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Фрагмент с начала видео MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

Фрагмент с средины видео MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

Фрагмент с конца видео MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

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Comments to the video: MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

Emma Stallings 6 часов назад
Oh my gosh Shane has a huge mouth!!!!
uni - pig 9 часов назад
pewdiepies had 20+ million subscribers added since this video
uni - pig 9 часов назад
Rachel W 12 часов назад
lmfao when u watch an old vid and die when he says he's straight
Brittney Herrly 20 часов назад
Are you out? What? Like come on lol
Isabelle Poll 1 день назад
funny to watch this now when we know hes bi
Sophie O 1 день назад
coming back later and just thinking, Willam called it 😂
FireyCurls22 1 день назад
I think it's sweet Willam went along with it, not forcing shane out cuz she could tell he want ready to face that
Jessica Ramsay 2 дня назад
You should went to go see a friend. And see how they would react
lauren 2 дня назад
the straight thing omg
XCupCakeX 2 дня назад
Did anyone else think he looked like Chucky's wife from bride of Chucky!
AibattFlyff 3 дня назад
4:47 😂😂
milkinelle 3 дня назад
Ursula? Is that you?
Anna-Leah S 3 дня назад
Remember how annoyed she was with twaimz
Static Rainbow 3 дня назад
You didn't even LOOK like Shane. What the fuckkk
Nosy Bitch 4 дня назад
Bitch you have no right making fun of anything looking like that
Emily Montanez 5 дней назад
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm straight
MyNamesMildred 5 дней назад
'Phan bing bing' idk why but I laughed so much at this. I love Willam
Eudaemonius MarkII 6 дней назад
I'm Britney, Bitch!
rct3 creations 6 дней назад
Bitch looks like derrick berry 😂😂😂
rct3 creations 6 дней назад
Manuel Mercado 6 дней назад
are u gay? yesno
Kyler C 7 дней назад
Why is YouTube not working
DiabolicFeedz 7 дней назад
i love your makeup.
Stitches Girl 7 дней назад
I feel so bad that Shane wasn't out yet
Jungkooks Wifeu 7 дней назад
Shane lowkey looking like Derick Berry.
Rainbow Bacon 7 дней назад
forest lyrics 7 дней назад
Did this bitch just say he was straight
Alyxandrea Peregrine 8 дней назад
Shane looked like the Tiffany doll from Bride of Chucky lol
makiea rodriquez 8 дней назад
he looked like Urssa from the little mirmaid
ADRIANA CRIGGER 9 дней назад
Sloth Gaming 9 дней назад
Shane baby all I can say is Cortney Act. But Willem you look gorgeous 😍
Brooke M 9 дней назад
Kirsty alley
Safe Vegetable 9 дней назад
Now that he's gay can they please date and do a collab video react video thanks.
ari seeburger 10 дней назад
go to 4:47 i lost my head lol
Holli Dolli05 10 дней назад
Are u straight 😂😂
The Dude 11 дней назад
5:13 In person you're hideous! xD
Hammy Face 11 дней назад
I love Willam sm
Peter Pan Take Me To Neverland 12 дней назад
Shane like like Dolly Parton and Bride of Chunky
Butchie Sexton 12 дней назад
Kirstie alley
Phan Is Aesthetic 12 дней назад
are you out? I uh what? are you- oh are you straight yeah he got sO NERVOUS
Alisha Francis 12 дней назад
Age of consent in the U.K. is 16
FelicityTheDragoness 12 дней назад
willam is comfortable with shane not like how he was with joey willam wanted to chokeslam joey
Yasub Valencia 13 дней назад
Omg haha she did a good comeback to rescue her you're not out yet? She's an actress haha
I dunno. 13 дней назад
Okay but going back. you can tell how happy Shane is now much love darlin <3
audrey wynn 13 дней назад
You look like Paula Deen before her loved ones confronted her about her meth addiction
shen_gonzales 1405 14 дней назад
He looks like derrick berry doing his brows for he first time
My chemical Fall out 14 дней назад
I'm straight pfftt 😂
Crafty Wolf Cub 14 дней назад
I love drag queens
Jess Willner 14 дней назад
Is willam a girl or a boy?
Leah Boo 15 дней назад
I love this
lemon nomel 15 дней назад
Mrs. Kasha Davis?
Frerard's Child 16 дней назад
William's gaydar was on fleek that time
Blaze Goodman 16 дней назад
He looks like little poundcakes mom
belleamore328 16 дней назад
beatle juice
Bailee Lewis 16 дней назад
are you out? what? are you straight? yeah really?? yeah Me: PPPPFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT
Marley and Me 16 дней назад
The celebrity is the joker
childish green subhuman 16 дней назад
Willam new it first. Shane ain't straight
Ashley Folkes 11 дней назад
childish green subhuman knew*
Jenna G. 16 дней назад
LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO Are you straight? *Lies* ya.
vivi smith 16 дней назад
willam is so cute lol looks like Barbie drunk at 4am
Mark Wickham 16 дней назад
She look like Nancy Grace
Artisan Savon 16 дней назад
William Belli called it 2 years ago!
Mao Harukou 17 дней назад
Who is she XD
Riley Grey 17 дней назад
Kathleen Vanhuizen 18 дней назад
I loved that you could kind of see who he really was, was coming out and he was really loving it and enjoying it even though he said he was straight💖
Agustin Peruzzi 19 дней назад
Colleens Sneeze 19 дней назад
This is how I fell in love with Willam and drag in general
ruth weeks 19 дней назад
Courtney love
Troy Daniel 20 дней назад
Shane looks like Derrick Barry, I'm so done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
valerie renee 20 дней назад
awww when shane thought he was straight
ella n 20 дней назад
1% of the comments he looks like the snapchat filter 99% of the comments ARE YOU STRAIGHT? Yeah.
Darcey 29 20 дней назад
Congrats on 9 mil Shane
Pilots Lover 67 20 дней назад
u look like a devil with makeup no offence shane
Jackie Webb 20 дней назад
lol not straight
monstajule _ 20 дней назад
you're straight yea COME ON SHANE WTF
Daisy Jobe-parker 20 дней назад
Bitch you look like Dolly Parton.XD
Bluejay Fullbuster 21 день назад
it's 2017.he is not straight
Faith Hamilton 21 день назад
he looks like nikey manaje
Someone random 21 день назад
she honestly looks FLLLAAAAWWWLLEESSS. slay queen slay
HeatherLinn Lemmer 22 дня назад
Dolly Parton.all the way.
Misses Urie 22 дня назад
hurracain BIANCAAAA
Samantha Port 22 дня назад
omg Willam looks so fucking cute in this video I can't even right now
SisterDaniel StoleMyDignity 22 дня назад
Actually scarred me 4:46
Minor Addiction 22 дня назад
Beary Good 22 дня назад
This video ruined my life. Just over two years later I'm sat here looking at pictures of drag queens, defending alaskas as2 win and saving money for willams book.
Nghi Quách 23 дня назад
OMG Shane in Willam drag look like Derick Barry
Katarina Arsenijevic 23 дня назад
Straight shane, pewds 30 million ahh
Felix Reyes 23 дня назад
JoshieOnTheRadio 24 дня назад
Hahahahaha, is that you Katya? xD
Pizza Fish 24 дня назад
Why was my first thought after his transformation is Kirstie Alley???
Amanda Haaland 24 дня назад
he needs to remake this
Ananda Wilde 24 дня назад
Every single comment is literally about how Shane said he was straight hahahahaha
Finn Alvarez 24 дня назад
Watching this three years later. Queen Willam predicted all the way back in 2014.
Melissa Strange 24 дня назад
Can't fool willam! Hahaha i love these 2!
Tokyo Ghoul 24 дня назад
Shane straight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kawaii Donut 25 дней назад
Adam Aprim 25 дней назад
Why does he look like chucky's wife?😂
Anniemarie P 25 дней назад
He's actually straight YOU THOUGHT