The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

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The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

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Comments to the video: The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

Pooja Kothandaraman 3 часа назад
Same, Ned. Clit Zach is my favourite Zach, too.
Jo Murphy 12 часов назад
Aw, we like yiz.
Vlogger Girl 16 часов назад
Seeing your friends get hurt is so. delightful Said -Eugene- wait what! Zack never says things like that- that is Eugenes job
Meerschweinchen416 1 день назад
Where is the rest? Still waiting for the coming soon videos. We had the bald heads but what about the other videos?
Rae Man 1 день назад
The Try Guys were born on my birthday and I think that's great. High fives all around fellas. c:
Samantha Moore 1 день назад
Lets all make a Keith face 😂I can't be the only one that had to pause the video because i was laughing so much
Maya Enriquez 1 день назад
I just noticed Zach's shirt
Carrie Lopez 1 день назад
I can't get anything done because I can't stop watching Try Guy vids.
fatmah ahmad 1 день назад
love you guys 😃
Lara Guerrero 2 дня назад
this is the sweetest
Xx_Smol_Bean _xX 2 дня назад
Asian guy, Tall guy with glasses, Tiny Nerd, Just a White guy
Tierra Ellis 3 дня назад
I never realized the simulating birth video was on my birthday, how ironic xD
Lunafish the pickle 3 дня назад
Zach looks like gloomgames boyfriend and my uncle
I love you guys!!! FriendshipGoalsAF
jhs517 4 дня назад
So basically Eugene is the only one out of the closet? My gaydar is going off big time about all of them.
Reckster Coolcat 4 дня назад
UGH THEY HAVE GONE SO FAR XD I just love them they need a TRYitFeed lol idk a name but their own little channel I'll sub XD
Wesley Western 4 дня назад
Ned is my absolute favorite
Stella P 4 дня назад
did anyone else realize Zach is wearing a t-shirt of himself??
Lylou Lacroix 4 дня назад
Blind offering disease peel onto gasoline bird greet mode.
Đặng Yên 5 дней назад
edible lingerie!!?
VAMPIRE3364 5 дней назад
Jeejee Jojo 5 дней назад
I always watch your videos
kim oanh Pham 6 дней назад
*Sees picture of Eugene *clicks
Reem Alhaddad 6 дней назад
Well i have been watching buzzfeed for 3 years
Sparkles&Glitter 7 дней назад
If I could get a guy that has the looks of Eugene, the funniness of Keith, and the adorableness of Zach, I would marry him on the spot.
E. Queen 7 дней назад
VYDZER 7 дней назад
Isn't it weird that they probably filmed this on 9/11?
Anudrutta Fouzdar 8 дней назад
Thanks guys! :)
GreenMMs100 8 дней назад
And get colonics
GreenMMs100 8 дней назад
Try Guys needs it's own channel, dedicated to trying stuff
Cristina G 8 дней назад
I love you guys😂😂
Jewel Huston 8 дней назад
The Asian One Tall Guy With Glasses Tiny Nerd AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST A White Guy
Benjamin Bowkett 8 дней назад
How is Eugene so perfect
Yudit Potato 8 дней назад
DoodleDove 9 дней назад
Eugene cant be straight. right?
whitee Rose 9 дней назад
i miss you still hugs wonderful day. 😘😘😘😘😘
Alex Aaronheart 10 дней назад
Shari Eydelman 10 дней назад
Yeah they should
OREO Chloe 10 дней назад
They were worried about showing them selves wearing under wear, BUT THEY SHOWED THEIR BUTTS!
OREO Chloe 10 дней назад
ThI thumb nail looked like they were not wearing any pants.
Madame Misty 11 дней назад
Are we sure Eugene isn't gay
The Dude 11 дней назад
7:42 literally everybody in America thought about 9/11, including them xD
Kay Howell 12 дней назад
Gerda Varskeviciute 13 дней назад
I love you try guys you are awasome (all of you)💝
Kickboxer Millee 14 дней назад
Eugene The hot one Keith The funny guy Zack the nerd Ned The wife obsessed one Xxxx
Melanie Stark 14 дней назад
i love them. <3 !!
Kixeee 14 дней назад
Nobody knew Ned back then 😂 Just a white guy.
Kelvy Lam 15 дней назад
we love you try guys!
Faro Kak Ros 16 дней назад
I thaught ned had a wife 😶
Natalie Ramses 16 дней назад
he does
Felinephant 16 дней назад
Eugene damn
Ava Brooks 18 дней назад
Stephen Phillips 19 дней назад
Damn it I need friends xD
Sophie Lovely 19 дней назад
High key ship Ned/Eugene and Zack/Keith. Making ship names: Nugene and Zeith!!!!
Sophie Lovely 19 дней назад
Sophie Lovely 19 дней назад
Friendly neighborhood Fashionista 55 19 дней назад
Love you guys try guys for every
Ana Bia Tavares 19 дней назад
Oh, I love Zach so much!! Sometimes I watch videos just because of him <3
Kittie Howard 20 дней назад
Asian guy , tall guy with glasses, tiny nerd, just a white guy.
Jimi Bean 21 день назад
How great would it be if they had their own channel?
Rainbow Bacon 21 день назад
Has anyone started on that 30 minute montage yet?
Elin Clavero 21 день назад
Before I knew their names, I remembered them as: -The asian one -The tall one with glasses - The short one with glasses - The married guy
Emily Cucci 22 дня назад
At 9:29 who has a smiley face tattooed on their butt?
Kayla Schurer 22 дня назад
you guys made me decide I want pizza later lol , good video
Lauren Pathe 23 дня назад
This is what I knew them as. Eugene - The Asian one Keith - The weird one Zach - The hairy one Ned - The pale one
HACKZ_ 9000 25 дней назад
Why is this gay
Angels Amnesia 25 дней назад
I love how Eugene goes: I didn't wanna hurt you and then they show him punching Zach in the back of the head.😂
Tina Abellanosa 25 дней назад
i agree
aslyn villeda 25 дней назад
sept 12 is my birthday!!!!
Lucía RamGim 25 дней назад
You should try latin amarican food!!
ひたちいんひかる 25 дней назад
I believe people would call Eugene 'the hot one' also.
KittenGoddess 26 дней назад
Keith vomiting in the ocean Zack would a glow stick make you feel better?
Cameron Kuriger 26 дней назад
7:25 it is actually scientifically proven that women have a 10 times high pain tolerance then men
Clorox Bleach the Feminazi 26 дней назад
Omg September 12 is my birthday!!!
Clorox Bleach the Feminazi 26 дней назад
Keith is my favorite. Anybody else??
Sam Vacca 27 дней назад
Omg there 2 year anniversary is on my birthday 😂😂
Ciara Rosalee 27 дней назад
I love how they all know the I don't know what to do with my hands.
Dani Francis 27 дней назад
I want to bite Eugene's bottom. :3
AverieMc 27 дней назад
❤️ you guys
MISS MARKIPLIER 28 дней назад
The koren drama thing was made one day after my birthday
Riley Bowers 28 дней назад
They should do try guys try WWE fighting. Just a thought
Pikmin Tailor 29 дней назад
My favorite moment was when they were on the life raft and one of them pulled out a knife because there was a shark, then slipped and cut the boat open, then everyone was screaming while the tall glasses guy was just throwing up in the back
zymmot10 735 30 дней назад
I would say it was the best moment when zack said omgaaaaaaaaad I'm da cliteris
sydney4911 30 дней назад
Try guys get a colonoscopy - from prep to waking up farting afterwards.
Natalia Bolivar 30 дней назад
i looove theeeem. i would like them to by my friends 😂😂
Karen Martinez 30 дней назад
folklorico !!!!!¡
Sally Rasmussen 1 месяц назад
Zach is still the most beautiful try guy 😍
Chelsea Laws 1 месяц назад
Love these guys!
Freddy Thornton 1 месяц назад
just a white guyyyyyy
miss kristiansen 1 месяц назад
Omg zacks shirt 💜
Gwen Nichols 1 месяц назад
Do a collaboration video with ladylike!
Jacquelyn Simmons 1 месяц назад
Love that by the end of it Zach is half sprawled over Eugene
Teddy Smit 1 месяц назад
I want to be friends with Keith
Josie King 1 месяц назад
Zacks shirt omfg I'm dyinggg 😂
WastingTime 1 месяц назад
Eugene with the wine? Same Eugene
winnie_da _poo 1 месяц назад
it could swallow worlds.
Pat Laurel 1 месяц назад
If i'm not wrong, Ned didn't mention his wife when checking the prostate.
Miguela Xuereb 1 месяц назад
Eugene: Zach were you actually afraid of being hit? Zach: YES!!
Brandy Anglin 1 месяц назад
here's to many more years to u all.