The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

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The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

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Comments to the video: The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

Freddy Thornton 2 часа назад
just a white guyyyyyy 
miss kristiansen 11 часов назад
Omg zacks shirt 💜
Gwen Nichols 1 день назад
Do a collaboration video with ladylike!
Jacquelyn Simmons 1 день назад
Love that by the end of it Zach is half sprawled over Eugene
Teddy Smit 1 день назад
I want to be friends with Keith
Josie King 2 дня назад
Zacks shirt omfg I'm dyinggg 😂
WastingTime 2 дня назад
Eugene with the wine? Same Eugene
winnie_da _poo 4 дня назад
it could swallow worlds. 
Pat Mar 4 дня назад
If i'm not wrong, Ned didn't mention his wife when checking the prostate.
Miguela Xuereb 4 дня назад
Eugene: Zach were you actually afraid of being hit? Zach: YES!! 
Brandy Anglin 4 дня назад
here's to many more years to u all.
Abby Tamer 4 дня назад
Try guys try hunger games
Nikko Nikole 4 дня назад
i used to be like omg Eugene is i just love Zach he's so cute
Stacey Crafts 4 дня назад
Oh my gosh they started this series on the anniversary of 911
8bit and Patches 5 дней назад
Please make it to 200 vids!!!!
Lotus Blossom 5 дней назад
I wonder what the highest requested video is.
Mallory Hayes 5 дней назад
Pink Candi 6 дней назад
They're just so good all together. OML KEITHS EATABLE LINGERIE 😂
Pure.Cocoa. Beauty 7 дней назад
Awwwww I love you guys
Mystery Unknown 7 дней назад
Try guys are awesome!!! Made me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine
Lesly Garnica 7 дней назад
They are so funny and I love Zac , 😍💙
Billie Burra 7 дней назад
kelly shultz 7 дней назад
Zack is adorable, by far my favorite Try Guy. I mean who else do you know that would walk around with a t-shirt with their own face plastered on it? he's literally a guy version of me lol
Theresa Orlandella 7 дней назад
I didn't even realize until I did a Try Guys marathon that the little video game Try Guys that show up are wearing the Extreme Swimsuits from one of the episodes
TropicSplashandfriends 8 дней назад
The try guys should do the really scary haunted house where they're aloud to touch you and torture you without hurting you
Ciara Friel 8 дней назад
It all began on my birthday!
June B 8 дней назад
love you guys!
Nn123498765 9 дней назад
Ashleah McComb 10 дней назад
tiny nerd I will call Zach that from now on he is adorable
Bonnie Howell 10 дней назад
Love you guys, been watching since the beginning.
FallattheChemicalPilots 27 10 дней назад
The only reason I watch buzzfeed. whoops
Giuliana Baltodano 10 дней назад
I love that at 5:36 he is wearing a Costa Rica hat
Galxeh OA 10 дней назад
I love the Try guys
Diana Garcia 10 дней назад
Annemarie is a Meme 11 дней назад
is zack seriously wearing a shirt of hi,self
Megan Anderson 11 дней назад
I kinda have a crush on Zach tbh
Kyla Potter 11 дней назад
I am super curious to know if Eugene is part of Lgtbq+ PLEASE LET ME KNOW thank you :)
Jennifer Hernandez 11 дней назад
I love Eugene! But he makes me wonder what's his relationship status?
Maria Centeno 11 дней назад
I've watched this video a million times and I just noticed that Zack is wearing a shirt of himself
miracledoubtfire 13 дней назад
i don't know what i would do if they broke up :(
Aidan Dugan 13 дней назад
I own a clitoris and I don't even know where on me it's located lol
Eca Boots 13 дней назад
* Intently watches Eugene the whole time and wonders why he isn't my boyfriend oh right I'm 14*
ya girl Kylie 13 дней назад
Aha I totally didn't cry tho ahahaha
paris v 13 дней назад
Tangerine 14 дней назад
so, uhh, eugene's said boner in the ufc fighting vid is confirmed not a boner.
Nina 14 дней назад
they're all reminiscing about the past two years and how much fun they've had and I'm here like oh crap i wasted two years watching buzzfeed videos
Jenna Lee 14 дней назад
Awwwe this is too sweet. I love these guys so much lol
MG Epps 14 дней назад
You guys are incredible❤️ one of my favorite groups of people in the world! Never stop making people smile!!
Mary Udomah 14 дней назад
I never saw the Korean drama one D: Now I gotta see it.
Cheesus Crust 14 дней назад
does that dude have a mangina?? 0:19-0:20
Elaine Willemstein 15 дней назад
wait is zack wearing a shirt with his own face on it
Elaine Willemstein 15 дней назад
Tihana 15 дней назад
Eugene - look at the big boner i had Me - damn 
Ahtlolevad10x21 15 дней назад
Try Guys ride horses
noa cohen 15 дней назад
oh my God Eugene and Ned are so cute
LEE BODADA 16 дней назад
start your own channel try guys
Black Widow 16 дней назад
'The Try Guys Recreate Yaoi Fan Fictions'
TacoCactusComedy 16 дней назад
ned is i guess the married guy
Morgan Willits 16 дней назад
At 9:03 you can see the smiley face on his butt 😂😂
Annie Swink 16 дней назад
i wish the try guys had their own channel lol i would subscribe so hard
tinni ktk 17 дней назад
if I had a penny for every time Ned would mention his wife I would make a small loan of million dollars
My Random Life 17 дней назад
I know i saw this when it came out but Whose watching this in 2017
Midnight Gaming 17 дней назад
This was posted on my B-Day!
Gianna Fernandez 17 дней назад
How are we not commenting on the need of 200 videos? That is everyone's dream here
Kiyomi Suzuki 17 дней назад
Just a white guy 😂😂🤜🏻🤛🏻🤣
Kiyomi Suzuki 17 дней назад
Wtf is zach wearing.?
EmilylimE 17 дней назад
Did you guys know that Eugene is actually the oldest try guy and not Ned?!
Justin Tran 17 дней назад
when zac started talking near the end and it showed a little montage made me a little emotional
Just Raphie 17 дней назад
Bo3 CAMPER!! 18 дней назад
Ahhhhh!! It's like a Condom for my head!!
Jonathan Austen's 18 дней назад
I wish I had friends like this 😔
{ Ashlie } 18 дней назад
We all started watching the tryguys because of Eugene, but after really observing the personalities of Keith, Ned, and Zach; Eugene is nothing without the three of them. Zach is my fav doe
Meha Srivastav 18 дней назад
EmilylimE 18 дней назад
Am I the only person that likes Zach the best BY FAR?!?!
Kaylee Hogness 18 дней назад
I am subscribed to this channel purely for the Try Guys videos. Every once in a while I see something else that I think is cool but I originally subscribed to this channel for this series and this series only.
i am hungry 18 дней назад
Get yourself a ned
Hooded Slender 19 дней назад
I want to see the try guys try color guard. If they can do drag, I'm confident they can do guard.
golrokh nasihatkon 19 дней назад
omg !!!! you guys are the best love you all !!!!
James Fillmore3 19 дней назад
Ur funny
James Fillmore3 19 дней назад
Ur welcome
Aj Hancock 19 дней назад
Aj Hancock 19 дней назад
Eugene mmmmm
RachelPlays Beyblade (unboxingandcookin) 19 дней назад
is eugene gay
Parris Cowherd 19 дней назад
look at zacks face at 10 secs
TheJediMonkey 19 дней назад
I like when Eugene put a hole in the boat
Howling Painter 20 дней назад
Is it just me or would you marry ugine
PhilWillMakeYøuHøwell 20 дней назад
omg i forgot about eugenes old hair
Mysti Kong 20 дней назад
ah, that time they were afraid to show themselves in underwear.
Zoë Yandere 20 дней назад
Am I the clitorous? Literally my favorite buzzfeed moment of all time.
Leah_RBLX 19 дней назад
Lets be honest Eugine is the only sexy and cute one. Lets be honest keith and ned are funny.
Jessica Rodriguez 20 дней назад
More try guy vids please?!!!
My1Emma 20 дней назад
Zach and Keith could be twins.
coolpuppy “coolpuppygaming” gaming 20 дней назад
BUZZFEED PLEASE LET THE TRY GUYS HAVE THERE OWN CHANNEL they would have millions of subscribers
Beth Green 20 дней назад
Slay slay slay
Julie garcia 20 дней назад
Tiny nerd 😂😂😂😂😂
Pusheen Plays 20 дней назад
ill always remember Eugene as the i tucked dude
Pusheen Plays 20 дней назад
And ned as the wife lover.:/ lol (ω )
Jasmine Poon 20 дней назад
What's the song during the 8-bit animation parts?
I am Lady B 21 день назад
Eugene is still my fav
Kaliyanei Barrios 21 день назад
The Asian one is the best XD