
Ashley Argott 29 дней назад
I thought Joker's joke was funny. 😂😂😂
qwe6348 29 дней назад
I don't like the designs for Wonder Woman or sups (they looks weird ) but everyone else is cool. I hope they start selling toys
eldest808 1 день назад
Never wish for them to sell Toys. When they dont sell they become ass holes and cancel the show on us.
JG Perez 27 дней назад
qwe6348 Superman's design is okay, but I actually really like Wonder Woman's design.
qwe6348 29 дней назад
Really neat art
Larry the Pagan 29 дней назад
This is fun as hell. And it's nice to see another good rendition of the joker after that aweful abomination that Jared Leto created
Death Mongrel 26 дней назад
Larry the Pagan You mean a good rendition, or even a different rendition, he plays a version of a joker not the best joker but a joker indeed, he did not do a bad job.
Robin 2.0 1 месяц назад
hey is this series out on cartoon network yet, and I think cartoon network is coming back, who knows maybe they took 90% of the bujet on teen titans go and put it into this, HAZA
Kade Yager 30 дней назад
Robin 2.0 yes it is.
AnthonyWLeone 1 месяц назад
I think this would be better if it were so cartoony and more serious like Justice League.
Brendan O'Brien 1 месяц назад
Hey this isnt half bad. When is it on?
Tyler Lopez 29 дней назад
Brendan O'Brien its amazing its fun but not stupid almost feels like brave and the bold
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon 1 месяц назад
lol the jokers dead son
youdude1121 1 месяц назад
what series is this? love the new animation
youdude1121 28 дней назад
Anthony Flores 😂😅😄😆
Anthony Flores 28 дней назад
youdude1121 lol it's in the title
Pratyush Auditore 1 месяц назад
they actually screwed this original one was far too good my only regret being flash wasn't barry😶🙄
Genji Shimada 26 дней назад
Pratyush Auditore that is Bartholomew
Pratyush Auditore 27 дней назад
Ricky Wilson quite right i agree bt cmon man barry allen i mean flash suits him just pretty well wally too gud for kid flash
Ricky Wilson 27 дней назад
Pratyush Auditore Wally West was literally the best part of any episode he was in.
Daniel Brito 1 месяц назад
Is this a sequel to Justice League: Unlimited?
Clavin gaming 27 дней назад
+Hanro Lareman they apeared just like MAGIC
Hanro Lareman 28 дней назад
It's not a sequel, it's a reboot The evidence being the new art style, some of the super humans' powers don't work the same way as they did in JLU and characters pronounced dead, missing or shattered, in JLU, appear in perfect health in JLA
Sebastian Quinchia 1 месяц назад
It's more like Batman The Brave and The Bold and it's fantastic
Clavin gaming 1 месяц назад
Daniel Brito no its just a kid show, sadly 😢
Christopher Gunasingha 1 месяц назад
Wait. Why would wonder woman need a jet? I havent seen this show so I dont have any context, but she can fly, right
WeirdedOutShiba 23 дня назад
yeah, dc always tried to find some way to make it make sense why she has it.
Deadlyaztec27 24 дня назад
WeirdedOutShiba Which made sense back when she couldn't fly, but at this point it's just stupid
WeirdedOutShiba 26 дней назад
she's always had a jet, that's like her thing
Daniel Everest 1 месяц назад
Christopher Gunasingha depends on whether she can use her armours full potential
DMario Isajurk 1 месяц назад
dont like slow dumb brute Mongul
Josh Abraham 1 месяц назад
DarthAlphaTheGreat 1 месяц назад
Same Joker and Batman. But different Superman and Wonder Woman.
DarthAlphaTheGreat 3 дня назад
Luxorious Luxray different flash.
Luxorious Luxray 3 дня назад
around 2:12
DarthAlphaTheGreat 3 дня назад
Luxorious Luxray What Flash? Where?
Luxorious Luxray 3 дня назад
and Flash
Valetine Black 1 месяц назад
Finally dc realized that wonder woman can not fly that well
TheSmashMaster9000 24 дня назад
Except she does all the time in comics.
Gyaretto, the Brave and the Bleh 1 месяц назад
they couldn't get Michael Rosenbaum to reprise his role as the Flash? lame.
steelersguy74 6 дней назад
finley rodriguez He did voice Barry Allen in JL:Doom.
SuperSpeedster With a Quiver 19 дней назад
Gyaretto, the Brave and the Bleh Yeah Rosenbaum only voices Wally on JL, JLU, and TT.
finley rodriguez 25 дней назад
Gyaretto, the Brave and the Bleh Rosenbaum portrayed the Wally West version. This version is Barry Allen, so of course Rosenbaum didn't reprise his role.
mykel pyles 26 дней назад
Gyaretto, the Brave and the Bleh He is a diffrent flash. Rosenbaum played wally west and this is barry allen
Aotahi Beach 1 месяц назад
Wonder Womans hair do. not sure how I feel
Deadlyaztec27 24 дня назад
Aotahi Beach I like it.
BlythePennyBicycle21 1 месяц назад
I love this show!
Daniel Murillo 1 месяц назад
Run Barry Run!
Saud Abo Sultan 1 месяц назад
I only saw the trinity and flash at the end where are the rest (shazam, green lantern , martian manhunter.)
Bruce Mahlstadt 1 месяц назад
Saud Abo Sultan, Actually, all three of them showed up in the hour premiere of the show to varying degrees of prominence. Among the three, Shazam appears the most, Martian Manhunter appears for a brief but important scene, and Green Lantern appears for a couple seconds near the end.
destructodude 1 месяц назад
Now that everyone got their R-rated Batmans out of the way, I'm glad it can be for kids again.
destructodude 27 дней назад
We got it in different mediums in the same year like people were desperate to get it out.
Marcell Bálint 27 дней назад
What's your problem with the R-rated Batman? Btw, We will get another one soon.
Robot killing machine 1 месяц назад
Does anyone know where to watch this online? Kiss cartoon got screwed
Robot killing machine 27 дней назад
Finally kisscartoon got back up
Robot killing machine 1 месяц назад
GO! Go! Zeppeli! I didn't.
GO! Go! Zeppeli! 1 месяц назад
Robot killing machine tell me when you find out.
Michael Bleckler 1 месяц назад
it is geared towards 6 to 10 ear Olds guys
eldest808 1 день назад
Fuck age limits 24 years old this is a great show
unbreakable productions 28 дней назад
Michael Bleckler 10-13 boi
R3pherade 1 месяц назад
Michael Bleckler *10-13
2013venjix 1 месяц назад
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
This is Barry, right?
Genji Shimada 26 дней назад
Valetine Black it's Bartholomew
Danymic 95 28 дней назад
+David Munoz he & Michael Rosenbaum are my favorite voice actors when it comes to The Flash
Danymic 95 28 дней назад
David Munoz I remember Charlie Schlatter voiced The Flash in that Superman animated series episode Speed Demons.
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
+David Munoz Thank you.
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
+The Little Pasty I just want an answer with actual facts.
Cameron Smith 1 месяц назад
I can't wait for the flash episode to come out.
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
Cameron Smith There is one confirmed?
IG JOBI FELE 1 месяц назад
lol good thing I didn't wear a skirt
HELLASgate7 1 месяц назад
where does it play
Josh Abraham 19 дней назад
+Larenzo Mickens y
Larenzo Mickens 20 дней назад
Josh Abraham 28 дней назад
HELLASgate7 kisscartoon.me
Ashwin Kumuthan 1 месяц назад
I wish Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin could do the voicing. I also wish this show, yj and cwverse could be in the same continuity
Falkaisis 1 месяц назад
Nice. I'll have to check it out. But yeah I definitely feel like Grant Gustin portrays Barry much closer at the moment. The Flash is my favorite superhero ever. Especially Barry Allen. ^_^
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
+Falkaisis He was pretty wise-cracker as I remember, not as much as Wally of course, never said he was. But Barry has always been lighthearted and charm, he indeed gets more funnier in New 52, but one of the best examples I can give you about Barry being light hearted and cocky even from before is Superman Vol 1 Ussue: 709, if you haven't I recommend you to read it, it shows a pretty wise-cracker and witty Barry, before the New 52.
Falkaisis 1 месяц назад
Silver Age Barry wasn't very wise cracking. At least not nearly as much as Wally. Wally was always the biggest wise cracker out of The Flash family. New 52 Barry wasn't really cocky with his speed as he was just confident. In later issues he began to worry about not being fast enough. In the beginning of the New 52 they blended some of Wally's personality into Barry's. Which is why Barry in the New 52 was funnier than usual.
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
Pretty sure Silver Age Barry started like a young wise-cracker, and in New 52 Barry is always being cocky about his speed, by making jokes about Superman being slow for example.
Ashwin Kumuthan 1 месяц назад
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill back at it again?
George Sanchez 23 дня назад
Ashwin Kumuthan they're great.but it sounds weird hearing Kevin Conroy Batman talking to non-George Newbern or non-Tim Daly Superman
Deadlyaztec27 24 дня назад
Newman2252 Quick, how far are we in the technology of cloning?
Newman2252 1 месяц назад
ikr, these guys are destined to do this forever :)
Danny Prasil 1 месяц назад
yesssssss frecking Yesssssss flash is in the show
KalvinEllis 15 дней назад
Did you think they won't have The Flash in a Justice League cartoon?
Hanro Lareman 28 дней назад
Well with the flash, speed is key I just hope they don't put something crazy at the flash's speed limit, like in JLU Speaking of superman, they seemed to have nerfed him by making his weaknesses way more apparent compared to past reincarnation
Morfl 28 дней назад
I just hope he wont be extremely nerfed and be significantly faster than superman
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
I know right, they did not show anything about him so I was afraid of him not appearing.
Ivan Klenovsek 1 месяц назад
these Wonder women is freaking hot i min fora cartoon
Jonas of Persia 1 месяц назад
Episode 6 is my favorite ' till now.
Josh Abraham 27 дней назад
+Jonas of Persia Nuclear Family Values is good too
Jonas of Persia 28 дней назад
Josh Abraham Time share
Josh Abraham 28 дней назад
Jonas of Persia was that Nuclear Family values? Or time share
Jonas of Persia 1 месяц назад
Uchechukwu Prince Nwulu use gorillavid link
Uchechukwu Prince Nwulu 1 месяц назад
Hello where can i get these episodes to watch/download?
Lamp King 1 месяц назад
This actually looks promising
LeeJ2512 1 месяц назад
God damn Mark Hamill is in true form as the Joker again, sounds identical to the Batman Animated Series, especially the laugh at the end.
Jonathan Campbell 1 месяц назад
Is this Show on Cartoon Network or Netflix? If So, When does it come on?
SuperComicNerd 1 месяц назад
what you talking about it is on this friday at 6pm for an hour?
Понихейтер Епифанцев 1 месяц назад
Jonathan Campbell on CN in 2017 in USA Already airing in Europe
I love this! Finally a modern day super hero cartoon I can show my 10 year old nephew!
Hyena Studios 1 месяц назад
Lol! ok, I won't lie-it does take me back to my days watching Superfriends!
Hyena Studios 1 месяц назад
Brett Bailey Boi
Brett Bailey 1 месяц назад
Sure, your nephew
Spoon Dude 1 месяц назад
Just from what I've seen, it's a bit childish and cartoony compared to the DCAU, but the voice acting is on point. The animation has a nice look to it. This looks like the type of show a family could enjoy (mostly the kids) but it's not juvenile or childish to the point of insulting or treating children like idiots (cough Teen Titans Go and Ultimate Spider-Man cough cough). Again though I haven't watch this.
8Rincewind 6 дней назад
+Spoon Dude it is entirely possible that my age determined how I received the humour. But even watching it now it just doesn't feel like he's being all that funny or having fun with his job; but maybe that's because I watched Ultimate Spider Mand before rewatching TAS. I'm not to fussed about Ultimate Spider Man being cancelled. It was something I would watch to kill time to get my fix of Super Hero TV with good action. I'd stopped watching it anyway, maybe sometime I'll watch the remaining episodes but I'm not massively fussed.
Spoon Dude 7 дней назад
8Rincewind That's fair I guess. I personally had a different experience with Spider-Man TAS and I always found his quips enjoyable and humorous. Perhaps it was just the age you watched it compared to when I watched it? Idk though. But still, glad you enjoy Ultimate Spiderman, I know there is a (fairly vocal) group of people who do. Curious, what are your thoughts on its cancellation and being replaced by a new show this summer?
mattwo7 7 дней назад
I personally liked Ultimate Spider-Man myself in spite of the occasional talking down (which was never on the same level as TTG, honestly TTG was WAAAAAAY worse about this) , I've even heard people say that it developed the character of Flash Thompson better than Spectacular Spider-Man, which I still need to get around to watching.
8Rincewind 7 дней назад
+Spoon Dude I did enjoy Spider-Man The Animated Series and it was fun. But I don't remember ever thinking, wow Spider-Man is clever / witty / funny / full of quips (though I doubt I would have known the word quips back then). Spider-Man just seemed like a cool superhero who had a slightly dorky persona as Peter Parker but otherwise he was just out and about punching bad guys. Watching it back now there are the odd quips here and there but any humour that's present is typically quite dry. Like mostly it seemed to be jokes about bad things like him bemoaning Just another day in the life of Spider Man. sort of thing. In contrast in Ultimate Spider Man it feels like he's having fun. He makes puns and insults and jokes all the way through his fights as well as the Why is it always me? kind of humour. In The Animated Series it felt like jokes against his enemies were a rarity and when they did happen they were tactical. Ultimate Spider Man would sometimes use humour to distract his enemies or enrage them but it was also just part of his fun easy going spirit. TAS was enjoyable and still is to a fair extent. Perhaps Spider Man in TAS was more easy-going and funny than I remember. I just know that as a child watching TAS it never occurred to me that Spider Man enjoyed what he was doing and made fun and jokes of his enemies. To me Spider Man just seemed like a version of Batman that wore red and swung around the city [I was wrong but that was my impression] both characters seemed entirely serious and all about the action. Maybe the humour in Ultimate Spider Man is more than what's in the comics I just found it refreshing to see a character that's having fun. On a related note is Dick Grayson (or any of the other Robins) supposed to be fun-loving and witty? In Batman TAS he was in college so understandably was a bit more grown up and more serious [hence when I was younger I thought that was how Robin always was]. However in The Batman Dick and Barbara are both kids who will get the job done but will make jokes and have fun while doing it. Likewise in Young Justice Dick seemed to have fun and a sense of humour; same might be able to be said for Teen Titans.
Markese Smith 1 месяц назад
why is cn bullshitin again this was supposed to come out N September
Danny Prasil 1 месяц назад
it did for uk
James Kelly 1 месяц назад
wow this actually looks.goood?!??!
icyhugs 1 месяц назад
Is that Wally or Barry???????????????
eldest808 1 день назад
icyhugs 1 месяц назад
Wally had that outfit in the cimics as well as the JL cartoon. But sadly Barry took it all away from him after the Flash Rebirth and New 52. Wally was the Flash when I grew up. Just like how Kyle Rayner was the GL of my high school years.
Falkaisis 1 месяц назад
It's actually Barry Allen. In all of the latest incarnations of Barry as The Flash, his suit has taken on the belt style of Wally's. Besides, considering that The Flash is Barry Allen in all current form of DC (comics, shows, movies, etc.) they won't change it to Wally. It would be confusing for newer audiences who mostly know Barry as The Flash.
the jlfan119 1 месяц назад
I doubt it, I mean, the only time Wally was the Flash in the DCAU was when Barry was dead in the comics, and right now Barry is alive, not to mention he is the Justice League founder Flash.
TheDogvader 1 месяц назад
Yesssss Wally's my fav
Captain Roy 1 месяц назад
How did you get this? The show hasn't come out yet
Captain Roy 1 месяц назад
+Bernardo Sanchez kk
Bernardo Sanchez 1 месяц назад
Captain Roy JlA has been released in the UK.
Kade Yager 1 месяц назад
This show is really good.
Modesto 9 часов назад
+Makareno94 Apparently it's Barry, shame, I much prefer Wally. Either way, not keen on the voice actor.
Makareno94 10 часов назад
There was already green lantern that was for sure Hal Jordan, and not John Steward. Wikipedia saying this is Barry Allen (he sounds more like a geek, which is good for Barry) and this is btw Charlie Schlatter
Makareno94 10 часов назад
. are we sure this is Wally West? I mean yes design is from Wally West but this is not first time, they gave Barry fucking white eyes even dou he didn't had them in any comic (except for 2015 new 52)
Modesto 10 часов назад
+Makareno94 This Flash is Wally West, who's been portrayed best by Michael Rosenbaum and Jason Spisak, the voice actor that I heard in this video sounded like a recurring character off Family Guy.
Makareno94 18 часов назад
Well u see. this is probably different Flash. since we got Hal and right now in comics flash is Barry Allen. Main Flash. Wally West is also back as the Flash but now in Titans
WorldGamesUA 1 месяц назад