Simba ♥ Kovu - No Angels

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EDIT: The second part is officially done! :) You can watch it here: ------------------------------------------- Oh wow. This has got to be one of the toughest videos I've ever made. I've been working on it for more than a week, every day for hours. Ever since I heard this song I thought it would fit Simba and Kovu perfectly, so I started making the video, but I didn't think I would make a full on crossover. Making manips was out of the question until now because chroma key could only do so much, and I HATE masking. Like. no. But I've been spending some time watching crossovers (mainly disney femslash) and got inspired enough to try to tackle After Effects again. So with having barely any knowledge of the program I decided I'd make manips in it :D And it worked! Mostly. It wasn't easy, but it was very rewarding! I hope you can see the difference it made! I know some manips turned out better than others. That is because this is a 3 minute long video. There's no way I could have polished everything to perfection. I would have if this was a gifset, or just a scene. But on this scope I hadn't that much time or patience. Other reason can be because I made it early on with Vegas only. I got better and better with AE in the process :) I learned to use the rotobrush tool, masking in AE and I even painted over some scenes where I had to delete someone. It was a long and tedious work, but I'm happy with the results! Story: Simba and Kovu grow up together (Kovu is Scar's adoptive son). Mufasa is angry about them being friends because he feels Kovu is a threat to Simba's rule. (Maybe he would be if it was up to Scar). Rafiki learns that a way to solve this could be if Simba and Kovu would rule together. As adults the two lions' feelings change for each other and they are confused. (This is most of the video.) Simba knows he should be above Kovu (becoming a king an' all) but he likes him as a friend, and then as something else. He does see his dad being really pissed at Scar for encouraging their relationship. (I'd like to point out I don't mean Mufasa's homophobic, it's more the Scar evil thing than the boy thing). They do spend more and more time together anyway, then Simba realizes he's in love, Nala's nice and supportive. Simba is happy but is still scared to come out, has nightmares about it. But then Mufasa learns about their relationship and sends Kovu away, so now Simba has to face the music if he wants things his way. The End I guess it can be hard to understand some parts as it was hard to balance between making a story and matching the song. Try to watch it again and interpret it however you like :) Or if you want you can ask me in the comments! I'd be glad to hear feedback! Even suggestions on how to make things even better. Who knows? I may start making more crossovers with other characters. P.s.: I though of putting on a warning but. it's fucking 2015. Tumblr if you wanna reblog: ~ Edith

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