Justice League Kids

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Justice League Kids

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Sameer Omar 6 days ago
If the Flash,Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl were also transformed into 8 year old kids by Morgaine Le Fay in the episode Kid Stuff ,I expect Wally's personality would be that of a childish dimwitted boy,J'onn's would be like he acts as the most mature one in the group and Shayera's would be of a cute sensitive little girl who loves girly stuff.
Slip and Trip 6 days ago
Hey what do you all think of this original family friendly superhero comedy series?
MtnDewGuy100 15 days ago
Wonder Woman or eh wonder girl is just ugh so 😻😻😻
ruben wu 15 days ago
Hahaha look at superman is cute😂😂😂😂😂
Tommy Brad 23 days ago
The Justice Dweebs.
Diana Cortes 23 days ago
Wonder woman as a crush on bat man
Lil' Wanderer 24 days ago
Why did they have to make green lantern(black kid) say that AINT all he needs Profiling never ends
Carlos Alberto González Luna 25 days ago
niñosporsiempre kidsfoerever
Bingo Pop 4 25 days ago
Man, even the justice league ACT like kids as kids.
Batman 25 days ago
Worst day ever
seth the alpha boy 25 days ago
Wonder woman makes a great mother
Refugio Lara 25 days ago
Your girlfriend is bossy Shut up (sounds annoyed )😋😂
Jbfgjfdدجخهعذطمنتf S H Jhdvbb 26 days ago
عجبني باتمان اعجبني باتمان ممكن ترسل ثيمات على كرتون نتورك بالعربيه بات مان على كرتون نتورك بالعربيه مات مات حلوه اريده روحي تماتيك حق حلو اعطيك لايك واشتراك بالقناه
da gingerbread boi 26 days ago
49 MILLION VIEWS. Bring this show back man.
Okay I am not trying to sound racist but I'm pretty sure the Green Lantern is white in every scenario except for this crappy cartoon
KiFi 27 days ago
Бля мило 0:30
Bladedge Vamphog 27 days ago
Wonder Loli
I just got this episode on a dvd (JLU: saving the world) about an hour ago
فيصل المرئي 28 days ago
夜霜 28 days ago
Wonder Woman MVP
Morgan Stewart 28 days ago
Kid or adult Wonder Woman doesn’t take anyone’s shit
Alexander Foote 28 days ago
Young wonder woman is the actress of Coraline
Natalie Lopez 29 days ago
And why does wnder woman act's like she loves batman?
Natalie Lopez 29 days ago
Whoah wonder woman was strict
Anna Napstab 29 days ago
whatever 😂
Bernard Amimo 29 days ago
Liam Lopez 29 days ago
Oooooh there in love
Max The gamer 29 days ago
the flash??
le tuyet loan 29 days ago
Wodewomem love batman
jinxer430 :3 29 days ago
I don't know why but if you listen closely when get hit by something it sound like in the background the roblox death noice
MauroPlay [Traficante de Peruanos] 29 days ago
MauroPlay [Traficante de Peruanos] 29 days ago
Kaguai Batmannnnn;n. :b, :;NnKsisne leían dejé que wi
MauroPlay [Traficante de Peruanos] 29 days ago
Flin tain uba
MauroPlay [Traficante de Peruanos] 29 days ago
Jaja batman :v
Yash Kalyan 29 days ago
Holy shit 48 million views
Bob the magic koala 1 month ago
Lil. Brucie is the cutest lil. kiddo out the cartoon
htet myat noe 1 month ago
I like wonder woman
Unwound Paperclip 1 month ago
Wait so it made them immature too?
Hla Wai 1 month ago
Superman suck
Hla Wai 1 month ago
Goku can beat superman
Galih Bagas 1 month ago
nive and lol
assassinnator matt 1 month ago
Superman is blind as a BAT
xXfriends4lifeXx :3 1 month ago
There missing the flash
Gladiator Star 1 month ago
That roast at the end tho. 😂
Liuhuayue 1 month ago
0:15 Edna: No capes.
MrDestabilize 1 month ago
No capes.
Super Nitro Z64 1 month ago
They are much cuter as kids
Harmony Jewl 1 month ago
Superman is so adorable as a kid
Yuno Gasailove 1 month ago
Cutie superman😍
Roberto Ortis 1 month ago
Martina Techow 1 month ago
bort24bort24 1 month ago
4:02 best scene lol
stephanie leyva 1 month ago
Famous line, I'm gonna tell your mom!~
1234 5678e 1 month ago
THC Tamim 1 month ago
2:09 dun dun dun
Odette Taylors Wenjing kee 1 month ago
There so adorable and so cute but my fav is Wonder Woman
anime does 1 month ago
any one else notice that he never denied that wonder woman wasn't his girlfriend he just said shut up 3:57
Daniel Jacobs 1 month ago
No love for “Imma make a lawnmower and chew Em up!”?
Victoria Grey 1 month ago
Señora de Mendoza 1 month ago
GL: Your girlfriend sure is bossy. BM: Shut up. Me: Ooh, he didn't deny it.
mrdoughghe 1 month ago
Wonder woman’s *F L A T N E S S*
meri mahfil yaroo 1 month ago
Wander woman real mom 😈
komatsusakura 1 month ago
Superman has lois lane
Glenda Almendares 1 month ago
seneta engram 1 month ago
deejay from apple 1 month ago
younger justice
Rell Knight 1 month ago
I’ll make a lawnmower & chew em up lmao 🤣
Avtar Singh 1 month ago
Wish I could get a girl like wonder woman 😂
Charity V 1 month ago
This should have been a series
Iris Vickers 1 month ago
Batman x Wonder Woman 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bobmelll Army 1 month ago
They all look like teenager but sound like 8 year olds, but still a good show
Mary Martin 1 month ago
Is this a tv show
Airjitzumaster101 1 month ago
0:33 Batman XD
EeveeLove 1 month ago
Kid Bruce is like the less mean version of Damien
Luis Lopez 1 month ago
I think batman or should I say Batboy blushed when he said shut up
James Breummer 1 month ago
Your girlfriend sure is bossy 😂
Kenzo Sulit 1 month ago
Wonder loli I mean wonder girl
Jake Bryant 1 month ago
Why do I have the sick feeling there's loli art of this Wonder Woman
zack plays 1 month ago
At start batman and wonder women lol XD
Border Jumper 1 month ago
ok but why does this video have 19k dislikes
Willster 1 month ago
Why did Batman become a prick? He’s supposed to be cool and calm and collected but in this as a kid he’s a dick
TheMehGamer 1 month ago
Would’ve been great to see the flash in this episode, then he’d be kid flash again
Saalik Latifi 1 month ago
Wheres flash?
Jonas Haber 1 month ago
Why does that batkid sounds like teemo 😂💀
ERDIN ! FODJ 1 month ago
and flash ?
Lamexx .-. 1 month ago
Well sorry Superman
sherwan b-m 1 month ago
Being a kid is super awesome
Christopher Marquez 1 month ago
Did superman just threaten two kids with lasers 😂😂😂😂😂
Syed Noore Rasul 1 month ago
So is Wonder Woman only like 150 years old here?
Maliyah And Friends 1 month ago
The end tho
Malaki MUI 1 month ago
I’m salty there’s no flash
Mia Harris ward 1 month ago
So funny 😂😂
Pls help 1 month ago
Corey Parker 1 month ago
Lawn mower and chew him up lol this was the days they look so cute now
Carlos Alberto 1 month ago
I like it so much
Captain Fire 1 month ago
4:45 Makes a girl REALLY cute, especially if she does it towards you
Captain Fire 1 month ago
0:30 I would really want my crush to hold me like that and ask if I was okay
Leah daughter de kiara 1 month ago
Batman is so cute😘😍😍😍😍😍😘
Audrey Ruby 1 month ago
What's with them? Man, for somebody with like 50 different kinds of vision, you are so blind! What?! XD
ms bruce whane

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