Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

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Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

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Comments to the video: Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

Rockin' Poptartz 10 часов назад
this video makes my mom feel old she was born in the 60s
Belle Bernasconi 1 день назад
Saf looked amazing in everything
Kimran Sanghera 1 день назад
Allison Lavorico 1 день назад
these are my fav girls
littlered67104 1 день назад
Safiya's mom looks like my science teacher
Minahyl Shines 1 день назад
saf's slayed her moms outfits
Mercedes Briones 1 день назад
her bloody eyebrows do my head in so hardd
Fuzzy Piggie 1 день назад
If I dressed like my mother, I wouldn't need to change
Fuzzy Piggie 1 день назад
Is no one going to comment on Kristin?!
AAB 22 1 день назад
can sofia has her own show about her and her mom omg that was amazing loveeee
HeyitsLowri 2 дня назад
My mother's name is Debbie too!!
Manahil Khan 2 дня назад
Sofia is a muslim
Angel haggermaker 3 дня назад
why does she say mobile like that
K Tina 3 дня назад
Jens descriptions tho
Emma 26.71 3 дня назад
I love Saf's wavy hair
ckammm 3 дня назад
Kristin in a dress. Revolutionary
Minha Vaseer 4 дня назад
Safiya ,are you indian ?
Lea Kirsten 4 дня назад
Saf looks so awesome
Connie Burgett 4 дня назад
Ri Yeah 4 дня назад
I came here to see Saf REPRESENT that South Asian culture, go girl!!!!!
PixelKittenNyaaa 4 дня назад
luly lulyanka 4 дня назад
Marina McDade 5 дней назад
My mom was a cute casual flower child. Crop tops, round sunglasses, long thick brown hair. Please. I want to look like her.
meikusje 5 дней назад
I actually own a lot of my mom's old clothes ^_^
kromo997 6 дней назад
if I were to dress like my mom when she was my age I would basically look the same just with more flannels (my mom was born in 1980 and I am 19)
Kelly Fenster 6 дней назад
baby Kristen at 2:13 is so cute
briface1000 7 дней назад
Sonia Lopez 7 дней назад
I loved that white blouse that Jen held out. I've been looking for that exact style for weeks.
BossLadyMel 8 дней назад
0:58, your mom is GORGEOUS!!!!!
Han Lavob 8 дней назад
The shirt Freddie was wearing at 5:37 was still really cute
Emily Barnes 8 дней назад
my mom is like a beautiful souther marshmallow lol, what does that even mean?
Taylor Rice 8 дней назад
Honestly, this made me want to be a mom
Frankly My Love 9 дней назад
saf looked amazing on day one
Hachiko Blackblood 10 дней назад
I already dress like a punk from the 90's tho lmao
kristin thorsteinsdottir 10 дней назад
I always feel bad for Jen I don't know why
Jade Crystal 11 дней назад
I look like an I Love Lucy, who also loves jail. 😭😭😭😭
littlesmew 11 дней назад
Are these women typical of American women? If so I feel really sorry for the American men.
Liv Hockman 12 дней назад
Guys should fo their dads
Nadjah Peralta 12 дней назад
Saf looks so beautiful
Sayeh Ciera 12 дней назад
I love safs moms name
milahorder 12 дней назад
freddie is so pretty. her skin glows
Shree Singh 12 дней назад
OMG Kristin looks exactly like her mom😂😂😂😂
Kiss Cosmetics 12 дней назад
My friend and I were in a REALLY REALLY bad car wreck and have been stuck in wheelchairs for the next 3-4 months :/ can Ladylike do a show about being in a chair for a week?!? I would love to see how Freddie , Kristen and or Jen would be like doing this 😁🤣 you would have idea how hard it is to do basic things. picking up girls had been awkward that's for sure 😜 just btw Jen. Hope to hear back/see the show soon!!! -Alexa Kiss
Kata Löffler 12 дней назад
i was a little weird to see safyia in colours
Layla Oglesby 13 дней назад
Can I work for u????????
athreya daw 13 дней назад
ooh safiya's mom is soo indian stylish
alexis mclean 14 дней назад
Is it just me or is Freddie's hair seriously always bomb 100% of the time
Zaney Kins 14 дней назад
Honestly, your moms had it going on! The outfits are cute :)
Natalie D 14 дней назад
Safiya, your mum is pretty @0:58
Javier M.A. Boezem 14 дней назад
safia is not that bad
Donovan Campbell 14 дней назад
Kristin and her mom look the same tbh
Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen 14 дней назад
4:14 that's the outfit I would have to wear, that exact outfit! My mum was like that lol
anonym mouse 16 дней назад
why doesnt jen show us her mums face ?
Celeste Arely 16 дней назад
The blue dress looks really nice on Sofia
Christian C. Anaya 16 дней назад
Why doesn't Jen show her moms face?
Kimchi 16 дней назад
If I dressed like my mum when she was my age or in her twenties I would be wearing a t-shirt ir vest with a Khmer styled skirt thingy. I have worn that before and omg it's so comfortable! Also I am as tall as my mum rn.
Auna Smith 16 дней назад
It's funny, because my mom's style when she was my age was basically jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Basically my style, without high heels and leather jackets.
Annie Buck 17 дней назад
Kristin is wonderful. She has the best turns of phrase. I love Spring! I also love negotiating!
Nneka Love 16 дней назад
Annie Buck Yessss she's really beautiful
get up johnny boy 17 дней назад
TE CALMAS O TE CALMo only latinos will understand
Kanika Garal 19 дней назад
I cant dress like my mom. when my mom was my age she already had me and my brother and was still half my size. she gained weight only in last 2 decades.
TheaterLover14 19 дней назад
On these types of videos, I really just want to see Day 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.I love all the fun little extras to but want to see the outfit everyday,please?!
TheaterLover14 19 дней назад
FREDRICKA?! Love it!!. Also You Lived Inside Me! , that'll so be my excuse when I'm a mom :D
Maris Pender 19 дней назад
Ah, yes, Safiya. The speciality of all mothers. The guilt trip.
caylin tyrell 19 дней назад
Steven Lmfaoo
Jazzy Fizzle 20 дней назад
Kirsten looks awesome in all those outfits!
Sophie Rose 21 день назад
I love Kirsten's outfits and saf makes me laugh
DollDarling 21 день назад
I think almost all of those outfits were really cute and I would wear them! However I was born in 1983 so.maybe I am still al ittle stuck in the past lol.
Lils Pop 22 дня назад
They all look really nice but I don't think Jen can pull off them looks
Jalana Spencer 22 дня назад
So Kristen's mom is Rosanne??
Pusheen Perfect 23 дня назад
on day one safia looked like a beautefull poccahauntus
Pusheen Perfect 23 дня назад
their moms are cute
srv1959 23 дня назад
you girls make me sad and I think that's the point now.
JAIME BM 23 дня назад
freddies cat is ggoorrrggouuusss
Nyla Khodair 23 дня назад
Jens eyes😍
Taylor Duda 23 дня назад
My mom was in her 20's in the 2000s. but I'm 17 😂
Danielle Plays Games 24 дня назад
2:03 on the pic on the right, I can really see Kristen there. They look so alike!
Carrington G 24 дня назад
I loved I think it is saf anyways I loved her outfits that her mom had 😝
Jennifer Ward 24 дня назад
my mom and I already dress the same, flannels and jeans lol
Spela Zgajnar 24 дня назад
Spela Zgajnar 24 дня назад
Safiya looks sooo goood with curly hair 😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Raccoon Proof 25 дней назад
Kristin has eyebrows that also look like Corinne's from threadbanger lol
Mariana Souza 26 дней назад
OMG, I literally loved all Safya's and Freddie's outfits! Like, their clothes were awesome and vintage! And also, Safya looked FIERCE with that curly hair!
Blurryink 28 дней назад
Jen saying her outfit was put together but had mis matched socks XD
Tiny Midget 28 дней назад
Debbie looks like Abby lee dance company
heidi brown 28 дней назад
I love you jen!!!!
Catalina 28 дней назад
They should do a look book of their own style
Freya Carol 29 дней назад
Omg they should do a lady like episode were they get tattoos!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Cloud 29 дней назад
This is the sweetest thing ever
Valu Relanez 30 дней назад
I LOVE Saf's curly hair!!!
tessefles 30 дней назад
jen looks likes her mom
xXunicornXx 1 месяц назад
i already dress like my mom bc she gave me her clothes and they're really cool and 90s but also apparently not appropriate for me according to her
LiviLiuTube 1 месяц назад
Saf imitating her mom is the coolest and funniest thing!
Toys For Whacky Weirdos 1 месяц назад
They all looked so good, especially safe with that hair!
Rehana Rafiq 1 месяц назад
Safiya's and Jen's clothes were lit af
Regan Allen 1 месяц назад
I can't imagine my life without Freddie and Jen