Princess Tiny Feet

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Venture Bros - Operation P.R.O.M. In this season 4 finale epic we get Sgt Hatred's wife bound and gagged by Monarch and his wife! Or has she? No turns out the little Indian has a massive bondage fetish and wants her hubby to be more sensitive to her very strange needs something Hatred is ready to oblige! To download this and more go here:


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We see a big business man get his home invaded by some militia types. They tie and gag his wife and daughter and end up whisking his daughter away as a hostage. Though they keep her untied for most of the trip they decide it best to re-tie her when they're about to make a stand in a cabin.

Dr. Jordan

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MetaJets - Escape From the Outback A mobile medical base is taken over by a penal colony they are giving medical assistance to. The head doctors of the clinic along with a female nurse and security guard are displayed as hostages. But bad news for them as a member of the MetaJets team is the doctors' son! So its MetaJets to the rescue!


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The Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb A strange strange Hentai involving a few-inch-high boy getting it on with a bunch of girls. Well Liz, after having a big night with her pint-sized lover Liz gets kidnapped by some creeps wanting a ransom for her! I cut out all the porn stuffs and left in all the good DiD bits! Enjoy! Download this and more at:


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Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA 11 Phillips girlfreind Anji is kidnapped by a bunch of ruffians and force Phillip to fight the shows protagonest. Some great looks of the girl tied up in their dark lair and all that. We even get a nice Over-the-shoulder carry before her eventual rescue and reuniting with her beloved Phillip! Yay, happy ending! To download this and more go here:


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The Three Mages In this French Produced animated adventure about the 3 Wise Men, Sarah a lovely girl with a rodent side-kick stumbles into the worst possible tent looking for some help. Turns out its a group of bandits suiting up for a big raid on a near-by town. They bind and gag the girl to take her along! Lovely OTN. Download this and more at:

Kaori and Kimi

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In this basic gang/fight anime two girls Kaori and Kimi are kidnapped by crazy gang members. They're grabbed, tape gagged and tossed into the gang's schnazzy Mercedes-Bez. At their hideout the leader tries some naughty behavior before a series of fights break out. All the while Kimi and Kaori are helpless! Download this and more at:


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Mission Odyssey - Ep 08 In this greek adventure type series a young girl named Nisa gets trussed up by te badguys to lure the other good guys into a trap! Some lovely mmphing and a fantastic OTM gag really make this a great scene. It also helps that she's a red head. That always helps! To download this and more go here:


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Super Duper Sumos - The Girth of Cool Prima, the Sumo's young sidekick finds out that one of them is being impersonated by a robot. So the robot ties her up tight and keeps her quiet. She makes her way to her colleagues by bouncing her chair all the way to living room. But the idiots seem rather slow on the up-take. Lots of mmphing!

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