Justice League Kids

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Justice League Kids

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Comments to the video: Justice League Kids

LawJacob IsInTheWood 5 days ago
4:34 - 4:36 was the smartest thing that kal or Clark has ever said🤣🤣
Princetin Jimenez 9 days ago
anthoer episode of WhYisTHis InMY reCamendations
Mochi Mucho 9 days ago
4:00 “Your girlfriend sure is bossy.” “Shut up!” *Man Batman doesn’t like people saying stuff like that about his girlfriend.* 😂😂
naruto pumbaya 9 days ago
80%shipping batman and wonderwoman 19.9999% Man with a guy with 50 visions you are so blind 0.0001% jdlx is making alot of money from re uploading
Trogalitious 9 days ago
Batman is still as edgy as a kid it’s hilarious
FlameBlue 9 days ago
Clark seems to be more of a badass as kid
trancelistic 10 days ago
its not a race
Marvin Morales 10 days ago
Im starting to imagine the lines from Kevin Conroy, George Newbern, Susan Eisenberg, and Phil LaMarr
Señor Serjilicious 10 days ago
Ive never seen so many views for vids like these lol. Shows how much this show really conveyed to people
General Grevious 10 days ago
Why does this have so many views😂
Mariah Delfs 10 days ago
ya you are blind stupid
Dark Starr 10 days ago
The dialogue is perfect. Literally 5 minutes of this thing better than BvS
Natalia Washington 10 days ago
But Batman didn’t deny being her boyfriend though
The Ghost Of Sparta 11 days ago
Why the black guys lips hugh mungus tho
Tomas Depina 11 days ago
How come BatBoy has such a childish voice, I thought he would sound 18 🤔
DB choobie 11 days ago
Wonder woman---> snitch ass
Jhai Wen Diaz 12 days ago
2:04-2:22 WonderGirl is Everyone's Big Sister
Batfan 2070 12 days ago
ever since watching this episode i can't imagine their grown up voices saying the same lines when they were in their kid forms
S.Nathan.Z TBSL 12 days ago
This was a fun episode
meme god 12 days ago
Poor sups he just wanted to date wonder woman
Gianna Shine 12 days ago
i watched this episode i netflix like a billion times
azir uddin 12 days ago
i want starfire😍🤩
CaptainHAX Gaming 13 days ago
2:52 Woah these kids are fucked
Tyler Max 13 days ago
Batman has a crush
Cookie 13 days ago
Batman is Batman
Dres2000 14 days ago
Fucking weirdos talking to themselves in the comments. Great.
TGamer Bailey 14 days ago
Wounder women loves batman
shadian andrew 14 days ago
And I'm a boy the photo is my sister
shadian andrew 14 days ago
Batman I have a girlfrend to her name is Serena she is the bases and sexiest girl in the class and she kissed me
PUBG chakrinaruebet 17 days ago
8 *(((*(฿+. Nbnngf
Duckziz Gaminz 17 days ago
This is Adorable
Shadical Metop5 17 days ago
ISH ISHY 18 days ago
Dalton Winterrowd 19 days ago
lord thanos 18 days ago
+Dalton Winterrowd you're talking to yourself great
Dalton Winterrowd 19 days ago
I need you to get home
Sabrina Silva 19 days ago
Cee Mee 19 days ago
:Pklk pllkj I'll opp
Mike Herrera 19 days ago
Why super hero's would make good parenting (wonder women parenting)
Nobody Important 20 days ago
Only Batman would Wonder Woman in the friendzone.
Makhi Daniels 21 days ago
Snichs get stiechs and end up in diches
Santiago Efrain Franco 21 days ago
Live Action version Noah Schnapp: Batman Sophia Lillis: Wonder Woman Caleb Mclaughlin: Green Lantern Finn Wolfhard: Superman
Zacimus the master Shooter 23 days ago
Dam their voices turned the most kid like
Yinnah Jenkins 24 days ago
if that man say my name one more time can you help
pulsar94605 25 days ago
Get'em that was your entire plan get'em. Where have I heard that before
Un Real 25 days ago
And of course the black kid has the stereotypical giant lips. Smh my head
Richard Adlawan 26 days ago
O men dats all he needs that was Soo funny green lantern
QQ /Afro Sage 26 days ago
Your girlfriend sure is bossy Shut up 🤣🤣😂
Sackboy 26 days ago
Justice League GO!
Keyonia Hardy 26 days ago
Batman manged to be a kid again
Keyonia Hardy 26 days ago
No one died
Sina Tapelu 27 days ago
Wonder Woman - Wonder Girl
Pretty Magical Force 28 days ago
Batman Is So Angry Because Your Parents Died And Bruce Wayne Became Batman!?
Naporshis Hayes 29 days ago
Hey I’m just asking if you want me to come over to your house
mohammad dawood 29 days ago
Samantha Gonzalez 1 month ago
For some reason Batman and supergirl remind me of robin and starfire from Teen Titans ugh that was my favorite show back then 😫
Maikelly Nascimento 1 month ago
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Gacha games 06052007 - 1 month ago
IiChristalyniI The one 1 month ago
I’m the kid with laser coming out of his eyes XD roasted
Astro Punch 1 month ago
Guess you could call them. *Young Justice* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! End my life
Happyheart's Studio 1 month ago
Matthew Teachout 1 month ago
That end joke is sooo funny lol😂😂
Balles Jona 1 month ago
No m
electronic game boy 1 month ago
I remember that episode
ZYARRE SCOTT 1 month ago
Retard Ugly Stupidddddd
ZYARRE SCOTT 1 month ago
ZYARRE SCOTT 1 month ago
You have the best youtube channel
jewel vang 1 month ago
jewel vang 1 month ago
Park Trot 1 month ago
''Im the kid with the laser beams coming out of his eyes'' love that line
marta nidia marin bueno 1 month ago
Jazzy Juliana 1 month ago
these kids was so strong geez.
Olivia Anders 1 month ago
I love wonder women she is bossy and
Tami Saoud 1 month ago
Elizabeth Nunez 1 month ago
Avakin Sneo 1 month ago
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Riaan Gouws 1 month ago
Gigi Hide 1 month ago
“For Someone who has 50 different kinds of vision, you’re blind.”
Jhayson tremellos 1 month ago
in real JL wonderwoman and superman are a couple but im still in wonderbat😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️👏👏
ThatGuyMateo 1 month ago
Love God 1 month ago
4:00 your girlfriend sure is bossy
alexis1cooke 1 month ago
This is a really bad video 😡😡😡🤬
Selena Simmons 2 months ago
This is cool as fuck
Yen Nguyen 2 months ago
I 2 months ago
Every time Batman tries to save Wonder Woman, she ends up saving him. Can't she just let him have his day for once?
mason man coffey 2 months ago
you ok tuff guy me: yes
marshmello real 2 months ago
Owen Gomersall 2 months ago
I want to hump wonder woman
Элина Туктарова 2 months ago
koree Half Blood Princess 2 months ago
I like lanterns plan I'll make a lawnmower and chew him up!
Mini miner 2004 2 months ago
They need to make a justice league kids series
Kibber67 2 months ago
What show is this from?
Krys Hunter 2 months ago
Etrigan went full baby in his transformation, which gave Bats the best one liner in the whole episode: Now THAT is a job for Superman!
Malakhai Morris 2 months ago
Casper Willberg Sagelv 2 months ago
the awesome super sister 2 months ago
Demon Lord 2 months ago
Batman x Wonder woman
chen jenny 2 months ago
j j
Francisco Junior 2 months ago
Twum Emmanuel 2 months ago
Please whats the movie's name?
DuckBoy 2 months ago
Damn Batman get girls as a kid. I see you👌🏾
Ben 10 Animasyonları 2 months ago
•Seulmin• Kun 2 months ago
RangerAdam0 GAMING 2 months ago
Bad wonder women you Mayde the baby crie
Daniel Quintero 2 months ago
someone said spinoff?
Metal Fan 2 months ago
That prince kid reminds of an annoying kid I saw at summer camp one time
Shaun Hawk 2 months ago
Greenland and you're telling me

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