DIY: $20 At Home Hair Balayage/Ombre Tutorial

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DIY:  $20 At Home Hair Balayage/Ombre Tutorial

Sometimes when I need a small change in my hair color, I like to DIY to save time and money. You feel me on that right? ;) I hope you enjoy this video and I can't wait to see your finished looks! Disclaimer: I am not a hair professional, so please be careful when trying this at home :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK SITE SNAPCHAT @itsashbrooke --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS INQUIRIES Feel free to send me mail WeWork (CO Reediculous Media) 54 West 40th St New York, NY 10018

Comments to the video: DIY: $20 At Home Hair Balayage/Ombre Tutorial

Rebecca Durst 1 month ago
This is such a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! ❤️
Anaysa 1 month ago
Just wondering do u have to go over already bleached ends? If I leave these parts to avoid further damage will I get the same result?
Pooja Rahi 2 months ago
Great video! Can you please mention the product details in the description?
100SmilesAway 3 months ago
You could play a young Chloe Decker in Lucifer
Saira sandoval 3 months ago
So umm. I did this. results not so great :\ I promise you I have blonde, orange and brown colors in my hair now :(
Mary Collins 3 months ago
Why nobody ever give tips on how to do the back of the hair
Lpg 8 3 months ago
Wow! Love the view, can't imagine waking up to that everyday. Jesse James Decker has the same video, I think she calls it honey dippin. Very good technique, I think I'll try it for lowlights.  Good for you, great job!
jazzmietze 4 months ago
I have always wondered: How do you make sure that the section you apply the bleach on first lifts to the same lightness as the one you apply the bleach to last? I am always terrified when I do it and feel like I need to really rush, when really, as an inexperienced person, one should take their time, right? Anyone who can help me understand?
Jessica Hill 5 months ago
Did this today after watching your video. Worked perfectly. I, too, have issues with my hair taking highlights and dye. I used the clairol frost and tip ultra precise for dark blonde to medium brown hair.
Els Bells 5 months ago
THIS VID!! I did my first DIY balayage using this video over a year ago. Since then, I have gotten more adventurous with my DIY hair colouring and currently am enjoying my DIY pink balayage. Thanks for this! <3
Juju Adnan 7 months ago
Chicago Blue 7 months ago
You go girl! Keep it real, affordable and Beautiful 😏 if we can save money 🙌
The B Family 8 months ago
Please use gloves next time. Bleach on your skin can do some serious damage.
Kristy and Patronus 8 months ago
Thank you, this is really helpful!
Lizbeth Galeno 8 months ago
Can you do this on dyed hair? I've heard terrible things about using bleach on box dyed hair.
Katherine H. 8 months ago
As a control freak about my hair, the idea of placing my own baylayage sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing this!
김엘라 9 months ago
Does this work for a dark hair? My hair is naturally dark almost black color, but I colored it and it lightens a bit but it still pretty dark. So would this work without bleach?
Amaru 10 months ago
hey! im watching this today so i wanted to ask u guys something, is it better to balayage your hair with a hair dye or just bleach it???? i mean, does it really works doing it with hair dye? my hair color is the same as hers. if so, which blonde should i use, i dont want it to be brassy
Mohammad shayan 1 year ago
Tel name pls
Mohammad shayan 1 year ago
What you use
Hcnsj Ncnnsan 1 year ago
Is this highlight color or just regular box dye?!?!?
Meriam Mahipos 1 year ago
You’re so beautiful
Julia Henderson 1 year ago
ouch why would you not wear gloves.
ayse calik 1 year ago
The person who dyed my hair did a really bad job and also cut my hair really really bad, i really want to try this out but because the cut my hair really bad i'm really thinking that it will not turn out that good :( right now i'm really taming vitamin pills biotine and trying out hair jazz shampoo to really fasten the growth of my hair!! I really hope it will grow fast so i can try this out on my OWN!!! Not another stupid hair salon that ruines my hair ugh
Kayla Maglalang 1 year ago
How does this look on brown hair? I have brown hair and have died it before but it’s more a light brown now , I love this but I’m scared to get heavy orange 😩
victoria renteria 1 year ago
Thanks! Had excellent results. Natural and cool.
Kerry Flores 1 year ago
Thank you for the video! I am about to try it myself for the first time. I bought All Over Color and Highlights by Loreal, so we'll see it comes out. :-)
Joanna Flores 1 year ago
It came out so so beautiful. ❤
Christine Carey 1 year ago
Well done! Thank you!!
Shahalie Doe 1 year ago
Wow you’re gorgeous!
K M 1 year ago
girl you need to wear gloves! That is bleach, super toxic!
Isabella Guzman 1 year ago
LMAO I thought the thumbnail was Laura lee
Adriana Sero 1 year ago
Aisling Dunne 1 year ago
If it is your first time would you recommend doing more strands of hair because you already had your hair bleached a bit? How much of my hair do i cover? X
hhst kit._ 1 year ago
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ ᴄᴀʟʟᴇᴅ?
Alenaa Xx 1 year ago
What products did you use
Carrianne Photography 1 year ago
fantastic video!! We used the exact same technique and same product after watching this video.and the results were perfect.thanks!!!
Diana xo 1 year ago
Would this work with the other Frost & tip the highlight one?
abigailann94 1 year ago
How can I do balayage look wit out bleaching my hair?? My hair is a dark brown color so im not sure the blonde will catch
Zohra 1 year ago
how long did she leave it in for?
Shaveta 1401 1 year ago
Which song is playing in the background???I luv it😍I love her hair video too😘
Tania Ferrao 1 year ago
You're so pretty
Flindo BK 1 year ago
This is the simple way to do balayage I've ever found on YouTube
Klaudia Karmona 1 year ago
I just fucked up my expensive hair (i say expensive because Ive been going to a high end salon for my balyage and Ive spent sooo much money) to top it off I have a chistening to go to this weekend. Thank god I watched this im going to do this asap.
Shan08rtts 1 year ago
can this be done even if my end are super dark?
Yasmin Samara 1 year ago
About to do this & hope I don’t fuck it up 🙂
eunrod4 1 year ago
I think I’m going to try it. I was kinda scared but after seeing your video I’m going to give it a shot. 😁😁
catteleya D 1 year ago
can anyone recommend me a good colour or bleach if i have quite dark brown hair
san o 1 year ago
I'm doing this today. I hope I don't mess my hair up
Jenna Wilmore 11 months ago
tae's Not Not NO kookie's oh myan holy shit plssss tell me how u went !!! i just got my hair done at the salon asking for this and legit they just gave me highlights. i rlly wanna fix it
Spicy McNugget 1 year ago
Should I use tinfoil when doing this or just leave it bare? Someone please help me!
lina ott 1 year ago
When you put this less bleach on your hair it won't work and as you can see it didn't really do anything
Natalia N 1 year ago
What’s the outro song??
CeeCee Nunya 11 months ago
Sounds like John Mayer.
CeeCee Nunya 11 months ago
Free Fallin' by Tom Petty, but it's a cover.
Lorena Gaspar 1 year ago
Ficou lindo Vou fazer em meu cabelo
Edith Blanch 1 year ago
It was so hard to listen to her voice.
Carol Bonsignore-Kitchen 1 year ago
Can you bayalage nearer to the root? I'm trying to grow my gray out and camouflage with highlights.
Maria Hernandez 1 year ago
What would You Recommend for Very dark Brown Hair ?
Victoria Severson 1 year ago
she keeps calling it hair color but im pretty sure its bleach.
Prila Brelian 1 year ago
Will it work on unbkeached hair?
5 San 1 year ago
Looks super cute!!!
Brittany Frederick 1 year ago
Off subject. What song are we listening to lol.
Emilie Brunet 1 year ago
How did you do the back of your head?
a 1 year ago
So what kind of product did you use? Is it color with lifting abilities or just bleach or just color? Sorry, I'm not a professional nor have I ever done hair
Maggie 1 year ago
So I think my hair might be worse at bleaching than yours! Lol I bought exactly the same box, left the bleach on for waaay too long and my strands were only a shade lighter than my natural hair.
audrina valencia 1 year ago
She's so pretty. imma try this tonight !
rocio landaverde 1 year ago
Itd be nice if you posted what we needa boy on the description section
Christianne MacIntyre 1 year ago
Hi there. Great tutorial. Question on the hair dye : do you know of any Balayage kits that are Cruelty-Free ? Thanks.
Bee Lee 1 year ago
ok. can anyone here in the comments help a sista out? ive never colored my hair & need guidance. my natural hair color is a light brown/auburn color with some natural golden highlights. i want to add some more super natural & subtle golden highlights. how should i go about doing this? what products do i need t purchase? any help is appreciated :)
Vanessa D 1 year ago
I went to go buy this last night going to try it tonight
frescato1 1 year ago
I just made disaster to my hair and I'm waiting for the results 🐸
Amy Lopez 1 year ago
girl use gloves
Dakota Leigh 1 year ago
This is amazing. Thank you!
Anastasia Gram 1 year ago
Ashley, good job! can you tell me the products that you used?
Doritos ??? 1 year ago
Can I just not do the tips but the whole hair I’m a guy please respond
Omababydoll 1 year ago
Thank you I did this and it came out beautiful.
Victoria de Chazal 1 year ago
I love ur hair omg
María Bebito 1 year ago
Please people do this with globes. My hands got super dry 😂
Stephanie Magana 1 year ago
I really want to try this but did you put the bleach on all the ends?
Whispering Feline ASMR 1 year ago
great video!
Daisymagi 1 year ago
GREAT JOB and Looks Fabulous !!!
Jamie Hayes 1 year ago
What if u have dark brown hair
Kateřina Klimánková 1 year ago
thank you , this is sooo good ! ;-)
Hannah Dee 1 year ago
Sierrasaurus Rex 1 year ago
I tried this on my hair and it looks like I went to a pro. This technique works so well!
alys_thewilted 1 year ago
id be nice if i could FUCKING WATCH THE VIDEO without it BUFFERING EVERY FOUR SECONDS (i counted)
bean 1 year ago
You sound like kourtney Kardashian. (That sounded rude but I didn't mean it to be rude)
Stellar Star 7 months ago
lynn that's why I don't like her voice! Now I get it.
Leah Farshid 8 months ago
cee rose 1 year ago
no she doesn’t
Angel Nguyen 1 year ago
kate oh my goodness! She does! Lol I love Kourtney!
Dessy Dharma Luqman 1 year ago
That sounded rude but I didn't mean it to be rude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anahita Hassanzade 1 year ago
my natural hair colour is black,any recommendations on how can I make this blonde/light brown colour work on my dark hair?what steps do i need to do first?
PlanetJackie 1 year ago
it's bleach, not color (just sayin')
Barbie Figueroa 1 year ago
It looks so natural! Love it!
Ody M 1 year ago
I hope mine stays as nice as yours ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I am going to try it ! Let’s see !
Sarah Armstrong 1 year ago
Definitely be careful doing this. Mine turned orange 🙃
Elisabetta Engler 1 year ago
Alainna 1 year ago
if I bought the same hair dye and used it on virgin hair, would it turn out the same?
Jennifer Rodrigues 1 year ago
how long was this left on? once u finished putting it on
K6 1 year ago
Balayage is the same as ombre. Douche bags want to be famous for these dumass names. It should be called. Oh are you growing out your blonde? Because thats what it looks like.
1. 7K 1 year ago
Mine turned out so ugly it is orange it looks horrible
Hgke Gjejwick 1 year ago
I'm new at learning how to do highlights from YouTube tutorials. So, my question is what color and brand were you using in this video?
Dianah H. Carrillo 1 year ago
what hair color is your hair ???
Haley Hernandez 1 year ago
Ugh I wanna do this but I'm tan and I think I'll look ugly ☹
Tamara Okun 1 year ago
Great video. I've been doing this myself for a while and it's really cool to see someone finally make a good video to share with everyone. Nice job!
Angelica Haler 1 year ago
Would u make ur mouth shut and make it not here to listen im here to watch