Batman vs Nightwing

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Batman vs Nightwing

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Jervin Kua 9 days ago
This shows that Batman is holding back to every villains he faced with, because the moment that conscience is gone.everybody could potentially die at his hands.
kiNEX CS:GO 11 days ago
and batman
kiNEX CS:GO 11 days ago
Jake Parke 11 days ago
If u think nightwing could beat batman ur crazy batman has taken down far more powerful people without a scratch
Kalahification 12 days ago
So. Nightwing carries Batman when he's about to collapse. but didn't he have a dislocated shoulder? Apparently the writers can't remember more than two minutes at a time. :P
tim 12 days ago
Talia: Shoot the bastard Batman: Okay Talia: goes to stab Dick Batman: not today satan!!! Damien: wow fuck my drag huh? Dick: he does love me
Aysel Tina 14 days ago
Is that duke thomas?!
boazba 666 14 days ago
From what show is this?
Justin Dawson 19 days ago
0:28 Deadpool 2
Fátima ArMarques 20 days ago
Ok. We know who is the Batman but we all know Nightwing is capable of a lot more than this and we got to admire he didn't look afraid of him yet Batman's aura was overwhemgly powerful however Dick wasn't really trying to beat Bruce to death. He just wanted to snap Bruce out of effing Talia's shitty mind-control for crying out loud.
Genji Shimada 22 days ago
3:32 Talia: Start with the Bastard, We can always Make more.
Nate Mercado 22 days ago
Perhaps Nightwing wasnt fightin with intent to kill he was holding back because he didn't wanna harm his mentor fatally he just wanted to snap him back to reality. if we change the circumstances who knows what can happen just gotta speculate
Juan Carlos Florimon 23 days ago
batman batman soy GARI UNDERGROUND buscarme in PERFIL de FACEBOOK
Dylo Duck 23 days ago
never talk back to batman because this will happen to you
TheRussianSickle 23 days ago
Damien would've whooped that ass.
AJ Iggy 24 days ago
This is a very Star wars like moment just as Luke brought sense to his father Nightwing brings sense to his Mentor
AJ Iggy 24 days ago
I love how Batman is like Vader in this fight. He uses experience rather than eccentric movements. He minimizes movement over his younger combatant. It shows an experience gap in fighting.
Synom Schulz 24 days ago
When I saw dem tiddies I understood that Batman wasn´t really out of his Mind, he did the right thing
Ahren Starr 25 days ago
I don't know what you all are talking about. Nightwing wins. He may win with words, but he still wins. Words have always been and always will be potent weapons.
Ok Ok 26 days ago
why does dick get his arm broken in every film
- TBL Productions - 26 days ago
Woah floating base. lol shaped like cloud city.
Vuong Tran 2906 28 days ago
Batwing aka luke fox looks like victor vance from gta vice city stories
Sergio Hernández 28 days ago
This is bullshit, Nightwing can kick batman ass 1v1
fMuIcNkD 28 days ago
dat ending tho
NoName NoGo 29 days ago
Nightwing is so poor in the new 52 animated. Always saw night wing as on par as batman in fighting anyway.
Nik Lee 29 days ago
Night wing should’ve beaten a mind controlled Batman. A fully aware Batman, no but a mind controlled one, yes.
Cadeem Latham 30 days ago
They really made nightwing weak asf that even young damian can rival him nightwing is suppose to be at least as good as deathstroke
GAMEZONE with Rakib 30 days ago
4:58 what did you just said?
GAMEZONE with Rakib 30 days ago
Iam batman
rome dawg 1 month ago
sticks the landing at 0:44
Rollin015 YT 1 month ago
como se llama la serie?
Guillermo Walterio Garcia Jourdain 1 month ago
Black widow ??!!!
Adriən Evangelista 1 month ago
About Nightwing losing this battle, that's just my two pence but can't everybody just realize Dick was clearly holding his skills in order to not over-hurt Bruce, whereas mind-controlled Batman was obviously ready to kill Grayson? Trust me, it is *very* hard not to do what a girl with breasts the size of Thalia's orders you to. ^^'
Navdeep Singh 1 month ago
In all recent movies, its a pity that nightwing's true potential is never shown and he always play the second fiddle to either Damian or Batman. He is supposed to be more flexible, more agile and yet they made him a child any villain can beat easily as these movies are more focused on Damian or Batman. Give him some credit guys, he is the first freaking Robin
Rakesh Roy 1 month ago
what is the name of this movie?
HOTS Diablo Channel 1 month ago
bitch lol, nice ending sentence
Jose Bottom 1 month ago
Robin doesn’t make sense “it about me “what about the years of training and planning she did before he was born
Hazim Abdulla 1 month ago
Did she say bitch XD
Tuaha Badar 1 month ago
I thought i would see something really complex as what people claim from DC series, but this seems like a big family mellow drama,
Steven Lam 1 month ago
NO CAPES!!!!!!!!!
zyros plays 1 month ago
how old is batman
fortnite op MEGGAGG 1 month ago
Hopsout 1 month ago
Looks like a Fortnite character.
Reyli Esparza 1 month ago
batman taught nightwing to fight how can they think they can beat him?
wil Garcia 1 month ago
Torreto Lear 1 month ago
Which movie is this
Noah Tindell 1 month ago
Who’s the robot lookin dude😂
Adriən Evangelista 1 month ago
Lucius Fox's son, his name is Luke.
CommonCents 101 1 month ago
TimeThaGawd 2x Batwing
Gian Carlo Magdaleno 1 month ago
Kush Coma 1 month ago
Talia is savage xD
Ibrahim Tarawally 1 month ago
A lot of horny cunts down here in the comments, repeating we can always make more.
Mr. MJG 1 month ago
what movie is this
Tay Tay 1 month ago
Batman:Bad Blood
Fisher Theo 1 month ago
So they combined Cyborg and Dick Grayson to come up with Nightwing? This is ABSOLUTELY lazy. We don't won't no damn amalgamation.
jxn141 1 month ago
What is the name of this animated movie again?
eboy master 1 month ago
Super man is dead anime
eboy master 1 month ago
Max Falto 1 month ago
Dang Batman, we've all wanted to shoot Damien at one time or other but you're his dad. C'mon.
KCRUS4D3RS 1 month ago
lmao nightwing hit batman once, and he was like nah not again
iRenz0 1 month ago
Nightwing's weakness: TARGET LEFT ARM
iRenz0 1 month ago
OM3GA 1 month ago
The ending though 😂
Battery 1 month ago
Batwoman sounds just like Daria.unless she IS Daria! *Gasps*
Tristan Keech 1 month ago
Nightwings left shoulder gotta be hurting so bad. thats the second time its been Dislocated
Burak Gökmen 1 month ago
Which film is this bro?
Tay Tay 1 month ago
Batman:Bad Blood
Emir Holmes 1 month ago
wich movie?
Tay Tay 1 month ago
Batman:Bad Blood
Squad 100 1 month ago
which moviie is this
Tay Tay 1 month ago
Batman:Bad Blood
stillwatersrundeep 1 month ago
If you were a writer, would you write Nightwing managing to beat Batman, or Batman beating Nightwing? How close would that battle be, or how one-sided? How would the duel end, and under what circumstances?
Draco 1 month ago
talia al ghul doesn't get it batman's first rule: NO FUCKING GUNS
SleepEatRoblox And Stuff 1 month ago
Batgirl: That's for what you did to my father bitch. Me:OH YOU BETTER START RUNNING NOW!
Mr. Sheppard 1 month ago
worst batman mult
lolingJimmy 1 month ago
Michael Villa 1 month ago
DC should just stick to their animated justice League movies whenever they try and do something else it’s ass.
daniel honorato navarro 1 month ago
De que serie é essa mano, preciso saber.
Sweg yo Sweg 1 month ago
Love this moment the movie could’ve been better cuz of how could dick Graysons grant Morrison run as batman was as well as the prodigal story and the Scott Snyder story he wrote for dick but just as a bat family movie if u ignore the quality of all the source material it is pretty gd as a movie and does succeed to show how well Dick Grayson understands batman and there relationship. Out of this batman trilogy of animated movies this is easily the best cuz of how well it depicts the relationships in the bat family. I’m also glad although it wasn’t completely comic accurate it didn’t take a name of an existing story and make a butchered adaption it instead takes elements of different stories and binds them all together making one original story. Also unlike batman and son and batman vs robin this movie shows all its characters as accurate representations and the villains don’t only exist to make the heroes look bad ass.
Zaid Zeineydin 1 month ago
what movie is this ?
Feliz R. Mejia III 1 month ago
I mean come on, I've seen countless battles batman has been in and lesser thugs have gotten multiple hits in on him but his Protege can only get one in! Even Damian got in a few, what does that say about Nightwing?! Frankly ever since he left Batman he sucks! And I love him, but they make him so weak and ridiculously corny! He really needs to be revamped and in a hurry! Cause at the rate he's going he's just going to get worse!
Stone Sage 1 month ago
When he hit Batman , Batman looked at him like oh so u Grown , Grown
WystanPlays- Destiny 2 and more! 2 months ago
Batgirl: Thats for what u did to my father bitch. Captain America: language
Jiyeon Kim 2 months ago
LOL 4:58
King Ganishka 2 months ago
Batwing: War Machine rip off
Richard Rossler 2 months ago
i dead love this version of batman
Trysta5XG Universe 3 months ago
That ending, damn.
Helder Ribas 3 months ago
Nightwing is so lame on those animations. Damn it!
Fortnite Mobile_FiRD 3 months ago
4:54 didn’t see that comin
Sam Green 3 months ago
In my opinion Grayson has been the best in the bat family because where as the others fight from pain an suffering he fights because it’s right and that’s all he needs that makes him the strongest because he doesn’t like need too help others too help himself he dose it because he wants too help
Raited 3 months ago
That's for what you did to my farther BIIIIITCH! LOL!
Dragon Ball Legends 3 months ago
good game
Negasonic NRG 3 months ago
0:27 Fortnite
VividAbstract 3 months ago
Holy shit way to fill the PC polices hearts with bat women and some black nightwing look alike. They aren’t even relateable characters that most of the fans even give a shit about
Phyrolika Marak 3 months ago
did she day bithch in last
David Merlino 3 months ago
I scared I think Pee Wee is my Daddy
Otaku Fighting Arena 3 months ago
Which series?
Marx-Chan 3 months ago
Nightwing always fucks his arm up xD
Moto Gears 3 months ago
Whats the title of this movie? Gotto watch it
Kyla Sharma 3 months ago
Batman’s being mind controlled here so he has no emotion Nightwing is holding back cause he loves him
for under A 3 months ago
They need to make a bay family movie with all of dem including red hood
Josh 234 3 months ago
Batman won because he’s BATMAN
Orl Lop 3 months ago
Orl Lop 3 months ago
Cody Luis D thanks!
Cody Luis D 3 months ago
Orl Lop Batman: Bad Blood
swatpolice911delta 3 months ago
Batman shouldn't have a son
xXskull KillerXx 3 months ago
So uh what was going on?
xXskull KillerXx 3 months ago

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