Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

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Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

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Comments to the video: Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

LiviLiuTube 15 минут назад
Saf imitating her mom is the coolest and funniest thing!
Don't Judge Me 1 час назад
They all looked so good, especially safe with that hair!
Rehana Rafiq 16 часов назад
Safiya's and Jen's clothes were lit af
Regan Allen 1 день назад
I can't imagine my life without Freddie and Jen
Kaitlyn Watts 1 день назад
Jen's mum sounds like me.
Sheyla Tirado 1 день назад
Kristin and her moms are legit twins its so cute
ilysidearms 3 дня назад
imagine this type of video being made but the moms are from the 2010s and they're talking about how their mom wore skinny jeans and crop tops with emojis on it
Mady Raven 3 дня назад
my mom is 50 and I'm 11
Alleyiaah 3 дня назад
My mom and Kristens mom is basically the same person with the big hair, bold lipstick, dress-shirts and leggings with lace LOL
Fred Live life as you please 3 дня назад
Abigail Mathis 3 дня назад
Jordan Harrow 4 дня назад
Saf and I need to be bestfriends
serenidy crouch 4 дня назад
i just laught when jen said, i'm a school teacter who got fired. 
Griffin Squires 4 дня назад
My moms iconic 70's outfit was jeans and a sweater that said I ❤ General Hospital
SimplySumaya 4 дня назад
I love Safiya and Freddie so much ❤️❤️
sophiedoesmakeup 4 дня назад
Jen looks a pirate x
Tejas Vyas 4 дня назад
safiya is indian 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Emmy K 5 дней назад
Kristen rocked EVERYTHING
Danae Rackliff 5 дней назад
kristin looks so good!
Ayon 22 5 дней назад
This video is so cute!!! <3
Ceibhfhionn 5 дней назад
Maddy And Kelsey 6 дней назад
OᗰG I ᒪOᐯE ᒍEᑎ ᔕᕼE Iᔕ ᗰY IᗪOᒪ
Zainab Osman 6 дней назад
Mumtaz means excellent in Arabic. I wonder where Safiya is from.
Riachi 6 дней назад
Terry's daughter is so cute.
rekha mishra 6 дней назад
I love safiya and her boyfriend
Alice Chau 7 дней назад
My mum had really wide shoulders, so she had to take off the shoulder pads or otherwise she would look really weird lmaoo
Becky Anderson 7 дней назад
to dress like your mom's for 2 months
Nubbie Nubs 7 дней назад
Safyia was the cutest
Bella Belle 7 дней назад
Freddy hair looks stunning at the start x
Morgan Love 8 дней назад
Wow, Jen looks just like her mom!
Lilith Wayne 8 дней назад
Jen - I'm a school teacher who gets fired. lol
Genevieve Amanda 9 дней назад
Safs mum is the opposite of saf
AyyeItsKey 10 дней назад
Ginger Nolasco 10 дней назад
2:58 Any Hamilton fans out there?
Chloe Villamor 11 дней назад
My mom matches literally EVERYTHING she wears, and she refuses to wear anything that's not neon color. I've literally gone to family parties with her where she wore lime green pants, lime green top, lime green shoes and she matched it with her lime green glasses.
Amy 11 дней назад
Saf's mum has great style
Maren Timmermans 11 дней назад
I love it when jen photoshopped her face on her mom😂😂
OceanSprinkles 11 дней назад
Saf's hair looks so good with the waves and middle part.
maeve thiel 11 дней назад
The angry mom bit at the start, I just keep replaying it😂😂
jasmine bell 11 дней назад
How come we can't see Jens mum !??
ürbañ 12 дней назад
i love the faces that Jen photoshopped just to cover her mum's face. xD
Naomi Clarke 12 дней назад
Ladylike is my absolute jam 😂
Lexi P 13 дней назад
Jen is my favorite❤
Flabby Wooz 13 дней назад
Is Safiya Muslim?
Kelsie LeCrone 13 дней назад
My mom was in her 20s in the 90s, so she just wore a bunch of big shirts, men's plaid boxers as shorts, and leggings. lol Not very stylish. 😂
Lyric Lillian 13 дней назад
I love Kristen look
Thinza Yadana 14 дней назад
I'm asian Burmese
Ethereal Traveler 14 дней назад
I love everything Safiya wore. I especially want the blue dress. Mumtaz had great style!
Rachel murphy 14 дней назад
That's weird my mom was in her twenties in the 90s
iBeSina 11 дней назад
Rachel murphy My mom was 10 in the 90s
Stacey Noffke 15 дней назад
I already dress exactly like my mom.
lor_lor_loves 23 15 дней назад
jen is too cute
Little Dragon 15 дней назад
Jen looked like an anime school teacher
Rahni Draper 15 дней назад
Saf suites that
Gabriella Castaneda 15 дней назад
The girl with the black dress she super pretty but is she adopted
Sarah Roach 16 дней назад
Safs mother is actually me when it comes to eating out
Vale López 16 дней назад
Kristin 👎🏼
just another piece of kpop trash 16 дней назад
you lived inside me I CANT BREATHHH 😂
me anonymous 16 дней назад
RandomRuby ! 16 дней назад
Safs hair looks so nice curled
summer cartagena 17 дней назад
its actually scary when u never really knew your mom but when you see pictures of her when she was your age YOUR TASTE IN CLOTHING IS LITERALLY THE SAME. AND IT DOESN'T HELP THAT YOU SHARE THE EXACT SAME FACE TOO. genetics man.
The Queen 17 дней назад
when you're adopted you never hear I carried you for 9 months, and 1 hours of labour that's one of the best parts
Omg It's Summer 17 дней назад
Jen looks like a pirate lol x
Salty Clorox Bleach 17 дней назад
These woman, are the only reason I watch Ladylike
Laila&Kakngah's Wanderlust 17 дней назад
my mom is actually more fashionable than me
Nadira Adiswari 18 дней назад
Man I'd love to see a full video of Saf and Freddie imitating their respective moms, that'd be totally awesome
Kayla Crouse 18 дней назад
I love this group of girls!!
It's Naomi's life 18 дней назад
I wanted to see jen's mom so bad 😳😳😳
Tina Belleville 18 дней назад
Who's watching in 2017???
Olivia's Ukulele 19 дней назад
I like how Kristen is like the 80s is the time of the dinosaurs
Alishba Nadeem 19 дней назад
Is safiah muslim?
I have HOPE 20 дней назад
I loved all saf's outfits
HeyItzIishi 20 дней назад
Jen's cam: Mostly all Asians YASS ASIAN FAM
Nellie Collier 20 дней назад
Lol 😂 My hair is like a beautiful southern marshmallow 
fefefefifafu 21 день назад
saf and kristin looked so wonderful!
yoppie 21 день назад
My moms just like me crazy, a tomboy, likes to be comfortable and is funny
Gabbs 22 дня назад
Does anyone knows where Kristin got that dress she had in the beginning? With the pink bottom and black top?? I know it's probably plus size and that's fine cause I'm plus size.
Mikala K 22 дня назад
saf looked super cute with the middle parted curly hair
Brooke Pease 22 дня назад
i used to not really like kristen but i have grown to love her so much she's so funny beautiful and smart WHY DIDNT I NOTICE THIS BEFORE!!!!
Sarah Sadi 22 дня назад
So apparently I dress like Fredie's mom. I think there is a chance that i'm not as fashion forward as I thought. 😂
Emily Smith 22 дня назад
Saf could wear a potato sack and look amazing. She's just so beautiful ❤❤
harshdeep kainth 23 дня назад
safiya your mom is indian ame indian
Elise Donaho 23 дня назад
saf legit looked so pretty tho
Maria Antonia Mejia 23 дня назад
Saf looked BOMB!
Ainsley Gorman 24 дня назад
Thats how my mom is when she text me and my sisters
ry role 24 дня назад
I wonder if they will do moms wear their daughters outfits for a week
Snigdha Podugu 25 дней назад
Andrea Lynn 26 дней назад
I love this so much!! 😍 I want to do this because it's adorable. The girls looks so much like their moms and I look nothing like mine 😂 I have olive skin, brown hair, small brown eyes, and a round face. My mom has light skin, blonde hair, big green eyes, and a slim face. BUT I act just like her 😊
MJ Rosado 26 дней назад
0:03 and 0:07 😂😂😂😂
shobika manivannan 26 дней назад
Emily Reece 26 дней назад
Sad and Kristen can totally ROCK curls!
Mah Milkshake 26 дней назад
anyone else just watching Ladylike cuz Jen's on there? nobody? :U
Snowypup 2020 27 дней назад
OMG Y'all are GORGEOUS!!!!
Zara Karlieva 27 дней назад
kristin look so much like her mom!
Sly The Loser 27 дней назад
Saf slayed this video 😍
Dani Campos 28 дней назад
you guys look so beautiful like your moms I think they are proud :)
Ornella Boynak 28 дней назад
Love Kristens outfit