Justice League Kids

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Justice League Kids

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Comments to the video: Justice League Kids

Bruce Wayne 23 hours ago
Batman and Wonder woman 💗💖❤💝💟💙💚💛♥ In LOVE
Kurby Pinky 1 day ago
salmiah jambi 7 days ago
woow a kid with power
So batman is genius kid
4everAmerican 10 days ago
Can you imagine Lobo as a kid?
4everAmerican 10 days ago
+Robert Davis The 2nd I wish Lobo could have made more appearances on Justice League.
Robert Davis The 2nd 10 days ago
Yeah a spoiled brat but still attracted to porn
KGC Omega 13 days ago
How fucking thirsty was Diana
Adijah Hepburn 15 days ago
What is this
David Ogundipe 17 days ago
Who still ships batwonder relationship
Melvin Salazar 17 days ago
Wonder Woman and Batman sittin in a tree k I s s I n g 👍
chu joanna 18 days ago
Elexys white 15 days ago
4:40 Whatever 4:49 What-ever He's so cute acting like he doesn't care, when we all know he does.
Joy Damabel 19 days ago
This younger Green Lantern is funny asf especially at the end
Kitty Wu 26 days ago
I love this episode.
Gariks Merem 26 days ago
Wish they made a movie out of this😳
Kyla Sharma 28 days ago
Now that is a job for superman OHHHHHHHHH
Kyla Sharma 28 days ago
Edward Pederson 30 days ago
This is so stupid
Igarappappa 1 month ago
I love how expressive they all are as kids.
Julia Stutz 1 month ago
Die Mehl vom und Putz zuzugeben 😉😬😈😗👫👪👫👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂💪💪💪💪💪💪
Always watching 1 month ago
“I’ll make a lawnmower and chew him up!” “Man, for somebody with like 50 different kinds of vision, you are so blind!” I love young John!
ARLIND SALIHI 1 month ago
Super man. Is. MY favorite
Mara Camargo Leite Silva 1 month ago
Bem do top
Ikabakura Myers 1 month ago
Where is hawk girl
Ivony Alves 1 month ago
Ivony Alves 1 month ago
andri ani 1 month ago
Miniki Abzurdah 1 month ago
I had forgotten about this. But now I see the similarities. Damian is totally Bruce’s son 🤣🤣🤣
Ruthba Ahmed 1 month ago
I was the first one watching it
Alexia Vazquez 1 month ago
Green lantern:Wow your girlfriend is bossy Batman:Shut up
Ultra instinct Boi 1 month ago
Wonder Woman wants To get laid with Batman so bad
Shannon Curtis 1 month ago
I'm the kid with lazer beams coming out of his eyes
NC 13582247 1 month ago
Shit, she was gonna tell Mom. Too far, Diana.
mushagalusa nalumva 1 month ago
very awesome and particular it was one of the best the best est super action super hero movie
MrCampanile 1 month ago
Robern Ortiz 2 months ago
Wow wonderwuman
İlknur Erdem 2 months ago
süper çocukların gücü
NINJA_ KID_GAMING 2 months ago
Wats the ep called
Bacon 2 months ago
I officially ship Diana and Bruce more than Diana and Clark. Thanks
Dwyane Noroño 2 months ago
hello justice league man to kifs
Dorrien _89 2 months ago
Lil girl: You can't tell us what to do, you're not our mom Wonder woman: Well we're gonna find your parents.and I'm gonna tell. Lil girl: Well what should we do Wonder woman be takin authoritah
Maria Das Dores 2 months ago
Unknown Temptation Gaming 2 months ago
If Green Lantern was real i would be a part of it because i have the best imagination! A 12 Year Old
Fidel Spiderman 2 months ago
Meowey Gaming 2 months ago
Batman is so adorable as a kid hahaha
Katya Ivanova 2 months ago
It wery good! I like you!!!!!!!!
يوسف احمد البياتي 2 months ago
كثير طيب
dada dada 2 months ago
This is sucks the justice league small
Barry Alle 2 months ago
Jancarlos Gomez Sanchez 2 months ago
I think superman and wonder woman are good together😩😭
Diego Rosendo 2 months ago
Nastu Dragneel 2 months ago
Its robin not batboy is that even a thing?
Hind Nasser2 2 months ago
Nugget's Lego Guns 2 months ago
Are batman’s parents dead already?
dilan thivanka 2 months ago
this has the best characteristic for them.
I have No name 2 months ago
Awww clueless clark
eddie ! 2 months ago
why are they so cute
Ravinder Pannu 2 months ago
Kids got better views.
Robin Todoroki 3 months ago
Elyse Akhtar 3 months ago
Batman is kinda sour, but wonder women is okay
Usuário Uso 3 months ago
Kalebe Lopez 3 months ago
Claudia Marlen Vargas 3 months ago
Wiktor Mielcarek 3 months ago
ricky hartnick 3 months ago
WTF ?!?!
José Daniel 3 months ago
ไม่ให้ก่นล่อง แข่วหลุดเลย 3 months ago
Aireen Guerrero 3 months ago
G yrh
naima ahmed 3 months ago
aida are you cray star fire is cartoon
Braden Knight 3 months ago
Batman is so stubborn when it comes to love with Wonder Woman
Maruba Silaen 3 months ago
Jalasea Shingoose 3 months ago
Y x cd
Andrija Ljubicic 3 months ago
SOLID SNAKE 3 months ago
just way? Way did anyone watch this? WAY AM I WATCHING THIS NOW???
disafiu do mundos dos santos da silva 3 months ago
Valve Pro 3 months ago
Thanhina ng puta yang sira ulo na si super man
thuy nguyen 3 months ago
Barbara Toscanini 3 months ago
unicorn 2000 4 months ago
Lol who does superman think he is to laser two little boys
Political Abberation 4 months ago
What's this series called? Watched this 10 years ago wanna watch this again
Justin Blystone 4 months ago
2:04 At that moment, Wonder Woman realized that she had too put her motherly skills that her own mother used a long time ago to use.
xav pratt 4 months ago
Wonder girl is the best babysitter
Teen Gohan 4 months ago
Dang wonder woman stop trying to have a baby with Bruce you are already flirting with him🙄😒 In this whole entire episode 🙄
Frances Witt 4 months ago
they are just kids
Kaliny Ficha 4 months ago
matthew12346745 here go 4 months ago
Dun dun dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum
ThatshowI Roll 4 months ago
2:57 that disturbed me while I was a kid watching it
Maria Luisa Alozo 4 months ago
Ahhh so cute
Andrea Berrios 4 months ago
dove the dark fairy 4 months ago
They look so cute a. Little kids
Uma Sharma Sharma 4 months ago
Where is flash
GuestGaming Neel 4 months ago
I watched this when I was really little
Budget and Funding WC 4 months ago
Holy god batman and wonder woman are in love.
Luke Moy 4 months ago
4:08 is so CUTE!!!
negra1701 4 months ago
where's the robot named cyborg
قناة البداع والفن 4 months ago
صغار ومفرغ
arqm555 4 months ago
Lol WW is great mom
VANCED STUDIOS2 4 months ago
Batboys an angsty teen
VANCED STUDIOS2 4 months ago
This has so many views!
Marvelous Sapla 4 months ago
Flirty Wonder Woman Boiiiiiiiii Wooppp! My SHIP!! OOO!!
Nora Universe 4 months ago

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