Justice League Kids

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Justice League Kids

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Mystery Me 1 hour ago
This is so fucking cute o geez
Beth Mattson 3 hours ago
I love it it's so cool that I want to watch every season of it and I want to like Cartoon Network I do Teen Titans Go as a good one so is everyone else on Cartoon Network so you might want to watch it tonight or right now right now it's been 10 it's so cool or someone in it and his name is Ben and is 11 years old the other cousin and the other grandfather and he's in a video game right now.
Beth Mattson 3 hours ago
I like it I like Cartoon Network too Connor. Oh snap oh snap I love it so bad I want to watch every season of Every show next up is Ninjago master of Spinjitzu.
Alona Gaff 5 hours ago
Batkid so cute!!
The Human Torch 11 hours ago
At first when I saw this episode, I thought the League actually gave four random kids their powers and skills, but when I started watching it, I realized that the four of them just turned into kids. And it was in a way kinda disappointing.
Girly Gameplay 13 hours ago
The ending though lol😂😂😂😂
SivilSV - 16 hours ago
I wonder if batman(the kid version)looks like damian wayne(is my spelling of damian correct)
Yoseph Ariyanto 22 hours ago
Altertale Toriel 1 day ago
Man, for somebody with like, 50 different kinds of vision, you are so blind. -John(Green Lantern) 2004
Bruce Bennett 1 day ago
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Doreen Pooran 1 day ago
its weird to know how girls can handle babys but boy, cant hahaha so funny with superman,batman and greenlantern
Anu Krish 1 day ago
With someone who has 50 kinds of vision, man you’re blind.
Sail_ AcrossYT 2 days ago
Soup-er-man. Ba-ta-man. Wun-der-wo-men. Gree-n-lan-tern.
Ochynomezuwahsaad Antisocialdisestablimentarianism 2 days ago
They messed up 2:36 Wonder girl Said now that's a job for Superman
Godly Barr 2 days ago
Fuck wondertrash
Chemyakin 2 days ago
Etrogan should've broken his teeth upon biting Superman's arm.
Charley Street 3 days ago
roberto ernesto davila rubio 4 days ago
Me gusta
Marzena Krom 4 days ago
Bla bla bla
Gray Blackhelm 4 days ago
Is it just me. Or is Wonder Woman fucking adorable.
nathan thao 4 days ago
They’re a bunch of snitches.
John Mendez Jr 5 days ago
Batman have sex with wonder women
Kameron Mann 5 days ago
Batkid, Superadolescent, Green Lightbulb, and Wonder girl, The Justice Kids😂🤣😆 I loved this episode
Tobastion 5 days ago
Prince Evan?
Jordan Powell 5 days ago
Why does this remind me of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the movie with Ivan Ooze where basically kids could anything they wanted to without any adults around XD
Jack Osborne 6 days ago
Aww, baby Etrigan!!
Pete Chan 6 days ago
wow this has alot of views
The Septicdiamond 6 days ago
Seen this a few years ago
Simon Rhee 6 days ago
Batboy - Batman Super boy - Superman Wonder girl - Wonder Woman If the joker is a kid too, what would he be?
Simon Rhee 6 days ago
The Punchline?
andrew guerin 6 days ago
It’s a cartoon Joffrey
Blaine 427 6 days ago
Lantern's the best 😂😂 I'll make a lawnmower and Chew him up 👌
WildEagle28 7 days ago
Man I must have missed the episode of game of thrones where Geoffrey fights the justice league
SCP-343 7 days ago
Kid wonder woman is thicc. I'd smash if she were real.
JiaWei Lum 8 days ago
Wonder woman hot tho
David Patino 7 days ago
JiaWei Lum I’m calling the police
JiaWei Lum 8 days ago
Wonder woman hot tho
fernanda piveta 8 days ago
Da hora. o. desenho
fernanda piveta 8 days ago
Como. e. seu nome
Odst1625 8 days ago
Two words that describe all of this : hilariously adorable
Mic Hyaz 8 days ago
Don't let this be real or i will die.
EmilyWhy 9 days ago
Diana is mom AF.
she wolf 9 days ago
Superman 4:56 lol
Nakiyyah Nunn 9 days ago
wonder women love the BATS
EAT THIS 9 days ago
Batman:you've got to be kidding Wonderwoman:he is a baby,that is all he needed Green lantern: *sniffs* ahh man that ain't all he needed Batman:now that is a job for superman
Michelle Mendoza 9 days ago
Miss.Heroes of Olympus 10 days ago
Does anyone think that Bruce should be the one to changes estrogens? Diaper? I mean he is the one that has like 3-4 kids.
Daomin Li 10 days ago
So cute
Daeg 10 days ago
Did not expect baby Etrigan and I was not displeased.
NigelGamer 7089 10 days ago
0:18 And there was me thinking Batman would just backflip and twist its hand. And in pretty much everything Batman did was get help from Wonder Woman
Jimmy Afamasaga 10 days ago
Haha 😂 Girl friend
Ooo Fbdd 10 days ago
this is nice l like it
Andrew Petersen 11 days ago
Theater Mode. Dang this Video is making this channel 6 figures.
Fariko Wishless 11 days ago
Those kids got sadistic REAAAAAL fuckin quick.
Fariko Wishless 11 days ago
Oh my fucking gosh I forgot how adorable baby etrigan was. So dam cute.
marcio lopes 12 days ago
HeiLoveMan 12 days ago
Laney Osborne 12 days ago
Mehmet Ali Kucukyaman 12 days ago
il make a lawmoar and thew em up
Mehmet Ali Kucukyaman 12 days ago
How could, batman reject wonder woman???
Joel Meibom 12 days ago
Batman and Wonderwoman as kids are perfect together💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Anirudh Sivakumar 12 days ago
Justice League :Chibi
Pranab Dasgupta 12 days ago
Wonder woman is good
Sophia Eonne 13 days ago
John:you’re girlfriend sure Is bossy Bruce:shut up
Ruth Brockman 13 days ago
Green lantern was funny when he said your girlfriend is bossy
𓅗𝒾𝒸𝑒𝒷𝒶𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒶𝓃𓅗 13 days ago
Shouldn’t Batman be on robins level
Vili Paananen 13 days ago
Vili Paananen 13 days ago
sou foda pa caralho para vocês né 14 days ago
Manda alguém português c******
darryl crist 14 days ago
wonder women and batman should kiss oh and they are cute together
Eugenia Wong 14 days ago
the ending of this episode is just so disturbing
Finlay Mckernan 14 days ago
Wonder woman is a snitch
Vizardking0 14 days ago
I just noticed that when Lantern calls Wonderwomen Bat’s girlfriend, he doesn’t deny it lol
Videos divertidos con lps . 14 days ago
Sorry 😳
Ashley Morgan 15 days ago
Ffb. Df. Cfgv drttf. C5. 5v njiuyv. we. Dfb. Fgb. Cb. Th.
Brian Ha 15 days ago
i thought kryptonians only got their powers until they were older like pubs but.also Idk how to spell that so think I'm talking about superman
therfrag 12 16 days ago
Wheres flash or do i call him kid flash you see what did there?
double drago 16 days ago
Edegy bloody batman
马雅宁 16 days ago
Anna Marzaduri 16 days ago
Wonder Woman and Superman, Batman and Catwoman!!!!
Kenneth Clemons 16 days ago
Lol, The cutest justice league episode ever!!
Fitri Ramdani 16 days ago
Fitri Ramdani 16 days ago
Ateş pirensesi 16 days ago
Come more
Batman 17 days ago
I'm kind of in love with Diana guys. Does she possibly feel the same way?
PandoraPlayz 17 days ago
Ooooooooooo Super Boy Got Some Jeleuosi Becaus Wander Girl Is Holding Bat Boy Hand😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Charlie Rios 17 days ago
WONDER WOMAN the Tattletale!!!
Khual Suan 17 days ago
Why isn't t there part twooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yasmin Kg 17 days ago
🤗🤗 hello
jojohernandez14 18 days ago
i want a baby etrigan..
Sweetie Furby 18 days ago
Love is blind duh superman a gl
Jake Wasserman 18 days ago
in the ending of the episode where Wonder Woman says it was fun being a kid again, and Batman said I haven't been a kid since I was eight, was so sad.
Al M 18 days ago
i love wunder womin
Elma Garcia Barrera 18 days ago
OMG the version Is cool.
MemeStar21 5 18 days ago
Good or cringy? You decide
MemeStar21 5 18 days ago
I think I like the original
Davina Elwell 18 days ago
Davina Elwell 18 days ago
Thanks again,
Subhasis Jena 18 days ago
This was so epic , each line each dialogue has its own very special place
HamiltonRocksForever 19 days ago
3:36 that girl should shut the heck up if she knows what's good for her
shizelle David 19 days ago
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shizelle David 19 days ago
oh baby push harder and suck harderrr ohhhhh
Imelda Escareño 19 days ago
l eg.muy. juega buen equipó

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