Jedd Hunter's commercial - The League of Gentlemen - BBC comedy

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Jedd Hunter's commercial  - The League of Gentlemen - BBC comedy

Kewel' film director, Jedd Hunter auditions Pamela for an orange juice commercial he's directing in a hilarious sketch. Funny impressions and black comedy from BBC's The League of Gentlemen. Subscribe: WATCH MORE: Hiroshima: Horizon: Best of Alan Partridge: Harry Enfield and Chums: Welcome to BBC Studios, bringing you the best of British TV! Here you'll find classic comedy, gripping drama, as well as the best documentaries, science and history! Take a look at complete listings for all our shows - we've got plenty to keep you entertained! Is there a BBC clip you'd love to see? Make sure you let us know by leaving a comment. Want to share your views with the team and win prizes? Join our fan panel: This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.Service information and feedback:

Comments to the video: Jedd Hunter's commercial - The League of Gentlemen - BBC comedy

Adam 12 days ago
2:15 Me when the teacher asks me to perform and read clearly
Bec 19 days ago
This sketch is kewl, kewl
Jimbob84141 1 month ago
I would buy that orange juice!
TheSwazMaster 1 1 month ago
Kewl kewl
Sheena345 M 1 month ago
He's very attractive as a female.
Lounge Hopper 2 months ago
Worst quality ever you should be ashamed!
Glenn Smith 3 months ago
Progress Wrestling brought me here
X4mat 3 months ago
Kewl kewl 👍🏼👌🏼
the womble 5 months ago
Kewl, kewl!
welsh logic 5 months ago
this is up there with pam doof in my faves
B Owie 5 months ago
Very dramatic.
Jon Summers 5 months ago
I would like to do pamela in the rusty button hole.
Thiwey Gulber 6 months ago
*Bites clipboard out of frustration*
Glen Withers 6 months ago
Comedy gold. And 68 people who are dead inside.
ARMED DEFENSE 6 months ago
B Owie 6 months ago
Dex60 7 months ago
Pam or Papa? lol
Jay H 7 months ago
Saw this live at the League of Gentlemen show in Birmingham and it was hilarious. Will miss the lads!
I don’t Have a name 7 months ago
Best league of gentlemen sketch
Don Brogan 8 months ago
I don't know why this is so funny. I remember watching years ago and laughing so hard.
Mark Thomas 8 months ago
Ban the BBC
Mark Thomas 7 months ago
@McSuperfly dick head!
McSuperfly 7 months ago
Ban Toothpicks
Sid Arthur 8 months ago
Lauren 8 months ago
This is me whenever I go for a job interview
Neil Leary 9 months ago
Hilarious 😂
Andrew Butcher 9 months ago
Just imagine how much orange juice this would sell..
the womble 9 months ago
That too happy? classic.
Gareth Belk 9 months ago
is anyone else getting just a hint of cliff richard from steves queel bit??
Mark R 9 months ago
Saw this sketch performed live last night in Sunderland, I'm still giggling now when I think about it. Funniest sketch ever? Yeah I think so.
A Mc 10 months ago
Laura 8 months ago
I laugh to myself thinking about it
KingDoms Kingdom 10 months ago
Excuse beef, doof any body haf any bottle of aarange joof By far the best sketch in league of gentleman's history. Utterly hilarious
Serious Lee 11 months ago
Kewl, kewl
x-wing flyboy 1 year ago
Probably the funniest bloody scetch these guys ever did
John Allan Brown 1 year ago
the orange juice sketch was based on real lady,who spoke just like Pamela! wish I had seen that! so funny!
Deloris Lamarr 1 year ago
Still cracks me up 😭🤣
Happy Loyal Soldier 1 year ago
The best part of this is in series 3 you find out she actually got the part.
Neil Higgins 1 year ago
kathish 1 year ago
I love this sketch. I think what really lifts it to another level is how sweet and shy she is between takes.
Harry Drake 1 year ago
That'd be kewwwl.
Sally Baddeley 1 year ago
Yup. still slays me.
the womble 1 year ago
So pam's real name must be pam deuce?
the womble 1 year ago
So pam's real name must be pam deuce?
Cornflake Boy 1 year ago
Jack bassman 1 year ago
Just looked again and almost soiled myself 😜
Michael Hill 1 year ago
Tim Blanks 1 year ago
Why doesn't Jedd play the role of young girl himself.
Chasidah L 1 year ago
So funny! Both amazing actors & Reece is absolutely gorgeous!
NoMoreHideTheBall 1 year ago
Exoot beef has anybadagota bodda oran doof?
amazinglyace 1 year ago
And now she's doing the shipping forecast! You've come a long way Pam!
Ginger Ninja 1 year ago
daveshilton 1 year ago
pamela was doing the shipping forecast in the christmas cmeback show 2017
daveshilton 1 year ago
thing is ,that would probably work ,there was alot of sureal adverts years ago
ty1978 1 year ago
Kewl kewl, man I've played this over and over :)
Patrick Silke 1 year ago
Darth Daver 1 year ago
The third “upbeat” take has me crying
Donna Kay 1 year ago
Techno - pow 1 year ago
Daniel Meagher 1 year ago
I tracked this down by putting 'league of gentlemen escood be' into google
deaconredwhiteandblu 1 year ago
Hahahaaaaa! I never noticed that steve nearly corpses after the first try, speaking of which is HOT in this sketch!! oufff
Henry Stephen 1 year ago
marcus rikkets 1 year ago
Adam Faust 2 years ago
37 people know nothing about comedy
theflowersare plastic 2 years ago
I love this so much this makes me laugh so so hard
Brian Boyd 2 years ago
Ekooz Meeee
Alex Ball 2 years ago
Juice has been named doof in our family since this first aired. Chuffed to find again it online.
TG Pips 2 years ago
Reece is cute as a woman.
SkoczMiNaPukiel 2 years ago
I want Pam's third try as my ringtone or alarm clock :D
Bonus Grooves 2 years ago
you can keep your dead parrots, your four candles and falling over in a bar, this is still my favourite comedy sketch of all time.
Max Gainsbrah 2 years ago
My all time favorite sketch.Still makes me laugh.genius stuff :0)
Jack bassman 2 years ago
I only watched this last week and I still nearly soiled by underwear laughing.again
End Of The Spooniverse 2 years ago
Has anybody got a bottle of orange juice? has become a little inside joke among my family because of this show. I even got a bottle of orange juice for Christmas!
Visions of Madness 2 years ago
Excuuud beef, have anybody got any battle orange doooooof
Joel & Lia 2 years ago
lord geoffrey 2 years ago
bruce jenner should get tips from reece shearsmith, bruce looks worse than tubbs
yuck mud 2 years ago
im pam doov
Martin Dytham 2 years ago
Fantastic! My favourite sketch from this superb series
deetgeluid 2 years ago
Sir To You 2 years ago
The greed of bbcworldwide never fails to amaze me, these were available in full till the BBC had them removed. This has already been paid for in TV licence fees.
James Read 1 year ago
If you pay the BBC for a license you are gullible.
Dangermoose2000 1 year ago
BBC is the best thing about GB.Long Live The Beeb (although shame the news lot have gone so right wing)
Stephen Redding 2 years ago
@TheBoweryScum Awww. bless ya! With your Bumper Book of Big Boy Insults, 1995 edition. What else ya got?
David Terrasidius 3 years ago
.I'm Pam Doov :D. Hilarious. I keep coming back to this.
SANDSCORCHER 3 years ago
Dylan Wilson 3 years ago
This and the mighty boosh are the absolute best tv series in the world, total British comedy. Quality :)
James 6 months ago
Men Behaving Badly, Game on and Brass eye!
Itsafreecountry 9 months ago
colin5577 1 year ago
NNny05 Oi! I'm claiming that one for Ireland.
NNny05 1 year ago
Gotta add Father Ted to this list!
Gareth Wood 3 years ago
Who the hell thumbed this down? Come on. stand up in front of the class.
Jon Summers 7 months ago
The americans ofcourse.
WatermelonWatson1234 3 years ago
I love Reece so much ❤️
vorebiz 3 years ago
Forget Dead Parrots and Del Boy falling through the bar. This is the best scene in televised comedy history.
Jason and the robots 5 months ago
Without a doubt , cheers me up every time
Jon Clay 1 year ago
Name your pairs though camelpissflavour.
akiko Isobel 1 year ago
vorebiz Yes!
camelpissflavour 2 years ago
go johnny go go go go go
David Terrasidius 3 years ago
A wee bit of pee just escaped. I was in stitches when I first saw this on telly. Brilliant
Mandu Sixsixsix 3 years ago
This is kewl.
gone off beans 5 months ago
Very kewl
Dan Marks 3 years ago
Best thing is that she got the gig. Her catchphrase gets referenced in the next series.
MaTtRoSiTy 1 year ago
Yeah that was a nice touch
lizzy 2 years ago
Ikr, she made it!
Tom Ripley 3 years ago
I'd definitely hire her on the basis of the third try.
joebstarsurfer 3 years ago
yep my add was brutal it seemed epic at the time.Thank god they said no.
Louise Parker 3 years ago
Still makes me laugh x'D
MegaDonGallo 3 years ago
DistantCousin 4 years ago
FrankJaeger85 4 years ago
I remember watching this on bbc 2 when it first aired and literally crying with laughter it was that funny
flamingwoodz 1 year ago
Same. Definitely in my top 10 laughs ever.
Graham Loines 2 years ago
Me too.
stopmeandslapme 3 years ago
+Frank Jaeger I've got tears in my eyes and I must have seen it 20 times
MrCharlieTwist 4 years ago
This is the best sketch that's ever been on television
John 3 months ago
Nicola Bettridge 9 months ago
@Al C hello Dave
simon larson 10 months ago
Al C 1 year ago
WaxingRadiance 4 years ago
I very nearly choked on my sandwich at 1:15
Jim Pickard 4 years ago
My son was a big fan of LoG (I'm 55). I just recently got into it. now my grandson (7) says this is the funniest thing he's ever seen. hilarious !!
Kewpie Doll 1 year ago
Oh god do you skip the animal bits
Gromit Pesley 3 years ago
+7pitpat7 no, not really.
Hellwyck 4 years ago
@7pitpat7 This is honest and real. I'd rather my family watch this than Frozen.
7pitpat7 4 years ago
Isn't your grandson a bit young to be watching this at 7?
Mouldy 4 years ago
anybody else come here from the Mindcrack Prop Hunt episode?
LittleCookie Monster 4 years ago
esscude me, have any bady gat any bottle of awan doov
A thing of great beauty.
Bonus Grooves 4 years ago
This is easily better than any 'dead parrot' 'four candles' and 'falling over in a bar' comedy sketch ever. Hilarious.
Grizzly01 3 years ago
+Bonus Grooves Agreed!
1878EFC2008 4 years ago
@Hellwyck Nobody else did.
Hellwyck 4 years ago
It's retort and I thought so.
Bonus Grooves 1 year ago
Great retort
Hellwyck 4 years ago