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Фрагмент с начала видео MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

Фрагмент с средины видео MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

Фрагмент с конца видео MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

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Comments to the video: MY DRAG QUEEN MAKEOVER! (with WILLAM BELLI)

Galen Rios 4 часа назад
So fucking funny
Nicole R 5 часов назад
You're a mix between the evil queen from Snow White and Dee from its always sunny 😂😂😂 love you Shane and Willam!
TheAngelsBite 6 часов назад
He sounded so awkward when asked if he was straight.
mascottie 6 часов назад
Are you out? I love it hahaha
beautiful heart 7 часов назад
Jade Williams 8 часов назад
You straight? Willam can smell the lie from him
Jessica Oquendo 9 часов назад
anybody else thinks he looks like that snapchat filter??😂😂😂
Rhapsody Gonzales 10 часов назад
Shane looks like that novela Snapchat filter
Emily Yuchasz 12 часов назад
little did willam know she was right. shane now has a boyfriend
Emily Yuchasz 12 часов назад
three years later and pewds has over 50 mil subs
Eden Kelsey 13 часов назад
4:48 I fucking lose it every time
mel cobain 16 часов назад
shane actually looks beautiful with that Drag Queen look 😅
ItsRobinWhoTalks 17 часов назад
Can you guys imagine Willam turning Drew Monson into a drag queen? I would be LIVING!!!!!!!!!!
Ally 04 1 день назад
You look like my grandma
Olliveah Tomkins 1 день назад
Aw William knew honey :) so cool! Love you both x
8Bit B*tchFit 1 день назад
I wonder how Willam feels looking back to this video tbh, asking Shane if he was straight lol
Maz Marie Z 1 день назад
I want shane to do drag sooo badly
Jonathan Kern 1 день назад
Willam: Are you out? Shane: *GAG*
Yoon Bum 1 день назад
tbh when i watched the drag race Willam reminded me of Shane so i find this funny how they're doing a video together:'D
Supahboom 2 дня назад
I'm straight. Ha! Not anymore!
Ashley Morrison 2 дня назад
i love going back and seeing the videos where he was straight bc low-key everyone knew he wasn't lmao good for him for realizing
Staci Ann 2 дня назад
girl needs a lash
Mandela Effect 2 дня назад
aw shane your such a queen well more of a queen than most videos
basicallyjosie 2 дня назад
awww remember when Shane was still straight 
Jade Poynton 2 дня назад
shane looks like Courtney Act 😂
Keiralyra :3 2 дня назад
Willam is my spirit animal
softball carly 2 дня назад
when she said it looks like a entrence to a haunted house I almost died
TheOddestGamer 2 дня назад
Yyesss willam the queen
Jyler Dunseph Bean 2 дня назад
trowback to straight shane😂😂
Isa -Pizza 2 дня назад
4:48 😂😂😂I can't breath!!
Makayla Barker 2 дня назад
Glitzy Rocker 2 дня назад
Yeah he's sooooo straight.
Sunny Violet 3 дня назад
ha! remember
Kadence Gillespey 3 дня назад
I wonder if Shane and William (willow) talked about his sexuality after he filmed the video
Clare Mulherin 3 дня назад
this kills me
Brook Lee 3 дня назад
Mariapaz Castro 3 дня назад
I'm watching this after he came out as bi and I'm like ooooooh
Morgan Williams 3 дня назад
This is everything
maddiesux 3 дня назад
Willam knew he wasn't straight, we all knew, but we all still love him
GypsyRock 3 дня назад
I DIED at do the Christie Brinkley. oh shit don't do that. That looks like the entrance to a haunted house 
WinterDahBest Msp 3 дня назад
Are drag queens guys I'm so confused
Celia Benedetto 3 дня назад
She is honestly an amazing drag queen. Like if no one told me and she was just out and about I would not be able to tell
Alannah Ryan 3 дня назад
I thought Shane was bi?
A. Babe 3 дня назад
Emily Francis Richardson Durham 3 дня назад
I ship it
Haleigh Lee 3 дня назад
lol I love how she already knew he was gay😏Shane be lying and then.BAM he came out as bi
kristen kiernan 4 дня назад
2 years later he's been dating a dude for a year. nice job being straight Shane
Demure 4 дня назад
he looks like Chuckys wife.
Josie Gray 4 дня назад
wow shane its on you
LanceIsWeird 4 дня назад
Favorite drag queens: Alyssa Edwards, Adore Delano, Alaska, Katya, Latrice, violet, luka ghost, Ginger minj, Roxxxy Andrews, Lady Bunny, and phi phi o'hara
Kindrynn Dilley 4 дня назад
he looks like Ursula From the movie the little mermaid, with this drag queen makeover(No offense cuz I love Shane a lot and he's my favorite youtuber ever,)😂😘❤
Olivia P 5 дней назад
kareli caudillo 5 дней назад
Shane looks uncomfortable
Angel Moore 5 дней назад
Shane reminds me of my evil sister Kelsey when he has makeup on
Tijn Del Rey 5 дней назад
I keep coming back to this video
Taelyn Martin 5 дней назад
Kelly Osborne (Season 2 of RPDR): Oh, and btw, fuck you for having the best body. ever. Always relevant when speaking of Willam. Fav. Queen. Ever.
Dixie Cottonwood 5 дней назад
Shane looks like my evil aunt wanda
Brandi Suz 6 дней назад
I can't think of who you looked like but you're killing it. So pretty.
Brandi Suz 6 дней назад
Actually, I got it. A young THINNER Paula Deen or Elaine Hendrix, the one who was in the Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan. (Unlike who Mama Yaw thought was in it. 😸)
Emily genX 6 дней назад
Justanotherfangirl x 6 дней назад
You're straight? yeah me: BITCH YOU WOULDN'T BE SAYING THAT NOW XD
Abby Sizemore 6 дней назад
Shane Dawson or Courtney Love???
elena salvatore 6 дней назад
Shane's makeup looks like jinkx monsoons lmao
Grace M 7 дней назад
i love her
Charlotte Hodge 7 дней назад
loved the movie you were in
Ellie is sick as frick 7 дней назад
Yeah I'm straight 
Agent Mordikai 7 дней назад
Is it just me, or does he look like Tiffany from The Bride of Chucky?
apex kayde 8 дней назад
Yaaaaasssssss queen!!!!!!
Bronwyn Mai 8 дней назад
Shane looks a bit like Courtney Act at the end😂
Super Cherry189 8 дней назад
Aaliyah Nelson 8 дней назад
Little did they know Shane's truth
Bia Martins 8 дней назад
are you straight? I AM SCREAMING
Professional Procastinator 8 дней назад
willam is the best human being on earth
Sofi R 9 дней назад
Omg he looks like Katya Z. , but like in a bad day
Tyler Davis 9 дней назад
Addy Rawr 9 дней назад
When he wasn't out of the closet but was bi
Abygail Harris 10 дней назад
is this be4 he came out?
Jacinda Brown 10 дней назад
I'm watching this in 2017 so its funny bc he's out of the closet and pewdiepie has 50 million subs now😂😂
keithan 10 дней назад
shanes giving us some Derrick Barry realness
Beautiful Rage 10 дней назад
5:00 the moment Willem regretted everything
Beautiful Rage 10 дней назад
Naaabbzz 11 дней назад
*re collabs sometime* shane: hi. meet my boyfriend ryland I KNEW YOU WAS GAY BITCH 
Naaabbzz 11 дней назад
shane didn't sound too sure he was straight i mean honestly all the signs were there
Josie Is Awkward 11 дней назад
Her: Are you straight? Shane: Yeah Me: No.
JustSomeCarrotHere Don'tMindMe 11 дней назад
sqxibbs 11 дней назад
are you straight yeah fuck sake shane no need to lie to the drag queeeen
EllaDoes Things 11 дней назад
I'm coming back in 2016 and this was when Shane was. straight oh I love Shane so much
Kassidy L 11 дней назад
when Shane was straight lol. ily
shani 11 дней назад
naro uwu 11 дней назад
That's a crossover between Adele and Morgan McMichaels
Spicy (RainowPicklez3) 12 дней назад
Shane do this again
Katie Jeanes 12 дней назад
LOL. Shane's face when Willam asked if he was out of the closet. um yeah 😅 lol
A Destroyer6 12 дней назад
You kinda look like a white janet Jackson
Timothy, Phils rubber cock 12 дней назад
i laughed sm when he said he was straight
Boredgirl101 12 дней назад
I love Willam on ru Paul's
Linda Jones 12 дней назад
You two look so stunning
Joe W 12 дней назад
Omg how didn't I know this video existed wow