Dinamic Duo vs Firefly & Rainbow Creature

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Dinamic Duo vs Firefly & Rainbow Creature

Dinamic Duo vs Firefly & Rainbow Creature

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Batman and Robin battle Firefly and his Rainbow Monster in a homage to Detective Comics from the episode joker emporer subscribe & comment

Comments to the video: Dinamic Duo vs Firefly & Rainbow Creature

Kurt Lim 2 месяца назад
was that a rainbow bear!? HAHAHAHA OK WTF!??!?
t850terminator 3 месяца назад
I get why Batman got a rainbow costume, but why didn't Robin get one?
Commander Shepard 3 месяца назад
Because fuck Robin.
Jay Dog 4 месяца назад
DemitriVladMaximov 4 месяца назад
Okay question, why didn't Batman just wear white? As each part of that rainbow costume is immune to one ability only in that single band that is shares color with while wearing white reflects all light and thus none of those blasts would affect him.
เพชรประกาย อาจอรัญ 25 дней назад
DemitriVladMaximov ขขข
Chaos inc. 1 месяц назад
Are you really going to try and bring logic into a short where batman fights a killer chimera carebear and a firefly that uses different colored lights?
HerrMasterLizard 2 месяца назад
Maybe each ray specifically doesn't affect the same color, so white as a loophole does not work.
L0ST S0UL 4 месяца назад
cause batman
MisterGenesis64AK 9 месяцев назад
This actually HAPPENED in the comics people
Ali Sayıcı 3 месяца назад
MisterGenesis64AK yeah but real reason behind the costume was different. Read new trinity series for further info
Porbo the pork 9 месяцев назад
Remember when batman was a fish for a comic
wolfguy23 10 месяцев назад
1:53 - 1:57 Goodnight, everybody.
wolfguy23 10 месяцев назад
GeckoGC 10 месяцев назад
I can't believe they made this robin look good
GeckoGC 10 месяцев назад
Shouldn't robin be immune to green because of the green on his costume and that's why batman was immune because it has all colours I mean batman put his arm against other colours and it was fine
GeckoGC 10 месяцев назад
I always hated that they called it red because it's more pink/maroon
Amos soo 1 год назад
BadPeople1100 1 год назад
Each color has its own random and pointless power! Also stupid.
w1p30ut3r 1 год назад
Gay power!
Ali Husen 1 год назад
احله كارتون
Ali Husen 1 год назад
احله كارتون
tim gibson 1 год назад
In in not big on comics but I only knew firefly from the (the batman 2004) series is but I lived his look but I know in every series something changes if firefly cool like I think he is are is he lame like in the show
That fat American Nation 3 месяца назад
The modern Firefly is the cool pyromaniac we see today, this Firefly is based off the campy, pretty shitty, silver age one.
Angellica Gearcrooner 1 год назад
This feels like a cereal commercial. Each color has it's own strange power!
Nancy Snaadt 1 год назад
his penis is too powerfull!
Applerelli 1 год назад
Don't get me wrong I love Dick Grayson's Robin suit but Batman in pink somehow makes him look less gay.
Drake Rainbow 1 год назад
The power of gay do help
GeckoGC 10 месяцев назад
Sigh this is why they created batwoman and the amazing batgirl
Vaas 1 год назад
Robin makes this seem like a Lucky Charms commercial
Basel Noeman 1 год назад
Melanie McCallum 1 год назад
Melanie McCallum 1 год назад
Pedro Catanese 1 год назад
Lynroy Scantlebury 1 год назад
Susana Almeida 1 год назад
It's hard to believe that Firefly, the insane pyromaniac who literally gets a hard-on from setting cities a blaze started out as this ridiculous villain with a color theme and a fetish for rainbows. though, I like to think that the Silver Age Firefly is/was the current Firefly's father and was inspired by him to become a villain (but just went a much different and cooler direction). Plus, I need an excuse to believe that the Rainbow Batman costume still exists.
snakes3425 11 месяцев назад
+Susana Almeida Actually they combined two different silver age stories for this one. the Rainbow batman appeared in Detective Comics 241 and was actually Batman trying to distract a group of thieves from noticing that Robin had a broken arm in order to protect Robin's secret identity (i.e. he believes if the crooks see that Robin has a broken arm they'll somehow figure out he's dick grayson forgetting that this is the DC Universe where crooks can't tell that Clark Kent is just Superman with glasses). The Firefly story though he doesn't wear a rainbow costume. But I have to agree in terms of the Silver Age Firefly being the current Firefly's father or grandfather
deathlegionair 1 год назад
+HerrMasterLizard yep, heck, when he travels through a reflective surface, hes in another dimension.
HerrMasterLizard 1 год назад
+Susana Almeida wat, wasn't Mirror Master capable of stuff like multiplying and creating parallel dimensions? That's hardly laughing stock.
Susana Almeida 1 год назад
+HerrMasterLizard I agree, that's actually what I've been telling people for years. Like when people give Ratcatcher or Mirror Master crap.
HerrMasterLizard 1 год назад
+Susana Almeida JoJo's Bizarre Adventure teaches that no matter how ridiculous a superpower sounds, it can be devastating when used in creative ways, also his power is basically seven rays each with a different effect, just use them strategically and this guy can be a nightmare!
Salt Hare 7 месяцев назад
Holly Neapolitan ice cream! Robin why? Why must you say these things?
Salt Hare 7 месяцев назад
+Hand of Fate1315 thank you
Hand of Fate1315 7 месяцев назад
Ahmed Nourinho 1 год назад
It. Is coral
Adam Sanders 1 год назад
This is why people didn't take comic books seriously.
Koolx Sixteen 2 года назад
Pedro Catanese 1 год назад
+Tajhan Stewart 7
Tajhan Stewart 1 год назад
+Koolx Sixteen It's the silver age people.this is Firefly. Just not the cool one.
uniTIPIS cabello maquillaje 1 год назад
+The Jarric
hexmex1997 1 год назад
+Koolx Sixteen i know what you mean firefly is the villain with the jetpack and the flamethrower as well as napalms.. way fricking cooler
The Jarric 1 год назад
it is it stated so in the clip
marios gibus 2 года назад
From what I know this isn't really fire fly (unless this is a past version of him). He did not use rainbow beams or summon rainbow creatures. He welds flamethrowers but this could be they didn't want the cartoon overrated.
Demonslayer 1 год назад
+marios gibus it's the silver age version of firefly
Blazing Asura 2 года назад
This was the original firefly
omar ben halima 2 года назад
Dawn Kelly 2 года назад
ultramaximus 2 года назад
Gay Pride Batman? LOL
givefreedom 2 года назад
You know what, screw it! WE'RE OFF TO THE PRIDE PARADE!
GuardianBlackWolf13 2 года назад
Batman: good thing I made changes to my suit. Robin: so you couldn't do that for me!? Lol
Atomic Robo Tesla 1 год назад
Batman, screwing over Robin since the Silver Age.
Philippos Moschatos 2 года назад
spartanB0292 2 года назад
If anyone is wondering why this was campier than usual, they followed the original comic EXACTLY. 
LorannaPyrel 1 год назад
+Spring Cao Right. If I recall correctly, the plot of the Rainbow Batman comic involved ordinary gangsters. Ordinary gangsters who never did figure out Batman's sneaky, yet audacious plot! - Loranna
Terrell Williams 1 год назад
not the original comic
Spring Cao 1 год назад
+spartanB0292 Umm. not exactly. This clip was created by mixing and matching elements from *three* different Silver Age comics. In the comics, Firefly, the Rainbow Creature, and the rainbow Batman outfits had nothing to do with each other.
spartanB0292 2 года назад
+Unshaved Stuff Because if im not mistaken, this IS the intro.
Rawen1982 2 года назад
that's not red! that's sodding pink! You don't make Batman pink! *pant* *pant* *pant* Ok, rant over, seriously though if the Robin(s) that I know had come in and seen Batman in something like that he'd have been lhao.
Honest Dave 2 года назад
Now what the hell does a firefly have to do with rainbows
Atomic Robo Tesla 1 год назад
Fireflies are known for their light, so Firefly uses colors on the light spectrum. It's really simple when you think about it.
Ultimate Mayhem 2 года назад
Why didn't he call Green Lantern?
Atomic Robo Tesla 1 год назад
+Ultimate Mayhem But the Green Lantern only has access to the green color of the spectrum. Besides, this Batman series was based on the silver age of comics, so the other colors besides green and Yellow weren't used yet.
Ultimate Mayhem 1 год назад
Emotion Spectrum
Atomic Robo Tesla 1 год назад
Why would he?
alice greyheart 2 года назад
is this really what the show is like? if so, im not going to watch this :/ i dont like batman as colorful and cheesy, i liked him as he was in the animated series and batman beyond
buddy6584 2 года назад
This show goal was to be a homage to DC's Golden and Silver Age (the one your used to is the pre-crisis Batman). This episode is an animated version of the Adam West version if Batman. It was made proposely cheesy.
Winsome Jacobs 2 года назад
+lightyearpig12 it also has some of the greatest WTF moments of all time! XD
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
+lightyearpig12 No, it means it has to be good instead of crappy. Best animated Batman EVER. 
lightyearpig12 2 года назад
This is just a tribute to Silver Age comics, meaning this has to be lighter than other Batman cartoons.
Winsome Jacobs 2 года назад
They sometimes have a corny intro, but the show itself is actually pretty good!
Mrjohnny164 2 года назад
I must to Robin! I must wear a different coloured batman costume each night! GOD THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!! XD
DiddlePantsFTW 2 года назад
This is so gay.
buddy6584 2 года назад
+David Bookout read my reply to (Alice Greyheart) on this video
buddy6584 2 года назад
+Fred Gregg First off I'm not an idiot. Second, that was a very rude and unnessisary insult, especially over a show. And three, I'm not wrong about this being a homage to the Golden/Silver age; this scene specifically is based off the Adam West' version. They even refrence the Adam West's version multiple times in this show. They even have Adam West being the voice of Thomas Wyane in this show.
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
+buddy6584 You're an idiot. It's exactly like the comics were in 1965. Before Adam West banged your Mama. 
buddy6584 2 года назад
This is based of the Golden/Silver Age of DC. This is an animated version of Adam's west Batman. They made it cheesy PURPOSELY.
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
Gay, which for you means fantastic! You're queer, you're here! Don't hide it. If you said this is so straight that would mean you just really hated it.  
Nick R 2 года назад
Holy Shit this was so funny!
TheLastBabyMan 2 года назад
joethehero2 2 года назад
I thought Firefly's gimmick was that he was a pyromaniac who thought fire could talk to him.
GeckoGC 10 месяцев назад
+CosmoShidan 1960's
CosmoShidan 2 года назад
This is Firefly from the 1950s, Daddy-O!
alice greyheart 2 года назад
that was back when the characters had clever writing :v
Cow Treez 2 года назад
Yeh me to. 
butchdeadlift10 2 года назад
I love the dorky poetry of campy stuff like this
Sadiki St. George 7 месяцев назад
Who doesnt
Roxana Jaff 2 года назад
Jacob Bielski 2 года назад
I think Robin would have liked one of those Rainbow suits.  What if he'd been hit with the red beam that cracked open that giant vault?  It seemed pretty permanent to me!
Final Beards 2 года назад
I can't stand the views of people of today. They make anything that was innocence and fun into something gay and sex-related.
TheTubeLovers 2 года назад
Umm that was a little too gay..
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
Nope, nothing gay there. Hmmm. Maybe someone maybe need to reevaluate themselves.
Schwarzer Ritter 2 года назад
Where did you see anything gay in that? The handshake at the end?
Will Scaring 2 года назад
Batman is the new gay mascot XD
Kyle Baird 2 года назад
was fireflies old gimmick lights? because nowadays he just burns shit
Atomic Robo Tesla 1 год назад
Yup, the original Firefly's gimmick was indeed based on lights.
SladeWilson Perrotti 3 года назад
Firefly has been reduced to using a dick laser. I am so glad this show isn't on anymore
Atomic Robo Tesla 1 год назад
This was the original Firefly actually, so you could really say the comics reduced him to just burning shit intead. So sad this show isn't on anymore.
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
ivan jursdotter 3 года назад
This so fails. *face palm* does anyone else think Robin sounds like a girl?
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
korpen4444 2 года назад
He's a little kid!
Charzard king01 3 года назад
Ladies and Gentlemen the reason why I still can't wrap my head around this show getting three seasons.
buddy6584 7 месяцев назад
That scene was taken strait from the comics; no lie.
Nick R 2 года назад
+Charzard king01 It's because you don't have a sense of humor. 
Charzard king01 2 года назад
Okay so all the old guys who still watch T.V. got to see something from their time. Still doesn't add up to me.
zaqareemalcolm 2 года назад
Being an affectionate nod towards the the campier and sillier silver age comics (this short is actually adapted from one of them) gave most viewers a nice break from the prior dark Batman animated shows?
TheNumnutRandomness 3 года назад
Batman and Robin sure meets some colorful characters in their line of work.
jasonisrobin234 3 года назад
This is literally the entire comic book. Sliver-aGe batman was THE SHIT.
dboymax1 1 год назад
Yes Silver Age Batman was so was Silver Age Superman!!!
Kyle Rebozzi 3 года назад
Robin: Holy Neopolitan ice cream! . really DC?. really?
buddy6584 10 месяцев назад
It's a reference of the version of Robin from the Adam West's Batman TV Series.
DaErkka 3 года назад
0:37 I piss laser. Your argument is invalid.
Shadowkey392 3 года назад
Don't you just love how this show pays homage to the original Adam West cartoon?
Fred Gregg 2 года назад
It pays homage to the entirety of Batman. Not so much, Oh look how dark I am! Look how dark I am! Look what a dork I am.
zaqareemalcolm 2 года назад
*Silver Age
Shadowkey392 3 года назад
Featuring the Rainbow Batman In Color lol
Reiena Grayson 3 года назад
even mirror or refletive surfaces don't work all the time.
LinkDaBoss 3 года назад
Holy neapolitan ice cream LMAO
Alphonse670 3 года назад
This show was great!
Andragorans 3 года назад
so glad this show got cancelled!
WillPalacioArt 3 года назад
Bruno Mendes 3 года назад
Altaïr Ibn - La'Ahad 3 года назад
Well mirrors break easily and it would cut him. Then chrome is expensive as hell, even for a billionair.
Dare Rachuke 3 года назад
probably, but that would make it a lot less funny and clever :P
Markus Criticus 3 года назад
You know the scariest thing about this? This is an actual story from comics.
Galimatías Oximoroniano 3 года назад
Ohhh I see where you are going there, sexism and patriarcalism omnipotensy worship too much?
Mystik Inferno 3 года назад
That is clearly a pink costume, not a red costume.
anxez 3 года назад
Robin's old outfit is always uncomfortably homo-erotic in ways it shouldn't be.
Vance B 3 года назад
The fact that a show actually threw in Rainbow Batman (even the red costume that is totally pink) earns points in my book
1aundulxaldin 3 года назад
More like, Child Incest Batman. based on what I learned, Robin SHARED the SAME BED AS BATMAN. No sex, thankfully. Nor was that what it looked like. But it did raise some questionable issues about Batman Silver Age comics during it's selling period. Still, I can't help but grin seeing the lighthearted, over-the-top campy, Pun-utilizing Batman. Who is also the master of WOOSH!!! Cause of da cape.
Madiuss 3 года назад
Ahh i see what you did there :P
Madiuss 3 года назад
yeah bad year.
jerichosfumato 3 года назад
Because 1960s!
turbohawk551 3 года назад
oh ho hhooo bat Rainbow what does it mean
Dewani90 3 года назад
I like that the last part is a wink to ye olde batman intro with adam west, after hitting the bad guys, batman and robin shake hands and then batman covers with his cape, cue batman theme, nana nana nana nana batman.
hppo1 3 года назад
or a white suit if he wanted to go with colours
Master Mewtwo 3 года назад
DoubleATam 3 года назад
Oh, I didn't know this was a reference to that. That's pretty cool, actually. (Don't worry, I like Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I was just pointing out a silly thing.)
Jojo's Moderate Trip 3 года назад
It's a reference to an oft hidden gem of Batman's past where he wears such suits (some of the quotes are even the same as the comic). Its a trademark of Brave and the Bold to utilize the parts of Batman's history that are swept under the carpet, making them work by forgoing the brooding batman with the more silly, golden age bats that starred in those older, more ridiculous adventures. It's a more imaginative batman meant to be taken lightly and humorously.
Nathan Howard 3 года назад
To scare the homophobes away?
Nathan Howard 3 года назад
Because then he wouldn't be as fabulous!
Darendaugh Rilimech 3 года назад
HeraldBFC 3 года назад
Scrinwaipwr 3 года назад
No! Having a techni-coloured-dream-coat-batsuit would not deflect those lasers! Yes, the laser would useless on any bits it hit that were the same or similar enough colour to it, but it would still cause a lot of damage where the colour was different, felling our hero. However, it Batman wore a chrome/mirror/reflective suit, that would reflect the same colour as any laser shot at it and that WOULD keep him safe. Science fiction is fine, science bullshit I fucking hate!
Bander Snatch 3 года назад
Erik Hartley 3 года назад
.whatever you got in your pocket pal, that's where it stays. O_o
Gay Pride Batman
Jokerhamil 3 года назад
Clearly you're not Batman enough
Nick Scheg 3 года назад
Caitlyn Cook 3 года назад
You really think I'm that dumb! Ha! I ain't tellin' you!
Caitlyn Cook 3 года назад
Good. Mr. J's been a little crazier than usual, but I like it that way!
Caitlyn Cook 3 года назад
Hey Birdbrain! How ya doin'?
Xayer 3 года назад
rayblack2004 3 года назад
lol dont hold your breath